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  1. hey guys, I used to be part of iwaku a long long time ago before I had to disappear because of exams. But now I'm back and poking my head into the community once again.

    I'm basically a twenty-something year old nerd from Oz (hence the random forum times). I've been roleplaying for almost ten years now and started on a really amateur site based on my favourite book at the time xD

    I am a hugeee fan on Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Black Butler, every single romance anime and SAO to name a few (I'm a huge anime and tv junkie basically). I am also addicted to cookies, coffee and starbucks in general.

    Anyway, I'm looking forwards to meeting everyone here and just popping in to say hi!

    *sets out plate of cookies*
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  2. Hey, i'm from Australia too and also happen to be a student! Welcome.

    I'd love to chat, currently looking for an RP partner too. I only joined recently.
  3. Welcome to Iwaku if you want to do any Anime based RPs feel free to ask I'm in quite a few at the moment.
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