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Well this sucks...

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Charlie Vasilyev, Nov 27, 2015.

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  1. Two rich brothers are given a wake up call as to what could happen if they don't start acting responsibly.

    They meet to girl at the place they are forced to volunteer at and meet two girls. They eventually fall for them, but their father puts his foot down

    They aren't allowed to date girls they know nothing about, have possible criminal backgrounds, and are probably just gold diggers anyway.

    What will the boys do?



    Matthew James Young




    Matthew has tan skin with bright blue eyes. When he gets angry, jealous, upset, or any negative feeling, they turn into a a grayish color.
    He has dark brown hair and a lip Piercing that his parents hate. He mainly got it and his various arm tattoos just because his parents told him not to.

    Matthew is very loud, outgoing, and cheerful. He is the social outcast and the black sheep of his family. He usually is kind but super cocky. He was always considered the 'bad boy', but really he has a huge heart. He is always willing to help others, but he won't take crap from anyone. He will speak his mind and not think twice about it.
    He is usually loud and outgoing and willing to try new things. He's the daredevil and not scared to get his hands dirty. He loves to travel and cook. He isn't very ambitious, he just lives life as he goes through it. He is very independent, determined, and serious when he needs to be. He gets very protective and jealous of what's his and he's not afraid to stand up for what he believes in.


    Markus Jason Young(Father, owns a huge business for sporting and outdoors gear)

    Reagan Emily Young(Mother, has been in and out of mental institutions and rehab since as far back as Jack could remember.)

    Katrine Riley Young(25 Older Sister)

    Miles Jack Young (21, Younger Brother)

    Theodor Keagan Young & Eleanor Aliah Young (15, Youngest Siblings)

    Spencer Reagan Young (2, Niece, Jack's daughter)


    Is really the rebel and outcast of the family.
    He had OCD and ADHD and ADD.




    Miles Jack Young (goes by Jack except to his parents who still call him Miles)




    Jack has short brown hair, the same color as Matthew. It's curly and he keeps it short so it doesn't touch his ears on the sides but a little thicker on top to show off his curls.
    Jack is around 6'1". He is well built though a bit on the lanky side.
    He has tanned skin from being outside a lot though his skin isn't rough, he doesn't have callouses from doing hard labor. He has a scar above his lip from having a cleft palate fixed as a baby. He also has a scar on his chest from open heart surgery as a child.
    Jack has deep blue eyes with flecks of silvery gray, green, and other blues in them making them sparkle. He has normal eyelashes and normal eyebrows.
    Jack normally wears sorts shorts and a tank top. He loves doing sports and always has nice high quality sneakers.


    Jack likes to mess around here and there but hates commitment. Jack Is also trouble. He's been to rehab for drinking and driving and a little bit for drugs though he's 2 years clean now(mostly his parents doing).
    Jack has never really tried hard for anything in his life. He is pretty laid back and goes with the flow. He doesn't work at the moment because he sees no need to. Like all his siblings he lives off his father's hard earned money.
    Jack has potential to be a sweet hard working guy. Now and then you'll see that in him when he throws himself into a project he likes, but it does quickly if he loses interest, things get boring, or too hard for him to care about.
    Jack is extremely impulsive.


    Markus Jason Young(Father, owns a huge business for sporting and outdoors gear)

    Reagan Emily Young(mother, has been in and out of mental institutions and rehab since as far back as Jack could remember.

    Katrine Riley Young(25, Older Sister)

    Matthew James young (23, Older Brother)

    Theodor Keagan Young & Eleanor Aliah Young (15, Youngest Siblings)

    Spencer Reagan Young (2, Daughter though his father does most of the child rearing with Katie's help)


    All the Youngs live in one mansion
    Their mother miscarried at least once before all the children except the twins who were shockingly the easiest birth
    Jack had a speech impediment as a child
    Jack was born extremely early
    Jack loves being outside.
    Jack has poor impulse control and his father worries because Jack is the most like their mother.


    Charlie Vasilyev




    Cameron Elizabeth Johnson




    Camero has pale skin with hazel colored eyes that tend to change color with her mood. Sometimes they are green, sometimes gray, sometimes brown, and sometimes they turn a blue / green color. She has a light brown colored hair that reaches mid back usually. She has a small body and is about 5'4.


    Cameron is shy and kind. Although she doesn't have much, she always gives to whoever she thinks deserves it. She doesn't judge people on their appearance, but she doesn't trust people easily unless she gets to know them. She is faithful, honest, and loyal, but she has trouble opening up to people. She tends to stick to herself and always tries to be cheerful. She loves to help people, cook, travel, and have fun, but she knows how to be serious. She protects the people she loves and would do anything to make sure that they know that and that they are safe.
    Cameron is very kind and always shows compassion, but knows when to be strict. She is very cautious but open minded , but the most stubborn girl on the planet.


    Connor Johnson ( brother ); homeless with her

    Christina Johnson ( mother ); passed away

    Paul Collins ( father ); not in her life

    Mark Johnson ( step-father ); not in her life

    Dylan Johnson ( brother ); passed away )

    Hannah Johnson ( sister ); not in her life






    Gyorgyi(Pronounce Georgie) Fillipa Konstantinov


    around 18


    Gyorgyi is short. She stands at 4'10" and is has very little body fat. She has light muscle tone from being forced to fight to survive. Her shoulders are broader than most girls though that's mostly her build.
    Her skin is an extremely light brown, not pale peach yet not 'tan' either. She has plenty of scars on her body from living in the streets and having to fight to survive.
    Gyorgyi has very deep red-brown hair that's wavy. It's in a hacky short cut that hangs around the tips of her ears. Her eye brows are normal if not on the slightly thick side. She has a scar running through her left eyebrow that stops just above her eye lid.
    She has dark brown eyes with swirls of lighter browns and dark amber in them. They are shaped like fat almond and surrounded by dark eye lashes.
    Gyorgyi's hands and feet are rather delicate and could even called child like because of their size. Her fingernails are usually ragged and bitten down sometimes to the quick because she bites them.
    Gyorgyi wears baggy, ragged, gray camo pants that are held on by a belt of two black shoe laces twisted together. She has a ratty Henley short sleeved shirt that used to be light blue, but is too filthy and torn for you to see that now.
    For a jacket she has an over sized denim jacket with gray sleeves and hood that are hoodie material. Like the rest of her clothes it's ratty torn in in bad shape. On her feet are a set of used to be white children's velcro sneakers. Now their extremely dirty and you can't tell they used to be white.


    Gyorgi is tough. She isn't afraid of getting hurt and isn't a complainer. She has an attachment disorder that makes it a struggle to form any sort of relationship.
    Due to a childhood that wasn't filled with love the connections in her brain that help children understand love, friendship, and the like weren't made properly so now she has a hard time grasping what love is and how to show it or even how to receive it.
    Gyorgyi has trust issues and doesn't trust easily which though another part of attachment disorder is also form being betrayed before.
    If you manage to not only break down Gyorgyi's walls but also get passed her other issues you'll find out she's extremely loyal and protective.
    If she befriends someone she will take the role of almost gaurdian angel...protector but unable to give any other form of love, even if she's young or smaller than the person she befriends.


    Sergei Aleksis Konstantinov (Father, Dead)

    Erzsi Malika Kerekes (Mother, survival unknown)

    Arkady Milan Konstantinov (Younger brother, died at birth)


    Gyorgyi past is relatively unknown. She came to America as a child and has been homeless most of her life.
    She is half Hungarian half Russian and has a thick Russian accent.
    She has an attachment disorder and OCD.
    She hates being touched.


    Charlie Vasilyev


    Gyorgyi needed warmth. November in Seattle was not only rainy like it normally was it was cold. She pulled her wet jacket closer around her and trudged along the sidewalk. It was Thanksgiving, but she didn't remember that. She honestly didn't know the American holidays very well and couldn't read or write in English.
    The homeless teen was headed for the Community Center. It wasn't a shelter, she couldn't sleep there, but she could warm up. They sometimes had food too which would feel good.
    Gyorgyi blew on her hands as she entered the community center.
    The center wasn't a shelter. It would serve meals there twice a day and also had games, a lounge area, and a basketball area. The center was generally a place to just hang out for the poorer folk. It hosted boys and girls clubs, various Anonymous meetinvs(i.e AA and others), it's where you could go to take your GED, or to get info on new job listings, government programs, etc along with many other duties, big you couldn't sleep there.
    As soon as Gyorgyi walked in the smell hit her. The smell of warm food, the center was serving Thanksgiving Dinner and had been cooking all day to make it ready.


    Jack shoved another tray of rolls in the oven. His father had signed him and his brother up at the Comminity Center for the holidays and on other days they were at various shelters and food banks/soup kitchen. They were volunteering for at least 3 hours everyday of the week sometimes up to 12 hours in one day.
    They'd been here since 6 am this morning cooking and preparing the stupid Thanksgiving dinner for the center. It was now 4 PM, almost dinner time. Jack was cranky and generally mad. They served dinner in a few minutes and they had to clean up before they could go home. Though their father said they had to leave by 7 to make it home and clean up in time for the Young Family thanksgiving. Their mother was home for a few days so their dad wanted everything to be extra special.
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  2. ~ Cameron ~

    Cameron pulled the ripped and ragged sweater that she wore closer to her. The holes in it kept the cool Breeze known to the small girl, but thankfully she could see the last corner she needed to turn to be at the shelter. Unfortunately the shelter was not like a home where she could sleep. There was always plenty of food and games, but never any beds. Or not at night anyway.

    Cameron turned around the corner and walked through the big black doors where she felt a rush of warmth and an amazing smell of food. She glanced at the sign to her left and realized that it was Thursday. That meant that it was Thanksgiving. Smiling a little, Cameron walked through the door and looked around before she felt a small body hit hers.

    She nearly buckled under the extra weight, but stopped as she looked down and noticed a familiar dirty blonde. Cameron smiled and bent down as she wrapped her younger brother in a warm embrace. She never left him alone, but she had remembered that it was suppose to rain, so she had asked a friend of hers to keep him over night so that he wouldn't be out in the wet and cold rain getting sick. The friend, someone who worked at the shelter and who was previously homeless with her, agreed to let him stay with her the night before.

    Cameron didn't waste a second to thank the kind woman, but withdrew her welcoming embrace. She hesitated and pulled back, apologizing. Cameron sighed and walked with her brother,hand in hand to the line of food that was waiting to be served. She let her brother go before her while she trailed behind and handed the nice woman her and her brothers ticket for the dinner.

    ~ Matthew ~

    All around the male, people were cheerful and laughing. They were happy and making jokes, while it was obvious that Matt and his brother Jack were not having fun. Not at all. Matthew would much rather be at his house playing some kind of video game or even helping his mother cook, not stuck in this stupid volunteer organization serving food to dirty, stinky, homeless people.

    As everyone quieted down so that the main man could speak, Matthew plopped down in a nearby seat.
    "People are beginning to come in and they're all getting their tickets for the dinner. Everyone pick a spot and start to serve things. If you don't know what to do, ask someone. This is the first big meal. Remember to smile and be happy. They don't get much cheerfulness in their lives!"

    Matthew simply rolled his eyes as he stood with two spoons in his hands. One that went to the mashed potatoes, and one to the gravy for some reason, he was close to the last in the line. After him were the Thanksgiving rolls.

    He waited impatiently as each person came down the line and he out food on each of their plates.
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  3. ~GYORGYI~

    Gyorgyi tried to get in line as soon as it opened up, but ended up being pushed back by a bunch of families and other people.. She turned in the ticket she'd been handed upon walking in, some people weren't eating here and they wanted a head count so they handed out numbered ticket to all who were eating. She was number 25. The small girl moved through the line pretty much taking anything and everything she could. Because of the amount of people being served you were only allowed to go through the line once and you could only get one serving of each item. The only time you could come back was when the desserts were brought out which would be after everyone was served dinner.

    Gyorgyi eagerly let her tray get piled high with fried chicken, green beans, apple sauce, and mac and cheese. She came to the potato section and glanced at the young man behind the 'sneeze' shield. She nervous gripped her silverware, he didn't appear happy to be here.

    "Garlic mashed potatoes 'n' gravy..." Gyorgyi half whispered her Russian accent very thick and her voice hoarse. She'd been sick last week and was still getting over her cold, plus her voice was normally gravely and deeper than the average girls.

    The way the line worked was there was different stations and you could pick one thing from each station. The stations were first the meet section where you could get turkey, fried chicken, or smoked ham. The next section was the veggies section which had green beans and other delicious veggie side dishes, the section after that was the fruits section where you could get cranberry or apple sauce, after that was a side dish section where you get stuffings, casseroles, mac and cheese, and other scruptitious side dishes, then was the potato section which had various mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc, and lastly was the bread section where you could different rolls. All the food was homemade or made at the Community Center that morning.


    Jack was cooking more food in the back. They'd gotten more people than they'd expected so he was tossing on some more fried chicken(They had no more turkey except for what was up front) and ham. He was also in charge of making sure the desserts were cooking and would help bring more food to the front. He came forward with a dish of potatoes and replaced his brother's empty dish.

    Jack looked unhappy and almost made a point to not smile. He didn't want to be here and no matter how long he had to stay he would not pretend to be happy about serving these people. Why did they just go out and get a job? Or go on Well-Fare? It just was a waste of time to be here...they weren't even helping themselves, just mooching off others good will and money.

    Of course Jack didn't see the parallel between himself mooching off his dad and these people using charity to try and survive.
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  4. ~ Cameron ~

    The short girl walked throughout the line behind her brother as they got their food. Although he was nearly fifteen already, he was small enough to pass as an eleven year old. His dirty blonde hair and bright blue eyes were nearly the opposite of Cameron. She had a light brown colored hair, mixed with dirty blonde and her eyes were usually a hazel color, but tended to change color most of the time.

    They were both very different in many ways other than their appearance. As they made their plates, they were nearly opposites. Connor filled up with turkey, green beans, and cranberry sauce, while Cameron ate smoked ham, corn, and apple sauce.

    They laughed at their differences and then approached to the last two carts. Cameron looked down and didn't make eye contact with anyone just as she hadn't before in the other carts. She had caught a glimpse of the men who stood at the cart for gravy and mashed potatoes, and she had to admit that they were attractive. They looked like brothers actually, but Cameron was not one to talk to them.

    Connor on the other hand was super excited as he smelt the delicious mashed potatoes.
    "Can I have the peppered mashed potatoes? Thank you!"


    Cameron cut herself off as she looked up and saw another man walk towards the male serving them and replace some dishes. She looked up at him and made eye contact with him. She looked away quickly again and turned to her brother ahead of her.

    "May I have the buttered mashed potatoes and gravy please? Thank you very, very much."

    She gave them both a small, fake smile, and then quickly looked away as she walked forward. She moved on and the two got the remaining of their food before they found a seat by the window and settled down to eat as they looked at the rain outside.

    ~ Matthew ~

    The man stood and did his job until suddenly a woman came by. He stopped in his tracks and looked her over for a bit. Yes there were several people there at the center, some older, some very young, but not a lot where in their early twenties or late teens.

    Matthew studied the girl before responding to her request. He made her a plate full of garlic mashed potatoes and gravy, thinking about her accent and wondering where she was from. The man then watched as she moved on. After a few minutes, a younger boy and another young woman moved on to their cart.

    Matthew immediately noticed that she looked down and seemed much shier. He gave the young boy what he asked for and then looked at the other woman before he felt his brother beside him. Curiously, he raised an eyebrow and then let his brother exchange the trays before getting the woman what she asked for.

    He looked around for the previous woman and wondered where she went before he got called to the back so that they could clean up.
  5. ~GYORGYI~
    Gyorgyi had sat down at a table and quickly started to eat. The tables were not only in the gymnasium, but also in the lounge area where she was. She liked being near the window and tended to start feeling trapped and claustrophobic in rooms without windows.

    The slavic teen scooped the potatoes into her mouth and relished the warm, buttery food going down. She took a bite of her fried chicken feeling as happy as she had felt in a while. She wasn't smiling, but at least she was eating warm good food and not getting wet. She took a drink of her cranberry-grape juice, they'd had a drink stand where you could serve yourself soda, juice, or coffee and a water.

    Gyorgyi glanced up when two people, a young boy and a young woman who looked maybe a little older that Gyorgyi herself was sat down. It was hard to tell age though, the streets tended to age you prematurely or you looked younger than you actually were from malnourishment.

    Gyorgyi ducked her head and started to eat faster, she wished she'd just gotten the table to herself, but that was impossible with the amount of people here today. She felt awkward around people and preferred to lay low and not interact. In the back of her mind she was always afraid that someone would rat her out as not being a citizen and deport her. Gyorgyi was terrified of the prospect of going back to either Russia or Hungary, neither country was easy to live in and she'd still not have a home.


    While the last of the people were being served Jack was preparing trays of cookies, puddings, pies, and fresh fruit for the dessert station. He had put several more pots of coffee on and had started a pot of coco as well. The Community Center was short staffed today so all the volunteers were working hard and having to put extra time in.

    While some of the other workers wiped up the food service areas Jack went and refilled the drinks stand. He was thinking about that one woman that had looked right at him. Most of the homeless here kept their heads down and didn't make eye contact, she'd made direct eye contact with him. She'd also looked a lot younger than most people here. Other than the families that weren't homeless, but just needed food, she was one of teh youngest here. The boy that had followed right after her had been young though.

    Jack shook those thought off and carried the old coffee pot to the back to be cleaned.
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  6. ~ Cameron ~

    As the young woman and her brother were sat down at a table by the window, Cameron stayed quiet and didn't look up as she began to eat. She ate quickly at first, but then slowed down so that she could taste the food and enjoy it. Once she looked over, she saw her brother eating it quickly too. She bent down beside him and whispered to slow down so he would enjoy it.

    Then, she went back to eating herself. They were sitting beside a young woman who looked a little younger than her, but older than her brother. It was obvious that stress and the streets had aged her quite a bit, but Cameron could tell that she was a beautiful lady. She wanted to talk to her, maybe make a new friend, but the girl looked just as scared as she was.

    Slowly as the time ticked by and they all continued eating, laughter was heard behind them. Cameron glanced up and then made eye contact with the woman across from her. When she looked away, she saw the woman's arm trickling with blood.

    "Y-you're bleeding. I have some stuff. Do you want me to fix it for you? I promise I won't hurt you. I just don't want it to get infected or bleed even more."

    The only thing that Cameron was brave enough to do, aside from standing up for her brother, was making sure that everyone was kept safe. Her mother had been a nurse and Cameron had always wanted to go into medical because she found a good calling to it, but unfortunately, things didn't turn out that way.

    ~ Matthew ~

    Matthew declined the plate offered to him and instead used his free time to sneak out to the front and look around. He noticed a lot of people laughing, joking, and having fun. They looked like they didn't have a care in the world and that they were actually having fun being homeless and poor.

    Matthew looked at them all with disgust before he continued walking into the lounge where many people were still doing this. He rolled his dark eyes and continued walking. Suddenly he stopped as he saw a small group of three sitting together at a booth.

    None of them were talking, but they were instead eating quickly like they were afraid someone would come take it away from them. He could tell that they were both trying to eat it quickly and enjoy it, but they were having trouble. It also seemed that they were scared to talk to one another; their eyes never leaving their food or the table.

    Matthew moved on and walked back to the back as he helped his brother with drinks and getting desserts out for the line everyone would come through in a few minutes.
  7. ~GYORGYI~
    Gyorgyi glanced up at the woman who spoke to her. She then frowned and looked down at her arm, Gyorgyi had taken off her jacket when she'd walked in and it was lying next to her on the seat drying so her arms were bare except for her t-shirt sleeves. The young woman wiped her hand off and gently touched the cut that was on her arm, it was a medium sized cut though some of it was just a scratch and hadn't broken the skin that much she didn't remember getting it, but it was still bleeding so it couldn't have been too long ago. It didn't really hurt too much, probably because Gyorgyi had been cold to the point of being numb last night and hadn't thawed out yet. Also the homeless girl had a rather high pain tolerance.
    Gyorgyi glanced back at the woman who'd offered to patch her up, she gave a crooked nervous smile. She hated being touched and felt anxious about letting this girl touch her, even if she was trying to help.
    Gyorgyi shook her head slightly, "I'll be OK...Thanks..." she responded trailing off realizing she didn't know the woman's name. Gyogyi's speech tended to be not only thickly accented, but choppy too, she hoped the girl understood her.

    The homeless teen scooped some mac n cheese into her mouth, making a mental note to clean her arm up later on today. Gyorgyi shuddered slightly feeling like she was being stared at and looked around her eyebrows knitting together. She saw the back of one of the unpleasant young men who'd served them disappear back behind the counter. Gyorgyi hurriedly ate more, she wanted to get in line, get her dessert, and then leave to find somewhere dry or drier to sleep tonight.

    Jack had been assigned the cookies station. There were less people needed to serve dessert so anyone not assigned a station was cleaning in the back. It was 5:15 now, it'd taken a while to get everyone organized and served which made Jack think they weren't leaving earlier than 7 if they had to stay back to clean up after the meal was fully over too.
    Their father had set it up so their driver would pick them up at 7 or would come earlier if their boss called him earlier. He didn't let the boys take their own cars because he didn't want them sneaking out of volunteering. He'd even confiscated their money so they couldn't take a cab or bus(though he doubted his boys would ride the public bus). He'd told them when they became more realiable then he'd start to loosen the reins and let them get their own transportation or drive themselves. Until then if they failed to show up and stay at work or if they wanted to quit they'd be cut off and kicked out to figure life out on their own without financial help from their father. Though he would let them visit they couldn't even be allowed to live in the mansion withe everyone else.

    This was why Jack hadn't cut out already, he didn't want to suddenly become homeless and poor like these people. He didn't want to have to mingle with these people or interact with them more than nessicary.
    People started to line up for dessert. This time they weren't any particular order they just showed their ticket and their number would be checked off to say they'd gotten dessert.
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