INTEREST CHECK Wenches, monsters and conspiracy.

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  1. A simple yet timeless fantasy concept. A group of heroes and antiheroes gather as one. Though strangers at first, they must work together to slay a beast haunting the land. These creatures are known as rigel's. Snake like parasites which slither into a host. Either assuming control and altering their genetic makeup; or using the target as a walking incubator. They posses a hive mind and are cunning as well as sentient.

    The twist is simple; someone is using the rigel's to further their agenda. The political scene of the neighboring cities are at best frail. War seems inevitable. And the rigel conflict is pushing the cities to the brink of this war due to lack of resources.

    A world of conspiracy and monsters; where players will be force to choose sides. Pinning who were once allies against one another.

    There is a reason I kept this brief and vague. I do not wish to spoil anything. Plenty of plot twist await you as both the player and story teller. And what seems like a paper thin concept will become thicken and riddled with questions.

    Initially this is a short term rp if one wishes it to be. But it will span multiple threads for those who wish to ride the course to it's inevitable conclusion.

    As far as character sheet is concern I do not have a desired template. I imagine by now everyone knows how to build a profile. Any race is acceptable and any role. Be a Templar, monster hunter, bounty hunter, soldier even a flirtatious prostitute for all I care. Lol
  2. I am deffinately interested. How fantasy is it? No magic?

    And I might have a few ideas... Heh heh heh.
  3. The squishy mages are permitted. It's a dark fantasy world; and whats fantasy without magic and lore?
  4. I was thinking that the "worms" tend to focus around areas that are heavily magiked. Like wizard towers.

    So that leads to a stigmitization of mages as worm magnets.
  5. That would work quite well.