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  1. Hey, everyone.

    It's awfully late right now and I really should be sleeping, but I'm gonna make this one quick post before I go.

    I'm not new to role playing at all... I'm actually pretty experienced. Yup. Been role playing for years. I usually use Gaia Online, but because of, erm, other problems on the site, no one is really in the mood anymore. So here I am, starting fresh on Iwaku, or whatever this place is called. I dunno.

    Anyway, uh, let's see. About me. I said my name was Sycamore. I'm also an "independent writer" or rather, a fanfiction writer, and on AO3, I go by Regen. I like BBC Sherlock, so if you're up for a 1x1 roleplay for Sherlock, come and find me. Or a group roleplay. *shrugs* I'm open to anything, really.

    Jeez. This is taking a lot of time to write. And a lot of head scratching. Sorry for being such a noob.

    Uh... On to role playing details and stuff. As you have probably noticed, my grammar and spelling are pretty good (I guess? I don't know, what are your standards?) so when I roleplay, I expect the same of my partner... I'm also what they call "literate" back on Gaia (heck, I don't know what kinda words they use here) which pretty much means that I'm one of those people who write a butt ton every time they post. Like, 5 to 12 paragraphs is pretty typical for me. I'm willing to accommodate any sort of preference for length, but I think 2 paragraphs is my minimum.

    So, uh, yeah. I'm kind of really tired so I think I'll just doze off... If you're still interested even after all of that demanding stuff I wrote up there, please please please contact me. It's been so long since my last roleplay and my last partner disappeared before we even started which was really confusing and pretty worrying.

    You can deal with the lack of text formatting. Hush.
  2. Ha ha xD. I like you already !! >:)

    Welcome to the Madness, remember everyone in here is a little bit Crazy!~

    Enjoy your stay, be part of many twisted stories ^^

    Ohh..! And DO NOT FEED The Bunnie!>.> no matter what!
  3. Hey!~ Welcome :)
    I also started out on Gaia online so I completely understand what you are talking about, about people not being in the mood. So many people just stopped responding out of no where. Also it's turned into one giant big smut fest. Which I am fine with but I also like it when someone can at least add more plot and style to it. Welcome I'm new to the site as well. Started yesterday, but so far I really like it and made two really go friends. I hope we can be friends as well. Message me anytime, even if it is just to say hi.
    *pats you're head*
    Have a good day!~
  4. Howdy Sycamore! :D Welcome to the siiiite!
  5. Hey Pretty basic your introduction so I like it my friend. Anyhow I am Domeki Sato and I welcome you to Iwaku! *Smiles* Hope you have a blast here. tumblr_n0b23eT5oQ1tpbdojo1_500.gif
  6. Guess I have to rape the follow button once more. Welcome to Iwaku, you two. Enjoy your stay. Don't hesitate to indulge in some ahem, "Libertine" activities.~