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  1. Zorth is a world crafted by Enu. Enu is the god of all the goddesses and gods of all the species and races. You see zorth is a world of many genres so in some areas it is more modern and some areas it is steam punk. There are even some Sci-Fi aspects to it depending on your Race/Species/Class/Occupation. In Zorth there are many many different species of creatures and races. In the animal kingdom there are: Renu, Octice, Teribithians, Jalcs, etc. In the many different and diverse races there are: Vampires, Werewolves, Cyborgs, Ghouls, DarkWalkers, Shadow People, Spirits, Demons, Angels, Elves, Dwarves, Etc.

    see you have to be born into Zorth for me to show you how it works So...your gonna have to start off as a plain and simple little toddler between the ages of 2-4 you can pick from. This is a type of roleplay where you have to keep track of your money, health, and skills along with your relationships with people in the world

    All I need to know if what your race is do you wish for me to pick or do you want to decide?? if you wish to decide please pick a genre and the desired traits you wish to hold.

    Here are topics you can ask me about Zorth:









    I will need a specific question though. See my mind works very oddly. I can't give out information and it wont process till I have a very specific question to fulfill.

    Non-Example: "Tell me more about the Schools"

    Example: "What type of herbivores are there??"

    I've been working on this project for a very long time so if you get confused no problem! just ask me anything you need to know. During the rp a word might pop up that you don't know all you have to ask is for the definition of that word. You can ask for more information after the definition is given if you would like ^-^

    I kinda work like a computer so sorry if I'm kinda odd~ Well have a good day!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.