"Well, my little baby... Its kind of a Long Story." (MxF looking for F.)

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    A young couple in their mid twenties have been happily married for the past 3 years. All the while, they've been desperately trying to have children, but to no avail. Finally, after a frustrating week of trial and constant error, the couple goes to see the doctor to figure out what's wrong.

    As it turns out, the husband is sterile thanks to a genetic disfunction passed down from his family that skips a few generations. The husband is defeated, knowing that he can never have the children he so desperately desires, but the wife suggests maybe they can still have kids. After a long chat, they decide that they'll get a "Surrogate Father" for the child to impregnate the wife. The husband allows for a week of freedom from her vows so the wife can have a natural impregnation like she desperately wants.

    Both the husband and wife want to know who the father of their child is and get close to him so they can have a sort of connection and it isn't some random stranger. As they review the possibilities of a father who not only has good genes, but will also produce a strong child and not care if the baby is raised by somebody else, they turn their attention to the college boy from next-door. He's good looking, tall, smart, and very skilled in many fields. A plus is that he shares the same general looks that the husband has, so the baby wouldn't get suspicious. The wife and husband meet with the boy to ask him for this favour, which he agrees to under the promise that he help out the couple through the pregnancy as training for when he has a real baby of his own.

    With the deal done and the magical week approaching, all three people are extremely nervous and excited at the same time.. However, what happens after the magic ends and the couple gets what they want? What would happen if the hormones begin acting up?... What would happen, if the wife discovered she wanted to be with the child's real father.. And what would she do, if she fell in love with a younger man?

    Okay, so the plots pretty self explanatory. I'll be taking the role of the college boy and the sterile husband, while I'm searching for a partner to play the soon-to-be pregnant wife. I'd like this to be a sort of bitter-sweet romance, because while the wife loves the husband, she begins to have an affair of sorts with the college boy because she's finding that spark she hadn't felt in so long again.

    This won't be a smut RP to say the least, but the first parts of the story will deal with the impregnation, which will help build upon the relationship. If you'd like me to explain more about what I mean here, I can do that when we discuss the RP.

    Anyways, PM me if you're interested and I'll chat with ya ^^
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  2. Sounds interesting.. I'd like to give this a try.
  3. this sounds interesting. I'd be willing to give this a try :)
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