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  1. Ever wonder if races of your imagination go to get an education? Probably not, but there is such a school that exists. One that teaches Humans, along with many different fantasy and mythological creatures that are only heard of as legend.

    Whiteridge Academy is a school meant to educate creatures that would be considered as freaks to human society. They will learn many common skills such as Literature, Mathematics, Science, and Performing Arts, along with Witchcraft, Potions, Spell Casting, and Elemental Powers as well. Classes like Physical Education, and Health Science are a required course to graduate.

    We want all of our students to be the most successful that they can be. We hope for us to have a great school year!
    School Rules:
    Show Spoiler
    -No God-Modding
    -Dont PowerPlay
    -Be respectful to other students
    -Any conflict between two students will be handled off campus
    -1 to 3 student limit
    -I have the right to reject your form
    -If your application isn't accepted, please fix what i have asked you do fix
    -Students do have a curfew of 10:00 pm
    -Students of the opposite gender are not allowed in the dormitories after 10:00 pm
    -Weekend curfews are 12:00 am
    -Attend all classes if possible
    -Most important is to have a great school year

    Student Races:
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    This list will always update

    School Map:
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    Student Uniform:
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    School attire also depends on Year, Season, and Race.
    -First uniform is for Spring/Summer weather
    -Second is for Autumn weather
    -Third is for Winter weather

    Year color trim include:
    -First is Silver
    -Second is Gold
    -Third is White
    -Fourth is Black

    Some students with odd shaped legs or the body of another animal will not be required to wear pants or a skirt if it is not comfortable or desired

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    Questions or Concerns:

    Name: First and Last
    Age: between 14 and 18
    Gender: Is your character a boy or a girl?
    Height: Use depending on race
    Race: Look above under Races
    Year: 1, 2, 3, or the unfortunate 4
    Personality: They must have flaws. and don't make them like "they're super depressed all the time"
    Appearance: Picture or detailed description
    History(Optional): A backstory, or not c:
    Crush: Do you admire a certain someone?
    BF/GF: Is your character in a relationship?
    Other: Anything else
    Questions or Concerns: For just in case anything is unclear

    My Students:
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    Name: Ko Fujishiro
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'3"
    Race: Kitsune
    Year: 4
    Personality: very conservative and normally keeps to himself. He enjoys fortune telling and runs a little shop on campus. He has a slight mean streak though. When one of his tails are grabbed, he unconsciously gets really angry and casts a curse on whoever grabbed his tails
    Show Spoiler
    Human form:
    Fox form:

    History(Optional): no thanks
    Crush: Shows slight interest in Oreki Akiyo
    BF/GF: Open
    Other: He is often found in his dorm room playing the Koto, for he has a high interest in traditional Japanese music
    Questions or Concerns:

    Accepted Students:
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    Ko Fujishiro: NyanCat15

    Expelled Students
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  2. [BCOLOR=#151515]
    Name: takara ryotesei​
    Height: 5'3"​
    Race: neko​
    Year: 3​
    Personality: takara is very out going and fun to be around. She loves to try new things and loves it when people pet her head. But be warned, if you dare touch her tail prepare for your face and eyes to be shredded by her razor sharp claws.​
    Appearance: human form[​IMG]
    Cat form[​IMG]
    Crush: ko fujishiro​
    BF/GF: open​
    Other: you can usually find her napping in a tree​
    Questions or Concerns:​
  3. Accepted dear uwu
  4. Name: Jack Darcy (although, he prefers to be known as just Darcy)

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Height: 5'11"

    Race: I didn't see this on the list (although it might have been on there, because I don't know what many of those are XD), but can Darcy be a mage? As in, he looks completely human but has a set of magical powers to go with it? He is an induced empathizer, or he can change the emotions of others. However, his technique isn't necessarily fool-proof, and it's easier for him to do it to others when they have low self control. So, in that way, some races are more susceptible than others. Also, he usually can't do it from a distance* and either has to look the target in the eyes or initiate physical contact for the magic to go into at least half effect. Plus, every time he imposes an emotion on someone, he absorbs the subject's previous feeling.

    Year: 3

    Personality: Before applying to Whiteridge, Darcy attended a normal school until he discovered the academy in Year 3, and his prior experiences caused him to be extremely self conscious about his unusual but secret abilities. Because of his magical powers, Darcy is an extremely empathetic person - not only is he in tune with his own feelings, but he is very perceptive of the emotions and motivations of others as well, thus making him great for investigative work, which he wishes to pursue as an adult. However, despite the fact that his powers generally make him more sensitive and easy to get along with, they also cause his emotional and rational brain to move far more rapidly than it should, and not just in the sense that he's very intelligent. I guess you could consider Darcy one of those people that is so mentally active, it almost drives him to the point of insanity. Thus, he has sleeping problems, anxiety problems, and slight "OCD" issues (none of which have been diagnosed) especially involving the dislike of touching others. He has extreme self confidence issues concerning his magical identity, so he tends to call his abilities a curse or deny their existence entirely, and is often a loner to a fault.

    Appearance: Ah, I kind of imagine Darcy to look like a young Ed Norton XP But, besides that slight resemblance in my head, Darcy has longish brown hair that sometimes looks blonde in the sun, and a tall, thin physique. At his old school, he wore deep brown contacts, but his real eye color is a medium shade of mauve (which is almost a blending of pink, purple, and grey all into a singular color), and bags are often visible under his slightly down turned eyes due to his frequent bouts of insomnia. Generally, he's fairly handsome, despite the odd hook of his nose only visible from the side, but in that odd, kicked-puppy sort of way. Also, he often wears plain clothes in order to blend in with 'normal society', even if he has some trouble matching even the most basic of colors.

    History (Optional): Keeping this short. His father, another induced empathizer, is a private investigator who runs his own one-man detective agency, and Darcy will follow in those same footsteps under his father's training. Although father and son relations are good, Darcy doesn't get along with his mother, who lives in another home, because she often abuses her magical powers and proves to be selfish in family situations. However, his human step-mom is more understanding.

    Crush: Available. **

    BF/GF: Available.

    Other: Nope.

    Questions or Concerns: I'm really sorry this was so long XD But thank you ^.^

    *He likely could do it from across the room say, if someone was drunk/high, or had any lack of self control, really. It also depends on the races. But on an average human? Not likely.
    **I would like to note that Darcy is a heteroromantic demisexual, which means that he's attracted to the opposite sex romantically but feels no sexual attraction in general until he develops an emotional bond with someone. However, at this point, Darcy is young and is mostly confused about why he feels a general distaste for sex or innuendos.
  5. Accepted, but mage isnt necessarily a race? Generally what i mean by race is a certain species.
    To me, a mage is sort of like a profession or talent (the reason is bc ive played fire emblem and thats just how i see it)
    But if you wish to know what many of the races on the list were, it would be best to search them up and see back ground information
    In other words, he could be considered human, but with a magical talent.
  6. ((@NyanCat15, alright, I'm sorry. I just didn't want to put that he was completely human, because that would denote that he's an absolutely "normal", non mythical individual. I suppose I put it under the wrong category then, but I can see your perspective about the talent thing. Does my application require editing or are we good to go? ^.^))
  7. Nono youre ok!
  8. (Can you make a starting post nyan)
  9. {My sheet is in spoilers...since it is rather large. Welcome the human o v o}

    Show Spoiler



    "You already saw the title. If I have to tell you, then either you are lazy, or just plain stupid."
    || Oreki Akiyo ||

    Nicknames || Titles
    "What's it to you, Creep!"
    ||Summoner of the Firey Demon Shits||


    14...but looks like she is 11



    Sexual Orientation

    "T-that's none of your business!"
    ...She refused to answer


    {Someone had to}
    100% homo sapien








    "I'm f*** charming. What's it to you?"

    If you cannot already tell, Oreki is the typical loli tsundere. She is short-tempered, blunt, cold, violent, stubborn, proud, and often times just a straight up B****. Because of this, she has earned a bit of a reputation as "Summoner of the Firey Demon Sh**s." But that is not all her. She is actually very sensitive and vunerable, self-concious, and sometimes shy when you can actually pull that side from her. She has an odd warmth about her, when you can actually break through her harder shell. When you get to know Oreki, you actually discover that she is funny, kind, witty, and actually pretty charismatic.

    Many tend to ignore her firey spirit, mainly because she is just so damn cute, which is always a mistake. She has a bit of a violent streak and is a lot stronger than she looks. She is an extremely hard worker, always trying to prove her worth by being the best of the best.

    She is actually a bit of a pervert, always oggling the attractive guys and girls and even day dreaming about them. (Nothing RATED X). She can be slightly touchy at times, but does not liked to be touched herself.






    A terrifying 4'8"

    A wopping 87lbs

    Body type
    When you think of a woman, with beautiful curves, boobs, etc...think the opposite with this one. She is very tiny, with mainly no curves. Flat-chested, short, and very child-like. She does have hidden muscle in her form, however. Only in training bras (AA)
    "Why you son of a bitch!"

    Eye color
    Chocolate Brown

    Hair color
    Strawberry blonde

    Hair Style
    very long (halfway down her back), and slightly wavy. She wears it in a number of hairstyles, but most of the time she will wear it down with her bangs in her face.

    Skin Color

    Rosy Peach. She has a bit of freckles dotting her cheeks.

    Distinguishable Features
    She has the "Korean Bunny Face" (large eyes, round face, small nose, small mouth)

    || A small birthmark on her upper lip ||











    No one currently





    || Despite being a human, Oreki is actually quite strong and fast...
    No one is sure why, but some rumor that it is because she was bathed in demon blood as a child. IT'S JUST A RUMOR THOUGH!!||

    ||She is a black belt in Muay Thai (she needs some sort of defense against all these supernaturals!||

    ||her biggest weakness is being called..."Cute"... She becomes a blushing mess...||

    ||She HATES being picked up. Do it, and your life shall be in jepordy!||

    ||Don't refer to her size. She has a Napoleon complex.||

    ||Food is the best way to appease her.||




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  10. Normally i wouldnt accept because youre using a character that basically already exists and you just slapped a different name on her
    your form is absolutely flawless and i cant help to accept
    Youre accepted!

    @wolfs rain yes i can hold on
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  11. ( I usually use face claims as such, as well as non gif anime photos; however, I like the look of Taiga so thought she would fit. It's never an issue with any other rp I do. In fact, most rpers use face claims as such for it brings out the personality throught the character.... Thank you, though! Lol I'm excited to be accepted....There was a lacking of hoomans in here!)
  12. Show Spoiler
    (As long as your OC doesnt have any special powers we cool. I've had unfortunate scuffle about that with this rp on PokeHeroes haaa)

    //the principal's voice echoed from the many intercoms that are scattered around the school//
    Good morning boys and girls of Whiteridge Academy! Its very nice to see you all again for another wonderful school year! But for a little input for our new incoming students. Try your best to help them around and tell them the basic rules. Those rules include, get to class on time as expected. Too many tardies will result in detention and disciplinary actions will be enforced. On another note, girls and boys have separate dorm buildings for a reason. Athough you are permitted to enter the opposite dorms until 10 o'clock p.m. Then you must return to your rooms and not exit the buildings until the next morning. Weekend curfew's are at exactly midnight. Any other questions you may have, can be answered by the upper classman. So again, i hope everybody has a great year at Whiteridge Academy! //the announcement ended with the sound that a telephone makes when a call is ended​

    Ko: //he stood quietly in his dorm room, ready for the day. he pulled on the jacket to his uniform and blinked at his own reflection in the mirror./ Its our last year here, isnt it, Ko? //he smiled before turning away from the mirror. He picked up his school bag and sauntered out into the hallway of the boys dorm and locked his door. Ko walked down the hall to eventually exit the building and step out onto the school's campus
  13. Jack Darcy
    Darcy wasn't one for ignoring good advice - in fact, the new Year Three-er was quite methodical - but he was already breaking one of the most crucial first day of school suggestions: stand up straight, smile, and try not to look stupid. So much for that, he thought sardonically. It was already trouble enough setting up his dorm room, and even worse, he couldn't stand his blowhard roommate. If chivalry was dead, common decency sure as hell was too - and according to aspiring P.I. Jack Darcy, when a mage is trying to concentrate on memorizing a campus map, schedule, and 5 quirky facts about themselves simultaneously (just in case), they are not to be distracted.

    Thankfully, he was able to grasp his schedule inside and out, despite the more confusing aspects of on-campus life. Being a general loner to society, Darcy wasn't quite sure how to feel about living in confined quarters with people he barely knew. Not to mention the fact that some could shapeshift and probably eat him alive. However, it was a good experience when it came to gaining some much needed independence, so although it put him out of his brick-fortified comfort zone, Darcy thought it was going to be quite alright - or, at least, better than his normal high school, that is - if it weren't for all of the magical aspects. Coming head to head with the thing he hated most about himself was going to be the apex predator in this situation, and Darcy hated being prey.

    He trudged with his face in a map and shoulders shrugged as he made his way to Literature, the first class of the day. On his way, he made sure to keep an eye out for any mauve-eyed freakshows like him, hopefully there to give some tips about how to make sad people smile or angry people breathe. That, of course, was something he vowed not to do - use his magic outside the realms of education. Even if this was an utterly mysterious supernatural boarding school, it was still high school politics, and Darcy could not allow his manipulative aspect to make him seem untrustworthy to the general population.

    Take one thing at a time, he reminded himself. This is all a practice of self control - and even then, the real problem was where to find Literature, and Mr. Sherlock Holmes was feeling quite deflated when he realized he passed the building long before he pulled out the map. If it was a snake, it would have bit him.

    The worst thing was, that could happen literally.​
  14. Takara was resting in the tree outside the boys dorm waiting for ko to exit. "Of all the days he chooses to keep me waiting it happens to be today." she heard the door opened and meowed in surprise as she saw ko finally exit. She jumped out of the tree and landed on her feet. "Good morning ko."
  15. Ko: Yes, hello Takara //he said taking a gentle bow/ As expected, you're waiting outside the boys dorm for me //he chuckled
  16. Name: Trey Morrison

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Height: 6'3

    Race: Mer-man

    Year: Year 4

    Personality: Fun, Loving, Caring, Sentimental, Lady's man, is not a fighter, but will take someone down if he has to.


    Crush: Doesn't have one yet, due to a recent break up, with a senior who graduated the year before.
  17. accepted
  18. [​IMG]



    School Building ↠↠ Halls

    Who would have thought that there were so many supernaturals in the world...

    That single thought crossed the mind of Oreki, who currently stood silently at the bottom of the steps of the main school building, dwarfed by the towering frames of her elder school mates while being blinded by the sun's rays that bounced so annoyingly off of the buildimg's white washed surface. As just said, the girl was dwarfed by her comrades, her small frame not even breaking the 5ft. barrier, basically hidden by the massive mane of strawberry blonde curls that framed her bunny like face. She blinked, a mix between a pout and a snarl corrupting her youthful expression as her free hand tugged mindlessly at the hem of her black pleated skirt.

    She didn't like this: sudden changes and whatnot, having to start over when she had just gotten use to being the top of the educational food chain. It was only a few months ago that she was top dog, beating her younger school mates into submission with those tiny palms of fury. Instead, now one twiddled skirt material between pink polished nails, while the other held tightly to the school map she had recieved during orientation.

    There was another thing she disliked: the smothering feeling of normalcy that radiated off of her tiny form. She was human, a drastic contrast for the newly integrated Supernatural students that now populated the campus. Oreki knew it was not true, but she could not break the feeling of being a minority here now, especially with the creatures that dotted her vision under the bright morning sun. Supernaturals of all kinds, ranging from the black hearted demon, to the hyperactive Neko. They were all here and very much real, something that Oreki was still trying to comprehend.

    She released a small sigh, releasing her skirt before brushing a hand through her long locks; an attempt to calm the nerves she had. This was a new school, new students...all with some sort of crazy ability. What did Oreki have? She had her title and her strength. She also had Muay Thai, by what good would that do her against someone who could light her on fire with a single snap of their fingers? She could not help but sense a nearly early defeat.

    She was frowning now, her chocolate brown eyes momentarily squinting as she stepped off, holding tightly to the strap of her Rilakkuma backpack as she ascended the steps to her newest challenge: High School. The steps were slightly larger than she was use to, small legs spreading slightly farther as she tugged herself up, following the horde of students inside as the principal's voice croaked over the intercom.

    She broke rather quickly from the crowd, turning down an emptier hallway as she headed to her first class, Literature. She was ahead for her age, the principal and her counselor deciding it best to place her in the 3rd year course. That was rather daunting, but nothing she could not handle. She was wandering the halls, staring at the lines of lockers with an oddly defeated expression...She felt small...insignificant... and rather alone, but she would never admit it. She stopped on her way, leaning against one of the large lockers and closing her eyes...That was until she felt something touch her arm.

    Her reaction was rather comical, a shiver rushing up her spine as she felt the cold, slimy thing touch her. She jumped back, releasing a squeak of sorts, nearly dropping her books in her hands as she came face to face with...some sort of scaly student. She did not even wait for it to speak, her wide eye nearly doubling in size as she took off down the hallway. She needed to find class fast, before she met anyone else!

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  19. Ko: //he entered the school building and noticed the small human rush down the hall. This was the first human he had seen at the school in the four years he had attended Whiteridge. Humans were rather uncommon here due to the fact that this was a school full of monsters. His ears perked up a bit in curiosity, he decided to follow the girl. He wanted to know what it was like to be human, but he was also afraid of scaring her due to his staggering height and species difference./
  20. Takara smiled. "if I was allowed to enter to wake you up I would but sadly the rules say I can't." she wrapped her self around his arm. "we should get going or were going to be late."
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