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  1. Heeeeeey peeps. I'm Lunar, I've been RPing for quite a while, aaaand... I'm new. Interesting, yes? XD

    Ok so I suck at introductions but uh. In terms of genres, I'm all over the place from medieval fantasy type to sci-fi with space ships. About the only thing it's hard to convince me to do is slice of life sooo... yeah. XD

    I like words. A lot. And I think sloths are just adorable.

    That is honestly all I can think of to say. |D I hope it is sufficient. If not I will answer questions if asked. =^.^=
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  2. Awesome! Glad to have you on our humble site, Lunar. :3

    Yas, yas.. Words are awesome. >:D

    Well, I don't have questions for you.. But if you ever need a hand around the site, just holler. ^.^
  3. Welcome to Iwaku, @Lunar Faculae! May I call you, ruler of sloths? If not, sad days are sad. Anyways, since you fancy medieval fantasy and sci-fi, then why not check out those sections? Here and here! Hope you find something interesting!
  4. Ahhh cool. Those are... a lot to take in. ^^; Apologies, I come from humbler places with far fewer technicalities. XD Many of these look like group RPs (correct me if I'm wrong I'm kinda lost on this site |D). Is there an equivalent for one on ones? o.o
  5. Ah, apologizes. While no specific fantasy and sci-fi sections for one on one rps, you can place any general ideas you may have here to look for a partner regardless of genre.
  6. Awesome! =D Thank yew~
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