Welcome to World Builders Week!

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  1. Welcome to World Builders Week!​

    This week, you will get an intensive look at world building, everything from an introduction to world building in video and lecture to workshops, blogs, and discussions.

    Look out for content from Revision, Malkuthe, and Lstorm.

    Stay tuned for videos about getting started with world building from Revision.

    Feel free to bring up world building to us in the cbox!

    And don't forget about the lecture at seven central on the 21st, followed by a question and answer session.

    Finally, we want YOUR content, your workshops, ideas, and most importantly, discussions!

    A world is what you make of it, so it is time to make some wonderful worlds!
  2. The World Builders lecture is tonight at seven central, followed by a Q&A session! Be sure to send me a PM with your skype details if you want in on this!