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  1. Hey there! New to this site, and I am really hoping to make some strides here and a single character roleplayer. I'm a very friendly person, I enjoy a lot of anime, and manga, mainly things like Akira, Trigun (duh) Tokyo Ghoul and Cowboy bebop!

    Not much else to say, I just hope I can make some cool friends and enjoy my time!

    Don't be afraid to message me!
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  2. Welcome! I hope you find good RP partners here, which should not be too difficult :)
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  3. Thanks! I ended up joining that murder group for the hell of it, hope you don't mind.
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  4. Hello ^^ welcome to iwaku :D I hope you find plenty of partners here, never hesitate to send anyone a message (especially me xD)
  5. Welcome and have fun! Hope you find a bunch of RPs to enjoy.
  6. 54..png

    Ah, you all make me smile, I have you all listed down, and I'll be sure to send each one of you a message later asking for an Rp, as a Trigun character, or something one on one.

    Happy to be here and thanks again.
  7. Hi there! Welcome to Iwaku! What is a single character roleplayer? I'm intrigued. Do you mean that you recycle the same characters in all RPs you participate in? I know a few people who do that extremely well and I always found it fascinating since I have thousands myself and can't seem to make myself reuse them. I just like creating them, I guess! Or did you mean something else?
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