Well, hi there!

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  1. I'm OnyxTrumpet~~
    most people call me Onyx, Onii-chan, Onesy, On, Trumpy, etc.~ You may name me whatever you wish (like "Larry" for example) as long as you inform me beforehand lest I accidentally make you feel ignored and unwanted. I'm usually happy and versatile.
    <roleplays, one="" of="" the="" only="" places="" where="" that="" can="" be="" a="" legit="" description....~~~

    I like reading most things, writing drabbles, singing nice songs in a... less nice voice, gaming, drawing things that look nothing like things, and adorning my text-based messages with a cheerful/wavy/quirky/sing-songy/flaily/fickle/restless tilde (~) ~~~ maybe more than one~~

    This is my first time in a role-playing forum, and the only other rp's I've ever done were handwritten one-on-ones with my friends , so please don't punish me for my bad-at-this-ness~.

    I'll probably frequent the jump-in roleplays until I figure out what exactly "character sheet" means, so yeah... See you there~~~
  2. Welcome to Iwaku, Onyx. That is a pretty badass name.
  3. Why thank you! It's based on my real name. I look forward to sharing the forum~~~