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  1. So, first off allow me to say I feel a bit silly filling out the forms and such, I want to introduce myself in a normal way... but because I like to fill out forms I will do that first, and then do my best to talk about the awkward self that is I.

    What do you prefer to be called?
    Boy, girl, or a mystery?
    How old are you?
    Are you new to the site but not to roleplaying?
    Do you like group RPs or just a single partner?
    Do you like making snowmen or staying in by the fire?
    SING IT OUT LOUD! What song is tormenting your mind?

    Well, I prefer to be called Pat, Pandar... but for some reason I often use the alias Bezyle... I do not know why I do these things I do.
    I am a man, thought I do not know what that is relevant.
    I am 22 years of age.
    I am new to the site, but I have been actively role playing for the past eight years, I started out with one on one RPs in Aol Instant messenger and somehow ended up on gaia and then from there I went to using free forum host. I prefer Group RP now and honestly have no idea how the 1 x 1 Rpers do it.
    Currently I like staying by the fire, but that is subject to change.
    The Wolverine and the X-men Opening theme... and the X-men the animated series song as well. Nun-Nun-Nun-Nun Nuuuuuuuhn nun knah

    Now with that out of the way, I was looking for a place to find people that would like to RP with me.
    Normally I have been weary of websites like this because often times they require a strict code of loyalty that often made me feel like I had to sell my soul to a single community. This one though I feel is different I was lured in by the warm welcoming messages. Now about me...

    I have been RPing for eight years, and I am ok with any kind of RPer since the person I am RPing with is ok with any kind of Rper... I can RP with anyone but some of my friends cannot do that/ are still new to the process... Some of them look up to me in terms of skill, and I encourage them to improve... I prefer grand story lines with many twist and turns and a bit of a surprise factor... this means we plot up to a certain point and then based on chance moments of what we think our characters would do in that moment things can become chaotic... It gives it a sense of realism I cannot find anywhere else.... somewhat like an option a b c and d RP that can have ripple effects on characters that are not even directly related to another character. I am a very understanding guy, and will bend over backwards to the best of my ability to give the Rpers who come to my RPs what they want while it is with good reason.

    Now my big issue is that they are recently all I have... and we as a group, are use to at least 12+ people in a group RP at once... at one time we had something as big as a 50+ group RP and those were the good old days... I am not looking for something as grand as a 50+ person RP but... I am looking for people to share in my vision of an entire world to explore and have multiple stories being told that all lead/add up to one big story... that is hard to come by when you only have a few minds that can only enjoy and create but so much at a time.
    So with all that being said that is me... I am not sure if I should make another topic referring to the current RP I have in development (Has not started) or if I should post it here... but for now I post this here in hopes of getting assistance/peeking at peoples interest and to have my interest peeked at. So without further ado... [Patrick hits the preview key, in hopes that his post looks nice enough to where he wont get passive aggressive, or flat out aggression from the natives to this forum he has boldly ventured into. He is nervous and hesitant but from sheer determination... and handy finger work he hits the Create Thread button. He lets out a sigh of relief and then occasionally refreshes the page awaiting a response from anyone, in hopes that his feelings and mindset are not misinterpreted.]
  2. I am intrigued by what loyalty means on other sites? O_O Like, will they kill you if you mention other roleplay forums? That sounds scary!

    Anyway, welcome to the community mister Pandaaaaar! I bet you could easily get 12+ players in a group rp. 50+ players sounds insane. O_O But then I am imagining the single thread roleplays like the majority of ones we have here, and not like the multi-forum ones. I am a one on one player myself, so when I get involved in groups bigger than 10 players I start having a hard time dealing with all the people. XD Which is funny cause I am always dealing with people. <<;;

    But yus, welcome! We are happy to have you join us!
  3. Thank you, and well long story short... I filled out a long form that I was asked to fill out, and then posted my link in the appropriate advertising forum... and then it was deleted and I was banned for trying to steal members... Some administrators are secretly Tyrants is all. You would first have to actively RP on their websites first before you advertised your own... so yes... you had to be strictly loyal. Lawl.

    Though yes, this looks like a fun place, not only for Rping but because I just like making characters and plots alone (I don't attempt to use them all) this is a great place to just express yourself based on what I have seen so far. [Patrick claws at his screen noticing a typo he can not go back and edit, but he is pleased to see a high standing friendly response. It leads him to want to communicate more, but unsure of where to start directly, he browses the forum a bit more, in hopes of seeing something interesting, among the masses.]
  4. Well ello my good friend, Welcome IWAKU, I am the supreme leader of this group of Role Players.

    I am looking for a extra in our DBZ ROPE PLAY, join if ye want to be apart