Well Shiver me Timbers! (A 1x1)

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    A private 1x1 roleplay between myself and @Aine

    The voyage ahead was treacherous, unbeknown to Charlotte Doyle. Sky Pirates were the least of her worries before the voyage aboard The Golden Blitz, a voyager ship that is one of a kind. Between Captain Reynolds and the crew, Charlotte could be lost to the stars.

    Name: Charlotte Doyle
    Age: 19
    Occupation: Student of Art, Florist
    Images: Charlotte 1 / Charlotte 2
    Portrayed by: Golden_Finch91

    Name: Alexandra 'Sasha' Riedell
    Occupation: Pirate/Mechanic
    Picture: Sasha
    Portrayed by: Aine

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  2. Before the sun broke the horizon, Charlotte had been well awake, packing her trunk with her clothing for the trip home. Having been a finishing school student, she had always awoken bright and early to ready herself for the day – but this early of a rise was unusual. Charlotte’s father had asked her if she would have minded taking a sky ship rather than a water ship, and she did found no reason to object. It was a new somewhat adventure that could bring about some excitement. She heard a light knock to the door and the Housing Instructor let herself in.

    “Charlotte, Mr. St. Claire is here. Are you ready?” She asked politely. The Housing Instructor, Professor Brimlass was one of the few Charlotte liked. Of all the instructors, Brimlass was the most polite and a sweet woman in most every occasion.

    “Yes, perfect timing, actually.” Charlotte closed and locked the trunk, linking the key on a necklace that fell down between her breasts and beneath her corset, hidden from sight beneath another layer of beads. “I will see you in January, right?”

    “Of course, m’lady. Enjoy the sky ship – if you’ve any free time, write me about the ship! I’d love to hear about your voyage.” The woman escorted Charlotte down to the lobby where Thomas St. Claire awaited, taking Charlotte out to the steam car to begin their journey to the sea port town of Nettles. She didn’t much like being treated like a child, and Thomas was notorious for acting as if she was a toddler. He was her least favorite chaperone; it would be a long ride to the docks.

    The steam car jolted to a stop near the dock despite the bustling traffic of peddlers, steam cars and carriages clouding the spaces of the cobblestone roads. Miss Doyle was the eldest daughter of the Doyle family, followed by twin sisters Tanya and Fiona, and the youngest, her brother: Damian. She had continuously been attending finishing schools, attending two different schools as her parents did not feel as if the first had corrected Charlotte’s behavior. It was finally Winter vacation, and Charlotte did not much desire to go home for the holidays, but the Doyles always had the largest parties and holiday gatherings in her hometown. What would it be if Mr. and Mrs. Doyle could not show off their lovely, polite children to the world?

    “Miss, we’ve arrived.” Thomas St. Claire announced as he looked out past the cloth sun curtain. “The dock is busy today…” He noted to which Charlotte frowned.

    “That means more people to weave around. Sounds irritating.” She was dressed in her travel clothes and a fur lined leather coat as the wind whipped her dark hair about her face. The winter sky gave off a different light, especially by the water. Her porcelain skin looked pearlescent in the winter light as Thomas lead the way, their driver carrying Charlotte’s trunk. They approached the ship, and welcomed aboard by the captain. He was a brilliant looking man with a charm to his smile most women would swoon over. Charlotte however, was not convinced. He looked like a snake. His fangs were bared each time he smiled as he and Thomas spoke of the ship and the tools all over the deck.

    “Pardon me, the whole reason we are aboard – this is Miss Charlotte Doyle. Charlotte, Captain Reynolds.” Charlotte held her hand out as the captain took it and kissed her hand encased in a riding glove.

    “The pleasure is mine, Miss Doyle. How do you find the ship?” He asked politely.

    “I am not familiar with a ship such as this…”

    “It’s a voyager, not usually a passenger ship. Although the below-decks have been modified for passengers such as yourself.” Charlotte nodded and allowed the men to continue their chatter as she wandered over to the mast, looking up at the sails, her boot heels thudding on the salt stained wood deck. The winds propelled by the sea whipped her hair around her face as she found herself lost in the cricks and creaks of the wooden ship, the ocean whipping around and the crew mates calling to each other accompanying the sounds still emitting from the docks and the port. They would depart shortly, but until then, Charlotte grew curious. She noted ropes, sails, tools, knives, doors that lead below deck and all three masts that would help keep them afloat. It would be her first sky voyage, having always stuck to sea-crossing voyages. More than anything, she wanted to venture out onto the deck at night and see the stars – but she would have to evade Thomas as he would surely not allow it under his watch. It would be tricky, but it could be done, and Charlotte intended to see the sky up close that very night.
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