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  1. Hello.
    I am looking for a few rp partners who hopefully can click with me and that it’ll be long term.
    I do not really have any specific plot in mind but if you do have one and would like to share, that will be helpful. If not, we can create a plot together. I will be looking forward to it.

    So, First and foremost, I do have a few rules of my own like most.
    • Grammar- I do not expect you to have flawless grammar but a decent grammar is definitely needed when it comes to writing a good story. Nobody is perfect.
    • Absolutely NO one liners- Not that I am hating. I mean everyone has to start somewhere. However, for a person who is looking to work on her writing and roleplaying skills, I do not think roleplaying with one liners will help. A decent amount of 5 lines minimum is appreciated. I am not looking for you to write 20 paragraphs either.
    • Details- Moderately, please. Details are fine but a paragraph of just one action? That’s just cray cray, I tell you. Roleplaying is about living your imagination and excessive details just spoil EVERYTHING. The whole thing will become dull and lifeless, so please.
    • Frequency of each post- I do know that real life comes first as I am a working woman myself and life can just get busy. However, please do inform beforehand if you are going to go AWOL for a few days and I’ll try my best to do the same with you. At the very least, post once a week.
    • Contribution- I am a passive aggressive writer so please, don’t leave all the planning to me. I am only human {I am only Human by Christina Perri starts playing in the background. Jk. v.v}. Seriously though, I am not just some robot who never runs out of idea.

    And, with that done, let’s move on. Yeaayy.
    Ok. So, the genres I like are {drum rolls}:-
    • Fantasy
    • Modern
    • Victorian
    • Historical
    • Mythical
    • Adventure
    • Romance
    Ay. They can be mixed and matched, and I’d be willing to try other genres IF you have an interesting enough plot.

    AND, Phew. That is the end of it. Reply to this thread or drop me a pm if you are interested. I do not bite, maybe. But yeah.
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  2. Victorian mystery with a dash of fantasy perhaps?
  3. Sure o.o Send me a pm and we can discuss
  4. If you're still looking for a partner, I can try and fill the role. Send me a PM, we'll discuss plot and stuff. Mainly stuff. Some plot too. That is, if you are interested.
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