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  1. Hello all, my name is Alucard...

    When i search for role playing in my browser i see this site standing on top of the list. i think for a while, what is role playing forum? because whenever people talk about role playing it's usually a game or an online massive multiplayer. so i entered this site, at first i confused then i read some of the thread. oh? interesting... i read one post after another. then i began to understand, so its look like a story that written by a lot of people with the same interest. and then my hand start to move my pointer toward sign in button. and here i am.

    Hope i can make some experience in this site.
  2. Well hello Alucard and welcome to the site
  3. Hallo Alucard! :D You might take a shining to roleplaying if you like making stories and playing pretend! Welcome to the community! <3
  4. Oh my!

    A true new blood, welcome, Alucard, may you find a new passion in roleplaying!
  5. Thanks all... hope i can join in this community.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.