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  1. "Demons and fallens have it out for each other sir but we can't deny that Lucifer associated with them and worked with them. We know she chose Lucifer..." Mars glance at John, "... she could be using the demons as a front."

    Diane tried to swipe the jewel from Rapheal while he was distracted.

    Mars grab her hand and glare at her, "Diane, enough. Please show some respect."

    Diane started crying again, "You've always love heaven more than your own family! Traitor!" Diane pull away from Mars and ran off, "I hate all of you."
  2. Yay a roleplayer!

  3. Also, speaking of songs... I have a new favorite line.

    " When you're falling in a forest and there's nobody around, do you ever really crash or even make a sound? Did even make a sound?" ( Anyone give a gander to that question, I would be fascinated)

    As did I.... for a choices app and to keep sims freeplay and doodle jump. I also have been good and haven't played sims 3 since last year. I might play it later today though.
  4. August of last year. I got bored and wrote a blog fluff. I don't think it needs to be cannon ( specifically because it conflicts with the wiki entries about neither Tommy or Lincoln dying in their respective universes).
  5. ...The way I hear it...you got revenge with the prismatic dragon protecting a town of silversmiths o.o

    Welcome Kev! Enjoy it here as I have...watch out for Asmo..he can be a snarky creature.

  6. ⎈ FABLE ⎈

    • [*] Remember, while the goal is to have a fun, creative experience we can't do that if we're waiting for you to post! Try to respond as promptly as possible... If for any reason you can't make a reply that day, try to let us know!

      [*] The rating for the roleplay is Mature (+15) - that does not mean you get to go crazy, however. I ask that you respect the other players by keeping any graphic/inappropriate material out of the storyline, including graphic violence/language and situations of a sexual nature. Anything beyond kissing, fade to black and if you have to curse, please keep it to a one or two swear words per-post minimum. Anything beyond these standards will result in a warning and could lead to expulsion from the roleplay. This is not a redstar/bluestar RP.

      [*] No Godmodding/God-Moding/Bunnying/Whatever you know it as. Please, don't control/kill other characters without permission! And try to remember that everyone has limitations/weaknesses. As "Head Gamemaker" of this RP I'll be leading the storyline in the right direction but I won't kill off, injure or in any way immobilize your character (without your permission *lol*) -- But know that there WILL be situations of danger/peril that your character will be involved in, and it's highly unlikely they will escape completely unscathed. Please be as realistic as possible.

      [*] This is a story revolving around specific characters/plot lines - it is our goal to ensure that everyone have an even level of play but know that if you remove your character from the general storyline you might get a bit left behind. While we will be exploring new ideas and characters, this storyline is taking place is a rather specific settings, so please do your research and READ THE LORE. There won't be any pop quiz or anything, but it always helps to test the water, before jumping in, and I will be paying attention to ensure quality control, particularly where mechanics are concerned.

      [*] I consider this a cooperative story-writing roleplay... Basically all that means is that I ask that you try to keep the length of your posts to a THREE (good-sized) PARAGRAPH MINIMUM. Obviously exceptions will happen, occasionally, but the longer your posts and the more detailed, the more we all have to work with. (That said, we also don't all have the time to read a novel with each post - so try to keep it within two pages of a word doc, the exception being collaborations/introductory posts) - Also, try to be aware of the quality of your posts... Perfection isn't required, but excessive grammar/spelling errors can take away from the entertainment value for the other posters, so spell-check/proof read as often as you can. Due to the style of the roleplay, I do ask that you stick to "traditional novel" formatting (quotation marks and proper punctuation/capitalization). Remain within third person/past tense, only.

      [*] READ EVERYTHING: I cannot cannot cannot emphasize this rule enough. If you are not prepared to read ALL the posts within this RP, this is not the RP for you. If I feel as though you've been skipping/skimming posts, I will address the issue. Reading is more than half of what RP is about and you need to be willing to give other player's posts the attention they give yours.

      [*] As always, all IWAKU rules and regulations apply.

    • [*] Yes! You can play more than one character if you think you can manage it, and in fact, I encourage this - the more players on the board, the more interesting things get! Just be sure you're able to give equal attention to each character, however. While there is a limit to how many players I will be accepting, you may make multiple characters - but for this particular storyline, I ask that you take no more than two, unless special permission is given.

      [*] No one is guaranteed a character. If you apply, I will be fair and just in my decision making process, but please note that I will not tolerate rudeness or inability to handle constructive criticism. If I require you to change something, follow through.

      [*] In the event that THREE applications for characters are denied, I will no longer accept applications from you. I try to be extremely patient and understanding, but I am looking for quality submissions, to ensure the best play for all involved.

      [*] Do not treat your character application lightly. Be creative... I don't want cookie-cutter characters :)

      [*] I may ask you for a writing sample. If I do this, please comply. Unwillingness to do so may result in denial of application.

      [*] If at ANY point you have DROPPED out of or ABANDONED previous RPs there is a chance I will NOT accept you in this one. I work hard on everything I create and while I understand life happens RL and on site I won't give a spot away to someone who is in any way unreliable. If you aren't completely dedicated to sticking with the RP... do not apply.

    • [*] If you, at any time, are having an issue with posting or need a break, I ask that you inform me, via PM. I have worked extremely hard putting together this forum and find it incredibly distasteful for someone to "disappear" on me, without warning. In the event that you are absent from the RP for more than two weeks, without a heads up, you will be booted from the storyline and your character made inactive and eliminated from the storyline.

      [*] I understand we all have real lives, which occasionally get in the way, I also understand we all get blocked or lose our muse - but if you do not think that you can devote the necessary attention towards the storyline and the character you applied for, please do not apply. The increasing number of "dropped" players in RPs these days is extremely disheartening and frustrating for a GM, and I ask only for those who know they will be able to respond in a timely fashion.

      [*] If you have a disagreement with another player that cannot be resolved in a civilized manner, I ask that you take it to PMs. If you feel as though you are being harassed or bullied, PM me and I will settle the manner, directly.

      [*] As the storyline progresses, communication and plotting will be necessary, but I ask that you keep all OOC conversations/comments in their designated area and most particularly OUT of the IC areas. I also ask that I be informed via PM of ANY AND ALL plotting between players that will directly affect the storlyine. This is to avoid unnecessary confusion. Conversely... While I have a plot that we will be following, I will NOT spoon feed it to you. If you are incapable of or uncomfortable with cooperative plotting, this is not the RP for you.

      [*] There is to be no discussions of any sexual or violent nature within the OOC sections (for IC conduct, see the basic rules). If I see any of this, the posts will be removed and you will receive a warning. Also, please keep swearing to a minimum.

    • [*] If you have any questions, please ask me in either the OOC section or via PM... No OOC comments should be made in the IC section.

      [*] Characters have limits and faults. This RP will require the cooperation of everyone involved -- there will be no toleration for Mary Sues/Gary Stus and no special snowflakes. If you want your character to have purpose... include them in the general plot. Certain character types will NOT be approved - most particularly loners (as there will be requirement of working together).

      [*] Please be aware that while there is a requirement of at least ONE post per week (and failure to do so will result in a warning and eventual dismissal from the RP), this is NOT a fast-paced RP. I like for my players to all have a chance to exhibit their skills in writing, and sometimes that takes a little time... IF you are looking for a fast moving SL, I recommend looking elsewhere.

      [*] Magic is not the end all, beat all and can be incredibly dangerous in the wrong hands. There are limits both to the magic one can use, as well as to how one uses it. Spells must be incanted, either verbally or mentally. Only a very powerful wizard can use non-verbal incantations. Magic, if used improperly or by someone not possessed of the gift can result in drastically unexpected results, including spell-failure, spell-misinterpretation, injury or even death.

      Most spells are simplistic and rational in nature and are performed on or with inanimate objects. Spells performed on a person can only be accomplished by a direct link (such as eye-contact or physical touch). There is no known source of magic capable of directly causing the death of another being. Fundamentally, magic is elementally-inclined, but can also influenced by astronomy.

      The use of sorcery (including, but not limited to, spells, charms, tokens or other magical paraphernalia) is forbidden within the walls of any city. The improper or unapproved use of magic within a city is punishable by the full extent of the law.

      Magical characters MUST be approved by me, specifically, before a CS is created.
  7. That was cancer and I'm glad I blew it up with D.va.
  8. Yet here in Michigan we are like Minerva at times.

    You'd expect some of us cough, me to learn....
  9. Hey there. I looked this up and thought it looked cool. I have a couple of questions.

    Is there a general style that Magica Girls have (medieval style dress, modern style)? And would I be able to create one surrounding cars and/or motorsports?
  10. "At least she's passionate about food."
  11. Anya frown, "So? You're suppose to be by my side." She pout slightly.
  12. "I think she's jealous of the new baby." Harmony laugh.

    Melody fuss a little.
  13. John kissed her deeply as he wrapped his arms around her waist tightly*
  14. UN mottos through the years:

    Before ODMA: "United We Stand"
    Immediately After ODMA: "Some what United We Stand."
    A while after OMFA: "OMDA, What the Heck?"
    A bit longer: "Those are Peacekeepers, ODMA!"
    A little while later: "What are you Doing, ODMA?"
    And even later: "And... We're at War with ODMA..."
    Much later: "Now A Branch of ODMA."
  15. I want some tarot cards now lol
  16. Harmony giggles, "Hey. Wanna help me wash the baby?"

    Melody threw her hand in the water and watch the droplets bounce back curiously.
  17. "Then I need to strip."
  18. I am nervous too. Just try your best. Make sure to proofread your stuff like eight times. Well, that's what I do.