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    • Ever wonder if races of your imagination go to get an education? Probably not, but there is such a school that exists. One that teaches Humans, along with many different fantasy and mythological creatures that are only heard of as legend.

      Whiteridge Academy is a school meant to educate creatures that would be considered as freaks to human society. They will learn many common skills such as Literature, Mathematics, Science, and Performing Arts, along with Witchcraft, Potions, Spell Casting, and Elemental Powers as well. Classes like Physical Education, and Health Science are a required course to graduate.

      We want all of our students to be the most successful that they can be. We hope for us to have a great school year!
      School Rules:
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      -No God-Modding
      -Dont PowerPlay
      -Be respectful to other students
      -Any conflict between two students will be handled off campus
      -1 to 3 student limit
      -I have the right to reject your form
      -If your application isn't accepted, please fix what i have asked you do fix
      -Students do have a curfew of 10:00 pm
      -Students of the opposite gender are not allowed in the dormitories after 10:00 pm
      -Weekend curfews are 12:00 am
      -Attend all classes if possible
      -Most important is to have a great school year

      Student Races:
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      This list will always update

      School Map:
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      Student Uniform:
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      School attire also depends on Year, Season, and Race.
      -First uniform is for Spring/Summer weather
      -Second is for Autumn weather
      -Third is for Winter weather

      Year color trim include:
      -First is Silver
      -Second is Gold
      -Third is White
      -Fourth is Black

      Some students with odd shaped legs or the body of another animal will not be required to wear pants or a skirt if it is not comfortable or desired

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      Questions or Concerns:

      Name: First and Last
      Age: between 14 and 18
      Gender: Is your character a boy or a girl?
      Height: Use depending on race
      Race: Look above under Races
      Year: 1, 2, 3, or the unfortunate 4
      Personality: They must have flaws. and don't make them like "they're super depressed all the time"
      Appearance: Picture or detailed description
      History(Optional): A backstory, or not c:
      Crush: Do you admire a certain someone?
      BF/GF: Is your character in a relationship?
      Other: Anything else
      Questions or Concerns: For just in case anything is unclear

      My Students:
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      Name: Ko Fujishiro
      Age: 17
      Gender: Male
      Height: 6'3"
      Race: Kitsune
      Year: 4
      Personality: very conservative and normally keeps to himself. He enjoys fortune telling and runs a little shop on campus. He has a slight mean streak though. When one of his tails are grabbed, he unconsciously gets really angry and casts a curse on whoever grabbed his tails
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      Human form:
      Fox form:

      History(Optional): no thanks
      Crush: Shows slight interest in Oreki Akiyo
      BF/GF: Open
      Other: He is often found in his dorm room playing the Koto, for he has a high interest in traditional Japanese music
      Questions or Concerns:

      Accepted Students:
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      Ko Fujishiro: NyanCat15

      Expelled Students
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  1. I get the impression you're new to Iwaku. Just something I'd like to suggest: It's probably not a good idea to say such things as "-I have the right to reject your form" and "-If your application isn't accepted, please fix what i have asked you do fix" in the rules. It sounds pretty hostile, to be honest. The people here are almost all good and flexible. They won't be pissed if you reject their character and they'll be fine with changing their character if they feel that the modifications you ask for are fair. Of course, asking them to change it completely is unreasonable, unless it's truly abhorrent :D Same applies to having a list of people you've kicked out of your roleplay. I don't know what it was like where you came from, but that list seems much more hostile than the two rules. More importantly, it's very unlikely you'll end up using it :D

    Anyway now that I got that out of the way, am I OK to create a character of a race not on the list?
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