We'll be friends forever, right?

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  1. Believe it or not, I was reading Shakespeare when this idea came to me (don't misunderstand, it's not directly based off of what I was reading, it was just a sudden idea(I was reading Twelfth Night, by the way)), and I thought I'd share this little idea, well, it's more like a thought.

    I would absolutely love a roleplay where they would be friends for a long, long time. I'm thinking back in the day - a beautiful, rich young lady, and another young lady disguised as a man - they've been friends since childhood (and she's been a "boy" since childhood) and my thoughts are playing out their friendship with each other - comfort when the other is crying, sharing laughter and happy moments, having a friendship. I have a lot of scenes in my head that would be played out with this theme, and even an idea for the truth about the disguised woman - how her friend figures out about the lie.

    Well, it's a silly little thing, hope someone's interested. (Yes, I must say that Viola disguised as a man in Twelfth Night was what originally drew me to read it, but god is it funny!)
  2. I'm interested in this ^^
  3. Cool. I was thinking I would take up the role of the woman disguised as a man, since I have a good idea for her character.
  4. Sounds perfect to me ^^
  5. Basically, my idea would focus around them as kids as well, is that alright with you?
  6. Yea sorry I had school ^^
  7. Well, It's night here now, and I can't start this before tomorrow night because I'll be busy, so...
  8. What time is it there??
  9. It was 1:30 AM, in the middle of the night xD
  10. Okay then we're in the same time frame
  11. Great great, I'm back now so I'll work on the thread after I've replied to my other threads ~
  12. Alrighty and just a heads up I'll be on for about another4 hours but then it'll be roughly 10 tonight before I can reply again because I have a competition and no wifi
  13. Oh don't worry, it won't take four hours to start up.
  14. It seems I've been stalled a little, my computer's being a fucker.
  15. Don't worry about it ^^ it's perfectly fine
  16. Finally my shit works, I'll get to starting the thread xD
  17. Do you have a name for your character? We'll just post our CS together with the first post.
  18. Yea I do ^^ and that sounds perfect