Well hello Iwaku, didn't see you in my search results :3

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  1. Well to start of.......HI!.....that is the best I got, just kidding! Hello, My name is Anthony and I love to RP. Mostly Fantasy, Scifi, horror, and romance, I like to do one-liners to para. Most of the time I will try to match my RP partner.....unless they did novella....then I would be all, OHHELLNOTHATSTOOLONG. Well that is the best introduction I have, oh! And by the way I am a boy....if you couldn't tell by the name XD Ok well I am happy to be on the site and I look forward to RPing with all of you :D
  2. Anthony! Hello!

    Don't worry, we have many members who prefer one-liners, but also those who like doing paragraphs as well.
    Everyone brings something new to the table though. ^^

    But please enjoy your stay! And if you need anything, be sure to give a holler! We'll help you out!
  3. There are people who write lots and people who write little ^.^
    You will find where you fit in -nods-
    Welcome to Iwaku!
  4. Welcome to Iwaku.

    I hope you get a great experience here and have fun!

    Welcome to the family!
  5. Welcome welcome welcome to Iwaku, Sir Silas Greyheart!

    I'm Selenite, pleased to meet you!


    There, have some raspberry swirly cookie thing.
    I also won't do any novella... but I can manage to pull some extense paragraphs when the roleplay gets to my heart!

    I hope you have fun around here!
    See you!
  6. Hello Silar Oneliner! 8D Welcome to the community. >:3
  7. Hello, Silas! I'm surprised you didn't see us in your search results. Diana's not doing her job! >P Welcome to Iwaku!