well... hey?

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  1. so... yeah. (woohoo?)
    my name in magic. yes. you can take a moment. magic is a name.
    yes... I know, my parents are weird. but.... at least I have a cool name...? :balloon: (Im that baloon by the way)
    It`s mt first time on a RP webside, but not my first time RPing.
    also english is not my first language, sorry if I make a typo. if I do forgive me ;-; and feel free to fix me!
    umm.... I think thats all. yep.
  2. Feel free to fix you? Hold on, let me get that wrench...


    Just kidding! Hehe. I hope the forum goes to your liking!
  3. Welcome welcome!
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  4. XD tnx