Well I Knew Politicians Can Be Assholes But...

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  1. I didn't realize they could be this heartless.

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  2. The hawk montage was the best part.
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  3. The sad part - that really didn't surprise me. You can't count on the political system to do literally anything.
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  4. All they had to do was pass the damn bill. I can't believe they did actual research on this. If they are this divided on petty stuff like a state raptor, I have no idea how they get anything done.
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  5. They don't.
  6. Nope, not surprising. What is surprising is that they didn't call the kids idiots at the end.
  7. I approve of them rejecting the bill, but not of the behaviour they had while doing so.
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  8. Because there would be consequences to having a state raptor?
  9. Well, as was mentioned by one of the officials, if they passed one useless bill, soon they'll be getting asked to pass more useless bills.

    If there are consequences to having a state raptor, they'd have to evaluate it independently of where it's coming from. And if there aren't consequences, then passing the bill will just be to make some kids happy, which doesn't seem like a good enough reason to me.
  10. Holy shit bro lighten up a bit. Some kids were being adorable and wanted to do something really cool, and then these politicians are all like, "No no, we're much too hardass adults for that to happen. We can't just do nice things for kids -- such frivolousness is not for our kind!"

    I should probably sleep as I have no idea if that made sense or not.
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  11. Officials don't seem to realize how disinterested the general populace is in politics if this is the actual process going through their mind. The only reason they are getting this bill is because they were approved by committee to give special permission to optimistic children to make a personal appearance to see their bill in government. This is not only not important, but not a common occurrence. Just the negative PR that they get from being the assholes that ruined a class of 4th graders hopes and faith in government, while they were attending the hearing, was enough reason to pass this bill.

    And I didn't think this needed to be verbalized, but no, there are no consequences of having a state anything... You could have a state condom, and nobody except comedians will care.
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  12. Pretty much this.

    You would think they would have more tact when dealing with children until you remember they are just children in suits.
  13. I was kinda expecting this thread to be about the Law that was just amended in Indiana which, for a short while, allowed businesses the right to deny service to the LGBT community on the basis of religious freedom.
  14. I want to repeat what John Oliver pointed out: the bird doesn't matter. Seriously, passing the bill would have taken a minute and nothing would have been effected. It would have been easy and made them happy.

    But no, politicians can't do anything right. I'm moving to England once I can afford it.
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  15. I think they're still allowed to in Alabama. Possibly Arizona?
  16. I wouldn't be surprised but I'm not up to date on legislation in those two places. I'll have to look into it. In any case, since the Indiana thing has been in the news as of late and Presidential Candidates from the Republican Party on one hand endorsing the original law and on the other back peddling, it's quite frightening just how quickly those guys will sign away civil rights when it gives them an edge in certain voting demographics. If anything, the political and judicial climate in this country is what is truly frightening.

    Again, I figured this thread would have been about that. Didn't mean to derail.
  17. The grass ain't always greener.
  18. I'm curious if they knew that the bill was from the kids for a school lesson :/
  19. They probably did. They gave the class a welcome with applause. You would think they would want to pass a small bill like this to instill some sense of political efficacy in them, but I guess not. And people wonder why most Americans don't vote.
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  20. :(
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