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    [BCOLOR=#000000]Welcome to my interest check.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]About me[/BCOLOR]

    I am a 25 year old lady who likes other ladies. I want a partner who can write without spelling errors and grammar
    mistakes. I do understand that mistakes happen, but any posts should hopefully be proofread. My posts tend to be 400-500 words minimum. I expect the same in return.

    I'm looking for plot-driven roleplays. I still want partners that are 18+ though.

    I can post once or twice a week unless something happens, but I'd let any partner know in that case. I expect the
    same in return.

    I enjoy rivalries between characters. I think it's great for development and a good place to start a story.

    Characters that becomes friends or lovers over time, after disliking or even hating each other at first are lovely.
    At the very least, there needs to be obstacles between characters if they're in a romance, or there won't be any
    drama and then it's simply no fun.

    I have done a lot of rivalries lately though, so something more original would be appreciated too. It does need to have drama and obstacles between the main characters as well.

    I'm up for plots that doesn't have any romance in them, but they need to be compelling for other reasons.

    I want a partner that contributes to discussion regarding characters, plot and setting. I should not be the only
    one suggesting or coming up with ideas.

    I'm willing to listen to constructive criticism, if something isn't working out well or needs to be edited.

    I don't like it when someone takes control of my characters without asking, this should be obvious, yet it's still
    happened to me more than once.

    I'm mainly interested in 1x1s, but I've wanted to try FxFxF for a while. Romance in a FxFxF could be a love triangle or polyamorous.

    I'm not interested in characters that look butch.

    I prefer female partners.


    Ideas and interests


    Modern/Slice of life
    Anything where the daily life gets more of a focus. Ordinary people, nothing extreme, no mental illnesses. Kindred spirits on the roof is a good example.

    I love music. I think there's a few ways one could do music in a roleplay that would be interesting. It could be
    realistic, slice of life with characters being musicians in a band or similar. It could be a world where music is a
    kind of magic. It could be a setting where the characters frequent clubs or similar.

    A plot where the characters are criminals, or part of organized crime. They could be anything from thieves to
    classic gangsters. (Maybe something similar to Sleeping Dogs, Peaky Blinders, or Mafia II).

    I'd love to do an RP with focus on transhumanism themes. Similar to cyberpunk perhaps in a way, but without the
    dystopia and bleak future. Transmetropolitan and Read Only Memories are two examples.

    I read more sci-fi than anything else, but I'm no scientist so I'm not great at writing the hard sci-fi myself.
    It'd likely be soft sci-fi. This generally doesn't include anything that's post-apocalyptic, as I've never been in a post-apocalyptic RP that worked well.

    A few fandoms

    Legend of Zelda
    Something original set in Hyrule, maybe with reborn original versions of Link and Zelda, or original characters.

    Dragon Age
    I'd want someone who could roleplay Cassandra Pentaghast. I would like to play an OC, but I would willing to play
    Leliani against her if a potential partner would prefer that.

    Star Wars
    A sith corrupts a member of the jedi order, and turns her towards the dark side.​

    I loved Tales from The Borderlands. It's my favourite game from Telltales. It would be best if a partner had played that.

    PM if interested.
    Posting in the thread serves no purpose, and will likely result in a no.
    I'll edit the thread over time.
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  2. I am interested in your FxFxF idea :)