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  1. I realized I had never formally introduced myself, and supposed I should remedy that little problem.
    Yes, hello dear friends. I am Sam, as my username implies. Feel free to call me whatever you like, though; I'm not picky.
    Oh, I'm terrible with self-introductions, by the way. There just aren't that many interesting things to tell you about me.
    But I have to put something down... let's see...
    I'm female, though I like to roleplay male characters. Mostly because it's easier to get things done without the typical female stereotyping. Well, that and because I'm just not all that good at being a girl.
    Uhm, I always manage to get the last position in the posting list and I don't know why.
    Green is a terrible color, yet I love it.
    I play the trumpet, and I can hold my breath underwater for three minutes.
    That's about it. Bask in my apparent glory, underlings! Bask in it!
    Okay no, that was sad. Please carry on with your regularly scheduled programming. Good day. c:
  2. I'm new here and it's nice to meet you. My name is Destiny, although I usually go by Liberty On things like this. I'm a newbie to role playing like this, so please pardon my lack of knowledge. I'm not very good ant introductions either. I am also female. I like to roleplay females though. I do get a little nervous with people I don't know, but i would like to change that. That being said i was wondering if maybe you would like to, Maybe, be my friend and help me along. If not i won't take it personal, but if so i appreciate it. Thank you for taking the time to read this. :P
  3. Welcome to the both of you! Glad to see you both made it here, and hopefully you enjoy what you find and stay for a long while!

    Sam, my husband plays (played) the trumpet. He was section leader in his high school marching band and one of the lead horns in a drum & bugle corps here in Southern California. I don't think he's touched the thing in years though. I'm a pianist and violinist but I, like my husband, also have not played in a long time. I plink away at the piano every once in a while though.

    Whoops, just now while writing this I checked Sam's profile and realized that she has actually been here longer than I have, lol! Either way, welcome to the both of us then!

    And Liberty, welcome to you as well. Don't be shy and feel free to read up on the threads in the Roleplay Institute, or get your feet wet with the Jump-In Roleplays!
  4. Oh, I hadn't realized anyone had responded. Silly me, not figuring out how to check the alerts until now. x'D
    Anyway, nice to meet you both, and thank you for the warm welcome!

    @Liberty/Destiny: That sounds like a great idea! It's always fun to help a sister out~
    Now, I warn you, I have this crazy tendency to get all awkward and random when the sun goes down. So... don't be alarmed if while we're talking or something, I just burst out with something strange.

    @Fatal: Oh wow; I'm living your husband's teenage years. I too am the section leader in my trumpet section. Well, technically second in command. We have three SL's and the Head Section Leader is a Senior, while sadly, I am not.
    And you used to play the violin? That's awesome. Violin was my first choice, but my school band program didn't offer lessons so I went with the obvious second. (Minor trumpet ego attack, aah!)
    Another thing, I may have been here longer, but I bet I've done less. This will be only my third post on the site. Ever. xP For the longest time I only lurked around and read other people's roleplays. Just to get a feel of how things worked here, and to see how well the writing was (really to see how much I needed to improve). So far, I like everything I see~

    WELP, I guess I'll be back off to my Nerd-Grotto now. Since the two of you are just as new as I am, I welcome you to Iwaku too~!
    Hehe I don't know why but I found that just a tad funnier than I should have. xD
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  5. :P

    Just because I can.

  6. Pleased to meet you!