Well Hello Everyone

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  1. Well hello there, my name is Beta Breaker X and I'm a 29 year old male. I may be new to the site but I've been roleplaying on and off since I was fourteen years old on a bunch of different websites. As for other facts about me I'm rather big Otaku having seen more Anime then I can count over the years. I've been a huge video gamer since I was a young kid and enjoy playing new and old school games.
  2. Nice to meet you BBX! Welcome to Iwaku!

    There is definitely an anime and gamer presence on Iwaku, so you should have a grand old time!

    Any questions? Send me a pm. =)
  3. yay a fellow gamer
    eh hi im norevenge.. welcom to iwaku the forum where there may not seem to be much going on but there is. lol that was a mouthful to say
  4. Greetings! There are clubs in the Groups tab just for gamers, bookworms and anime geeks, so I'm sure you'll make lots of friends in no time (by the way you can count me in all three of those categories, so hit me up for PM if you're ever bored or looking for a roleplay!)
  5. Welcome Beta Breaker! You can never have too much anime. Even I keep a list of watched and to watch in an excel sheet haha. I hope you have fun at Iwaku and enjoy your stay. :)