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  1. The Princess’s Clock

    Princess A who had never stepped out of her castle thought that the outside world must be so exciting as compared to hers. She knew she was going to be the queen one day and as such the word freedom is something she’d understood but never experienced it herself. Even when she’s visiting another country on her royal duties, her strict bodyguard kept her under such careful eyes that she couldn’t sneak out to take a peak of the common life. All she is allowed to do is to smile elegantly and adhere to her strict schedule.

    As a twenty-year old young lady, she is sick and tired of her restrictive schedule, she manages to escape when she was out in on another of her royal duties. She knew her time was limited but with all the fun she’s getting while she’s out. She finally sensed that she had gotten that freedom she had finally wanted.
    She met a young man, B who was unaware of her status and identity and the two of them fell in love at first sight. He brought her around, shows her the fun places and eats some of the local food. The two of them enjoyed each other’s company until her bodyguard found her and wanted to take her home.

    What will the two of them do? Can their love withstand the trials?


    This is a romance novel (we could do mature if you want to), and it can be a MxM, FxF or MxF.

    Blue Riding Hood

    C’s grandmother constantly chases away anyone who approaches her or destroys anything that anyone sent to her. As such she had lead a very lonely life since she couldn’t communicate with her.
    She thought everything would change when she found an unconscious boy of her age, D in the forest with his pet wolf. Why did her grandmother do what she does and what would happen when the boy wakes up and claimed that she is his wife?


    This is a romance and fantasy story. I would love to do some discussion to develop the plot. I’m open to it been mature, but prefer it to be not.
    Mansion of Darkness

    E is the sole heir to a great fortune and mansion, plus he’s dead. However due to the violent death he had experienced, he is stuck in an endless loop, repeating his brutal murder over and over again. As the one thousand time arrives, a psychic F appears at the doorstep of the abandoned mansion and together he brings forth incredible determination to fight back and save his servants from their needless murder and also to save himself.


    This is a supernatural story, the ending wouldn’t be perfect because obliviously he’s dead. This could be either a MXM or MXF story.
    To be or not to be

    This is a story about a troubling question to ask yourself, what would happen if your lover died and is replaced by a clone?

    G’s heart broke when her lover died of the illness that he’d kept from her. However what she didn’t know was that he’d arrange for a clone to be breed to replace him when he passed on. Imagine her surprise when H, the clone arrived at her doorstep.

    H looked exactly like her lover, but she couldn’t accept him despite the fact that he’s trying his best to make her life easier. Will G finally be able to accept him for who he is? Or will she look at him as the mirror image of her dead lover?


    This is a sci-fic romance story and could be a MXM or MXF story. It can be a mature story so depends on what you want, I’m open for discussion.
    Additional Notes

    • If you are interested in doing a mature story with me, please ensure that you’re over 18 for oblivious reason
    • I’m looking for someone who is able to write a minimum of one paragraph and make a daily respond to me
    • Also, good English is expected (example: Spelling and grammar), minor errors that won’t affect the readability will be accepted.
    • My style is one that’s adaptable to each individual player so I’m pretty flexible when it comes to plotting. I’m totally open for adjustments to the plot.
    • Besides that, my length of writing is reflective of the length you’re writing.
    • Commitment is a huge issue with me, if you are interested in playing with me, and then please makes sure you will be committed to the story. It’s okay if you want to quit, but please drop me a message and tell me. Do not pull a vanishing act on me.
  2. I'd like to RP with you! But I'm not good with Romance. I'm mostly a fantasy/sci fi/action/adventure kind of person. I don't know if that's okay with you.
  3. Sure it's ok... Sci-fic not my forte but I can try... Erm what would you be interested in?
  4. Fantasy is good with me, then!

    Hm...do you have any ideas that would fit with a fantasy type adventure?
  5. Define your fantasy range? I need some foundation to work some magic in. LOL
  6. Haha, sorry. Okay, here we go:

    The typical fantasy I like to work with is a "make a world" kind of thing. There's a fantasy world that has been made up by us or whoever with made up people/species, lands, creatures, weapons, etc. I like the plot to be kind of deep story that's driven by the characters.

    Um, sorry for the horrible explanation xD
  7. I'll need some time to work on that. Hahahas... Ermm perhaps another plot that will fill in the void for now?
  8. Oh, I have a small plot that may work. It's more modern than fantasy, though.
  9. Shoot? Hahahs I'm open for anything at this point of time.
  10. Two people awake up in a room with no memory of anything except their name. They have a tape recorder telling them to travel throughout the tunnels of where they are and survive against the many traps and trials the mysterious person. If they survive and reach the end of the tunnels, they will be given salvation greater than anything they can imagine. In the room are two guns, one for each person, with a single bullet.

    Something like that.
  11. Sure that sounds interesting, will romance be involved? And what would you be looking at?
  12. Romance. Sure, if you wish. Though I'd want it to be secondary to the plot and used to deepen the characters.

    I've always played MxF relationships, though I guess I could try MxM or FxF. Though the character I have in mind is a male, I could change him.
  13. One thing first, are you above 18?
  14. No. I'm okay with blood, violence, and language. But I'm uncomfortable with explicit sexual contact.
  15. I think I'll just put it in onexone, one more thing, do they wake up at the same room?
  16. Yeah. I was thinking we could take turns leading the RP.
  17. Nah.. you'll lead... I don't want any spoilers. LOL I'll play a male character.
  18. Alrighty. I'll play a female one then. Do you want me to post the thread or you?
  19. You can pick a male too.. lol...

    you'll start the thread?
  20. Alright, I'll be a Mr. Guy. Haha xD