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    Jax Stanton

    The full moon wasn't even the beginning of Jax's problems.
    He'd been kicked out of his pack for being too hot blooded and trying to attack the alpha...repeatedly, then managed to trip as he was being chased out of the slums (where his pack had taken claim too) and up into the newer part of the city.
    The asphalt hadn't been a very nice place to land but even with a nice long streak of blood flowing down from his left temple he couldn't really afford to stop.

    It took about thirty minutes for him to reach the boundary and cross over territories, obviously aware that he was now in an unwelcoming part of town.
    Pfft. Not like his pack would let him cross that line again with his head still on his shoulders anyways.
    Swishing his tail back and forth the alpha started pacing down the newly paved streets, his eyes not really paying much attention to the humans staring at him.
    He was still in wolf form but those animals were seen fairly often in the slums.
    Perhaps the new citygoers were a bit more surprised to see one on their beautiful little sidewalk.
    Well, the city did have a giant forest on its south side so as long as he didn't kill anyone (in front of another human) they would probably leave him be.

    Stopping abruptly as he heard something move to his right Jax jumped and turned all in the same motion, hackles bristling up as an electric door moved to either side, offering him entrance into a rather large building.
    He had no idea what it was for and this was also the first time he'd seen such odd a thing.
    Doors that opened for you? Weird.
    Sniffing slightly he figured it was worth a shot and, much to the dismay of several people inside, stepped through the large open doors.

    One woman off to the left shrieked and bolted into the stairwell as several others did a similar thing, clearing most of the people except for a police officer, a rather terrified looking desk clerk, and a few curious others.
  2. The joys of grocery shopping. It’s tedious, boring and just plain unnecessary for a vampire. Living in a large mansion full of always hungry (or would one say thirsty?) vampires means you need a food supply, though, which leads to inviting humans over. Large parties with platters of different varieties of meat and cheeses spread across the dining room table. Everyone must be comfortable before they submit to having their blood sucked from them. So, that means someone needs to go and get the food when they run out.

    The large community of vampires had their own way of doing things, and today Daniel got stuck with getting groceries. He hardly even participated in the parties, and yet he had to go and buy the food for it? Knowing better than to complain or even think of saying no, he ventured into the downtown area and entered the local supermarket. It took about an hour and a half for him to buy everything and pay. Arms filled to the brim with bags, he began the walk back to the mansion. That was when he heard a woman scream. It seemed close to him and his curiosity got the better of him. Making his way into the crowded building, he looked around to try and find what was causing the big commotion. The scent got to him first; a werewolf in his animal form. Feeling his heart beat quicken, Daniel knew werewolves were deadly to vampires. He quickly sprinted out of the building, hoping the creature hadn’t got a scent of him.

    A few hours had passed and Daniel was restless. He had been very guarded his entire vampire life, and hadn’t experienced much. He had been taken into the towns vampire community long ago before he was hurt by a vampire-hating human. Still, a part of him ached to actually experience the life of a vampire; free and wild. What if the others were just scared of the wolves, and they weren’t dangerous at all? They were probably just cowards.

    The light haired man left his housing area and headed back towards downtown. It was later in the day, but wasn’t dark yet. The town was a bit less busy which was nice for him. Wondering if the wolf was still around, he tried his best to catch the scent of him, but couldn’t. He searched for a bit before giving a dejected sigh and entered the nearest bar. He may as well have fun here if he couldn’t elsewhere.
  3. Jax's ears perked up as he sniffed the air out of habit.
    He scented a blood sucker right off the bat but when he turned there was only screaming humans.
    With a snort of annoyance the young alpha paced out of the building, nipping at one of the electronic doors as it quickly moved aside for him.
    Flicking his bushy tail back and forth the canine made his way to a more classy part of town.
    The area was well lit even as the night life started taking over.
    Several bars were open on different sides of the street and humans came and went, though many stopped to stare at him.

    Hmmm...perhaps it wasn't best to stay in canine form any longer.
    Surely someone had already called for animal control.
    Ducking into a back alley he sauntered behind a dumpster and shifted.
    A minute later a young man that looked to be around twenty two appeared.
    His light and dark brown hair mixed sloppily but somehow stylishly against his forehead as the beginnings of a beard dabbed around his chin and cheeks.
    Instantly the wolf had several human's attention once more but this time it was for what he looked like, not what he was.

    Two females actually came up to him, their attire sending signals to his brain that they want to breed.
    Why else would they be wearing such scant clothing?
    Well, he wasn't interested in human's since genetically they can't produce pups but sex was generally welcomed.
    However, the girls both started tugging him and where he ended up wasn't exactly his first choice of places to go.
    Ducking inside the bar Jax was quickly pulled to a large semi-circular sofa in the back of the place with a large table in front of it.
    The waiter came over and asked what they'd like but Jax's attention was elsewhere.
    In fact, his eyes burned a deep gold when they noticed a blood sucker sitting at the bar.
    Of course he could tell the man was one, his scent reeked of old blood.
    Without much warning Jax tried to get up and start a fight but both girls grabbed his arms, forcing him to relax a little and said they'd buy him dinner.
    Well...he was hungry and this really wasn't his territory.
    Damned vamp probably had friends were as Jax was definitely a lone wolf.
    With a grunt he dropped back down and asked for a burger, very very rare.