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  1. "Have you heard? They work in unit 4."

    The infamous unit 4, believed to be a myth is where they found themseleves working. Unit 4 was a top secert experiment using orphened children too create super soldiers. Supposedly using a chemeical named "XB82" they could make a person basically immortal, bring out inhuman abilities too contol things, to create things, to do things humans couldn't. The experiments were deamed:


    Well most of them, out of a total of 260 orphen babies that had been taken into the faculity where the unit 4 experiments were held, a shocking 250 deaths were reported; ultimately leading too the projects shut down and the surving ten subjects were suppose too have beem 'Disposed of'. But thats not what happened a group of 7 scinistists kidnapped all ten of the subjects and took them too another faculity and contiuned the experiments. Till one day the faculity was inflitrated and all the scinetists were found dead and the subjects missing

    Unit 4 became a legended till they found out about a group of ten children with incedible powers turning up around the world. The goverment gathered these children once more, and so began the restart of unit 4.

    (If you see your character edited into here, your character sheets been accepted! :} )
    Experiment children:

    {Nick} Experiment {5}
    {Kenya} Experiment {252)
    {Vladimir Claudius Rascolnikof} Experiment: {237}
    {Syris} Experiment {13}
    {Possibly taken} Experiment {253}
    {Rillow} Experiment {11}
    {possibly taken} Experiment {#}
    {your character name} Experiment {#}
    {your character name} Experiment {#}
    {your character name} Experiment {#}


    {possibly taken}
    {Samuel Nolan}
    {your character name}
    {your character name}
    {your character name}
    {your character name}

    Character sheet basics:


    Talent/Power: (limit yourself to one power please)
    Favourite Scientist:(optional)
    Experiment number:
    Apperance: (if pic please be an anime or some sort of art pic, no real people)


    Reason for wanting to take part in Unit 4:
    Favourtie experiment: (optional)


    1} You should know the basics of whats acceptable in a public rp.
    2} Please understand there will be some cruelty in this.
    3} Romance is allowed, but keep it too a minimum, the main plot here is the experiments and shit that goes down in unit 4.
    4} There is no posting expection but I'd prefer too keep one liners to a minumin.
    5} don't leave anyone out.
    6} Please rememeber to have fun.

    any further questions? Just ask I'll try and answer to the best of my ability.
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  2. I'll take experiment #5 please.
  3. Name: Nick ( No last name.)
    Age: 19
    Gender: male
    Talent/Power: Classic pyro technic. He can control, produce and extinguish fire, with no harm to himself.
    Personality: Joker, fun, upbeat.
    Experiment number: 5
    Appearance: 6'0", average build, tan skin, Yellow eyes, brown hair. Wears an orange T-shirt under a grey sweatshirt; green cargo pants and hiking boots
  4. Name: Kenya

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    Talent/Power: She is able to accesses over 50% of her brains full mental electronical magnetic waves capacity and control them to influence the pyshicall world around her, translation: she's able to be able to move things with her mind. (telekinetic)

    Personality: Kenya is rude, sarcastic and almost violent in the outside but kind careing and shy on the inside. She often ends up freaking out at people if they do something she doesn't like or doesn't want them to do and her power tends to go haywire. This causes her to withdraw from people and keep to herself or of fear she'll hurt them.

    Experiment number: 251



    • Attempting to access log ...
      Opening file on Experiment 13:

      Official name: Syris
      Age: 20
      Gender: Male

      Loading attached image...


      Now preparing top secret experiment file...
      ... Attempting workaround.
      Opening log:

      "Log 24: Experiment 13 have been classified as highly unstable. His powers-"

      Error. Detected corrupt file. Attempting to restore log...

      "His powers go beyond our expectations. We will need further testing, but it appears that he somehow have mastered teleportation. Normal chains no longer hold him, and we have been forced to put him in a completely cut off cell. Log 25: Breakthrough! After dozen of painful experiment on 13, we have found the source to the power. By moving his atoms at light speed, he breaks normal laws and physics. However, that limit him in term of distance as he can only move as far as he can see".

      Loading attached video clip...

      Contiuning reading log...

      "Log 26: Experiment 13 is showing promising results. He is past his expected lifespan, so we are keeping our hopes high. His personality have changed to the worse though, and is showing tomboy-ish behavior. But the boy remain curious, making it hard for us to keep him seated for longer periods of time. He have gotten close to ..."


      End of file.

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  5. The age of the children could change due to the fact of the sheer number of children taken into the program. All orphan babies, so I was just thinking the unit 4 experiments could have gone on...of like many years before all 260 children were..tested...um.
  6. Oh right. For some reason I was thinking something along the lines of clones. My bad.
  7. It's about the year 2062 to answer your other questions, there's been advances in sciences revoling around medical health mostly involing the brain and manipulation to human genetics, you can expect holographic tenconology, touch screen just about everything, cars that drive themselves, androids and robots taking over dangerous jobs such as being policemen and fire fighters, virtual reality and so on. Is that a good explanation?
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  8. I would like to create a place holder for a scientist and an experiment, please :3 I'll be experiment number 237.

    I'll ba able to make both the CS later, but I am on my phone at the moment <3

    Loving this idea!
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  9. CS done.
    I hope the power is acceptable? I'll add a Favourite Scientist should we get more.
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  10. ^.^ nice characters everyone!
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  11. May I have Experiment #11?

    Also I'd like to know the limits of the experiments? What is considered too powerful?
  12. The limits: well that be like having a power so strong no one can stand against you, like you can be able to kill someone in one move, or before they even have a chance too react..Umm..like say you have telekinesis like my character dose, it's not like she can just drop a some thousand pound block on someone, I guess what I mean to say is make sure your powers had weakness and flaws.
  13. Okay. It also seems we're lacking Scientists so I'd like to make one as well, if that's alright?
  14. Yup, that's perfectly fine ^_^
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  15. Oh! And yup, you can have experiment #11.
  16. are multiple characters allowed?
    I would like to reserve expirement #253
  17. Quite a few have made multiple characters already.
  18. >.> I see that now. I had posted before I read through what I assumed would be all character sheets, so I appologise for the misinformed questioning
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