Well Hello There!

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  1. Wazzap! Hello to all peeps of this lovely forum!
    As it is to be expected of one posting in this very thread, I am new here!(Not leaving)
    So, I HATE doing these new arrival things on forums, 'cause I never know what to say :(
    Well, I guess I could always just say a few things about myself...not to sound conceited...

    Ok, here goes!
    I am a random teen person who LOVES doing roleplay stuff. I think of myself as relatively new to roleplaying as I have only been doing it seriously for about three years now. I love making new friends and hope to make many on this forum!
    Wow, I realize I sound creepy and over-excited. Meh, hyperbole :|
    Anyway, I am an English/History Major and put my love for each into my Rp'ing. (hope you don't mind ^.^)
    Now to wrap this up, I am an avid fan of Anime/Manga/the works. One might even go so far as to call me an...otaku...
    So anyway, I hope to meet lots of people here! Now then, enough talk. Let's talk.

    EDIT: I also forgot to mention, I'm part of the HMA crew...
  2. I sound perpetually excited ALL THE TIME because I have a very bad habit of adding exclamation points to aaaall of my sentences! 8D So welcome excited kindred spirit, to the land of Iwaku!
  3. Hello Redeyz, It's very nice to meet you. I hope that you enjoy your New Years and Iwaku as well. :) The more the merrier.
  4. Yes. I believe thats why krazaz made me do our group intro post.

    So he didn't have to do one himself.

    Ah well, good to get yourself known, eh Red?
  5. Way to make me sound bad gg :p
  6. krazaz, making you look bad is my skill, if not my job.
  7. Now now fellas, let's keep a positive attitude
  8. Your avatar is a shadow it has yellow eyez, not red. Also, your location is a black hole.

    I am being very positive.
  9. As much as it is my job to question your sanity :)
  10. There is no questioning it, I have no sanity.
  11. I meant your OTHER sanity
  12. Ooooooh, that bastard. Okay then.