Well well...what do we have here.

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  1. "Demons and fallens have it out for each other sir but we can't deny that Lucifer associated with them and worked with them. We know she chose Lucifer..." Mars glance at John, "... she could be using the demons as a front."

    Diane tried to swipe the jewel from Rapheal while he was distracted.

    Mars grab her hand and glare at her, "Diane, enough. Please show some respect."

    Diane started crying again, "You've always love heaven more than your own family! Traitor!" Diane pull away from Mars and ran off, "I hate all of you."
  2. Yay a roleplayer!

  3. Awesome! Grand fun to meet you, Kvon! I hope you enjoy your stay and I'm glad to welcome any friends of Jack! Have fun and I hope if you need anything, you'll speak up so we can help you!

  4. What I want to know is...Do you remember me? Cause I remember you. I still owe you for that horn blast in the middle of the Purple Worm-infested swamp...
  5. ...The way I hear it...you got revenge with the prismatic dragon protecting a town of silversmiths o.o

    Welcome Kev! Enjoy it here as I have...watch out for Asmo..he can be a snarky creature.
  6. Alright, let 'im have it!

    *A pair of Vulcan tanks plough through the foliage and rip Jack to shreds with 20mm DU.*

    I love the smell of gunpowder!

    *The Vulcans finish, steam rising from the barrels.*

    Jack, whaddya think of the Vulcan tanks? Fun, huh? R&D made them specifically for cutting through leg infantry.

    Any who, new guy, I'm Field Commander Carl McCarthy, 51ST Armored Division, the Steel Battalion of the Independent State Army. Do not, for any reason whatsoever, accept an offer for a body massage from Archetype. You'll know hir when you see hir. Trust me...
  7. Thank you McCarthy, my universe once again makes sense.

    Hi Kevin!
  8. Actually, that dragon was revenge for the douch-baggery you showed my plot.
  9. Welcome to the site.
  10. I love waiting to see what the new person's first role-playing post is! It's so exciting!
  11. Join OA. Or the Genjoibi Pass game.
  12. What ever you may choose to do, have fun with it! Try new things, and meet new people! We're all nice, I think, and anything you may need help with, we're all happy to give you a hand!
  13. John kissed her deeply as he wrapped his arms around her waist tightly*
  14. Not Jake. This is Kevin.
  15. I was never in your plot.

  16. And thus the douchebaggery?

    Welcome Kvon! Hope you enjoy the boards, stay away from Ryker (McCarthy) and Insanity!!!
  17. XD glad someone finally caught my typo. Chaz, um....hi! Let's let the water under the bridge flow, yes? Right now my first Rp seems to be Feedback's one about modern ninjas. Not my typical style but it seemed fun and didn't have many players just yet. I'm not so good w/ real big role plays. I'm super excited to delve right in though. thanks everyone for the warm welcome!
  18. :( I wasn't in the resource period! I couldn't join!

    But let's not stand on dying memories. *Deals coup de grace to prone memory*

    Welcome again.
  19. Oh yes you were! It was you, Billy, and Kev.