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  1. I'm back?

    Sort of.

    I dunno whether I want to be here or not.

    Depends on the activity level.


    ;-Enters the awkward turtle-;

    Roleplay, here I come~

  2. I am online most of the time, but bored since RP's are going slow. If you want i could RP with you sometimes ^^
  3. Welcome back! 8D
  4. Welcome back!

    Everyone always comes back to Iwaku :)
  5. Oy there!
  6. Welcome back Silent, hey, Wind opened up a new roleplay if your interested. It's called Chanters.
  7. @Serath Yeah! same. If I get too bored, I leave for a long time. q.q;

    @Diana Thank you . :33

    @October Knight I've come back a few times. >~>; Just leave shortly after... 3:

    @Lochlan Ey! How you doin'? ;p

    @PigIron I'll look into it right now. ^^

    Did I get everyone? D:
  8. Nah, i wont leave soon. I got hooked ^^
  9. @Serath I have some issues with that, really. After roleplaying for so long, not much keeps my attention. ;c
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  10. I get what you are saying, but i love keeping a few people that i love to talk to and just keep at it ^^ I have a wonderful imagination so i can just keep making new and better (i hope) things up and It doesn't really seem to get boring at all for me ^^
  11. @Serath Sadly, that is not the case for me. I tend to not mix well in large groups because of my social anxiety and my lack of people skills. But one x ones, on the other hand, I'm good with. :3
  12. that's exactly what i am talking about ^^ 1 on 1 is the only RP for me ^^
  13. welcome back ^^
  14. @Windstormugly thank you. c:

    @Serath If I like the idea of something, I will do my best to delve into it.
  15. I like the idea of you sending me an RP suggestion, and i would do my best to delve into replying to it ;)
  16. @Serath I can do so, but it would all depend on your choice of character. I'll send you a message with some options, okay? ^-^
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  17. Kay <3 ^^
  18. *takes a bow* Welcome and I hope you have a wonderful time here!
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