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  1. Hi, I'm sorry about this but I default put myself as an adult when I in fact am not because it's a bad habit of mine! I want to change my age so that it is accurate and not breaking the rules but I need the help of an admin to do so. Please don't delete my account, I made a mistake and I just want to fix it!!!
  2. @Diana will help you fix that :D You can give her your full birth date (year, month, day) in this thread or send it to her privately in a PM if you don't want everyone to see it. ^^ (To send a PM, just go to her profile, click on the information tab and go to the bottom to a place that has the title "interact". There you can see the text 'start a conversation')
  3. Actually don't bug Diana, any of the senior Security staff can fix that (Alan, Grumpy, Jorick, Kitti, Melon, Hope, or myself). Go ahead and PM me and I'll fix it!
  4. Or, there are a couple of forms that can be sent to staff for various reasons.
    The "Contact Us" option at the bottom of the page has a directory of links for forms that can be submitted! Contact Us | IwakuRoleplay.com
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  5. That'z probably something that the rest of community/content staffers should know, cause no one told us bout that 8D Stap keeping secrets you creepy old men. -pokes with stick-
  6. It actually says on my profile status that I can't handle most stuff right now and to contact the staff. 8D
  7. I haven't looked at your profile for at least two months 8D
  8. All the Security Staff also knows we can fix that stuff, which is usually who handles this sort of thing, and Diana also has made a couple announcements in the Maintenance Lounge saying to take things to the Security leads instead. >___>

    And Kitti is right that the Contact Us form also exists for stuff like this!
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Thread Status:
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