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    Welcome to my interest check.

    About me

    I am a somewhat picky female who loves writing, and languages.

    I want a partner who can write with very minor spelling errors and grammar mistakes. I do understand that mistakes happen, but any posts should hopefully be proofread.

    I want both smut and some sort of plot, but if it's a shorter RP I would be fine with a focus on sex.

    I can post once a day if I have nothing else going on, but I prefer a few posts a week otherwise.

    Conflicts are important. If there's nothing standing between the characters in a romance, I'll get bored, more or less instantly. There should be a main conflict in the plot too, and there may be potential for it in any subplots.

    I'm up for plots that doesn't have any romance in them.

    I want a partner that contributes to discussion regarding characters, plot and setting. I should not be the only one suggesting or coming up with ideas.

    I'd very much like a partner that's willing to have OOC conversations about anything. It's not a requirement, but it's a lot nicer to be friends than barely speak.

    I'm willing to listen to constructive criticism, if something isn't working out or needs to be edited.

    I have an F-list.

    Rough Sex
    Futa, my character
    Dominant characters fighting each other, switching
    Size difference

    Anything else that I may not have mentioned in either yes or no. I'm up for things that doesn't necessarily include anything in the yes column.

    Male characters
    Butch characters
    God modding

    Ideas and interests

    Plot based.

    Sci-fi is my favourite.

    It could take place in modern times, victorian and/or probably have some alternative reality to our own if they're female. It could be cool if the setting was Dishonoured (game), or eastern crime world.

    I'd want to write a scenario where I'm playing a character that's seen herself as straight her entire life, but gets seduced by another woman.

    Dragon Age
    Leliana x Cassandra.

    Star Wars

    I'm kind of still interested in this. Maybe I should mention that I don't like any of the movies that much, but think some of the books are great. Especially Darth Bane.

    Bright and colourful settings with high tech, and low life.

    Similar to cyberpunk, but cooler.

    Futanari x Female
    I'd want to play the futa, and I'd be up for a lot of different things for a pairing like this.

    Steven Universe
    Peridot x Lapis Lazuli

    Slice of life/Sci-fi
    A slice of life setting with minor sci-fi elements.

    A pairing that may live in the shadowrun world, but doesn't need to be shadowrunners themselves.

    Deus Ex

    The Witcher
    A new witcher x Dryad/Succubus/Nymph/Someone with a curse/Misanthropic elf.

    Experiment x Normal person/Mercenary
    Android x Detective/something else.
    Hybrid x Human

    PM if interested.
    I'll assume you didn't read it if you post in the thread.
    I'll edit the thread over time.
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  2. How much realism would you want to see in your seduction plot?
    Like would you be interested in having supernatural elements to it or is it strictly slice of life and real?

    Do these characters have a former relationship?

    What sort of seduction are you more interested in? Like something genuine and true or something a little more sinister?
  3. Still searching, interested in most plots in a futa x female RP.
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  4. I would not mind doing something with you involving a futa x female pairing. I can form some ideas for us if interested
  5. What do you mean exactly by size difference?
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