Well I'm looking for a one on one Rp

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I am a newbie here and I can do original plots or fandom plots PM if you are interested

I have a plot based on the book Metro 2033 ( you don't have to actually read the book)

It is set after a nuclear war in Moscow. Completely destroyed and irradiated everyone lives in the metro as a haven. Everyone lives off of mushrooms, pork and rats as food and there is lots of poverty. Only those that are officers of the Hansa, or lives in Polis are privileged. Every other week stations inhabitants are disappearing and no one knows why. You and a companion are from Polis sent out of the "city" to find out whats happening to these stations. Within the tunnels of the Moscow metro you meet a horrifying sight. Bodies torn to pieces and hung from the ceiling. Who did this? the Hansa? Mutants? The Fascists from the west? Or is it some sort of new threat that no one as noticed until it was too late?
Or another plot would be:

Two Idols deal with trying to hide away their love for eachother at first and then from the rest of the band and the world. (This can be M/M, M/F or F/F)

You can also send other plots
Or if you are interested I would also like to do an rp based around Dexter and Rudy's(aka Brian) relationship from the TV show Dexter and see how twisted and warped it can get if Dexter chose Brian over Debra instead
Oh another good one is Rory/11th doctor rp seems like good fun yes?
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