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  1. The world has just ended a World War, WW3 to be exact. It was humans, werewolves, and Vampires all pitted against each other. However humans have found a way to control werewolves and vampires ultimatly winning the war. They have all been rallied into camps, tightly secured camps were from the prying eyes of humans. A long time passes and humans (most humans) forget about the exsistance of these creatures, the government assisting helping people forget. One Werewolf or Vampire manages to escape from their captors who work them to the bone, chain them up, beat them, and barely feed them. He makes their way into human socity and they meet a human who believed them to never exsist. As she attempts to help him find freedom for his people, she takes him in and as time passes they fall in love.

    Or If you have any ideas or would like to make minor adjustments just let me know~

    I would prefer to play the Male Werewolf if possible ^.^ And if you could I would love if you could write at least 2-3 paragraphs per post.

    Characters Non-Related to Idea:

    Maverick "Maccen" Ray: A werewolf that ran away from his pack with his former lover to be with her. But One year after they have a child togeather, A little girl, she leaves him. He becomes a single parent and tries to deal with being a werewolf while Raising his daughter.

    Aldwin Reeves: He is a 300 year old vampire. When he was younger he had an arranged marriage, bearing twins. A few years later he gets bored with this life and seeking something more entertaining becomes a vampire. After loosing control he kills his wife and children by accident. But as time passes he becomes more cruel and more cold. Soon he enjoys the killing and gets a thrill of killing.

    I have more, just not up to writing up their discriptions right now. Well, hope to hear from someone soon!
  2. I would love to do do this with you! PM me.
  3. I'd love to do this with you since sadly our last rp died. But I love the way you roleplay and want to keep this rp running if you wish to start this one with me. Pm me if interested.