Well, bonjour!

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  1. Bonjour, je m'appelle Arielle

    My name is Arielle and I am the Quiet Souris, the mouse!
    I got the nickname Souris or 'mouse' in middle school, as I was a very quiet and shy little thing. But no longer! My friends know me as the Lion but everyone else knows me as the mouse! I'm a little quirky and would love to find some quirky people on here!

    I'm 17, getting closer to 18 and live in Australia, though I was born in France. I have lived here for about... 3 years now and absolutely adore the country of red earth!

    So yeah..

    Hi there!
  2. Hello Quiet Souris, welcome to Iwaku!

    There's no need to be quiet here.
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  3. Hallo Hallo Arielle! :D Welcome to the community!
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