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Welcome to the Wild West

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by YuriLucien, Jan 4, 2017.

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  1. Terribly sorry, but I've lost interest. Best of wishes.
  2. Hello I was hoping to reserve the Exiled Indian Warrior

  3. [​IMG]
    Name: Fumiko Haruka ( Full name meaning: distant child of treasured beauty)
    Original Era: 2031
    Appearance: Fumiko is a Japanese woman who has a thin/muscular build, she stands at a height of 5'4, and has a long tattoo going from the top right side of her chest all the way to her hand.
    Age: 27
    Gender: Female
    Heritage: Japanese

    Personal Items: Her Family Hairpin, A small pocket knife, and a small wooden slab with her family crest, windows phone with charger solar charger. and earbuds.
    Skills: Archery, Cooking, Jewelry Making, Hunting, Holding her Liquor
    Weaknesses: Blunt, Bold, Meticulous, Horse Riding, and medical expertise
    Likes: Spicy Foods, Animals, Archery, classical novels, and collecting arrowheads
    Dislikes: Fish, Gender inequality, funerals, dirt, and Egotistical people.
    Relations: (Open)
    History: (RP it)
    More: N/A

    Let me know if anything needs to be changed or revised, thanks.​
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  4. [​IMG]

    RIP in peace Crono's wild west story
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  5. @Lupa059 Ooo, twins! Fun! Looks good!

    @Crono Sorry to see the back of you. If you change your mind, you're always welcome back. <3

    @Don I'll reserve the spot for you! <3
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  6. Avery Everette

    Original Era: 2031
    Role: Volunteer


    Appearance Description: He reaches around 5'9", has a slender build and zero show of ever lifting a thing in his life. Has tinted blue hair.
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Heritage: American
    Personal items: Cigarattes, lighter, iPhone, car keys, glasses if he needs them.
    Skills: Hacker (useless now), some knowledge of time travel theories, inventive,
    Weaknesses: Cannot live without his phone or computers, has asthma, has poor vision,
    Likes: Technology, partying, fast cars, rock music, gourmet food
    Dislikes: Being without his phone, bland food, having nothing to do, feeling powerless
    Relations: Has only been working with the other volunteers for a short period of his time.
    History: Joined the volunteer work for a chance to be part of history and the pay off.
    Personality: While a clever and inventive man, he has been spoiled with the ability to get what he wants with the touch of a button.


    Well, we'll see how long he survives this... XD
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  7. can mine just be the Notorius Outlaw since crono left
  8. You got it! <3
  9. ~About~
    Name: Chunta Pallontin (Meaning Cheating Fighter)
    Original Era: 19th century
    Role: Exiled Indian Warrior


    Appearance Description: (can keep it short, include height, scars, tattoos, etc, if you want)
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Heritage: Native American
    Personal items:
    Bow with few arrows left
    Revolver and a handful of ammo left
    A blunt knife
    Well maintained native clothing he's had since he was exiled

    Tracking- Thanks to his tribe he quickly picked up how to track animals but can use his skills for people just as easily.
    Close quarter combat: while he is decent enough with his revolver and now he's especially skilled when it comes to up close combat, he doesn't care much for fair fights tho, he'll cheat if he thinks it will make sure he wins (how he got his name)
    Sturdy- with how well he fights he still takes hits as he gives them out but he's conditioned his body over time to be stronger than a normal person.
    Greater movement- growing up in the wilder parts of the world has helped him become a bit faster and more nimble.
    Animal Handling- Learning to live around animals is hard at times but when you know how to calm them or show that you are no threat, and certainly has come in handy.
    Native heritage- being a native can be hard enough when you have a tribe, but out alone is even worse.
    Problem with rules- some rules that exist don't really fit with his beliefs, ownership being one of them, he will trespass if he feels like it, free slaves(not anymore since it was abolished), kill farm animals, so it's all possible for there to be a warrant for his arrest.
    Not very tactical- while he's good with the combat side of things, he's horrible when it comes to planning.
    Unable to read or write
    He has a hard time show emotions

    Wants a place he can call home

    Typically dislikes town folk
    Outlaws (even tho he is technically one himself)
    Noisy places

    Relations: currently none as his tribe dishoned him
    History: (optional)
    More: (optional)
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  10. Excellent character! I love what you've done with him. :3 The only thing I ask is if you could maybe find a real life photo instead of artwork for his picture?
  11. Oh alright, I'll try but most pics tend to not fit the character
  12. try westworld characters
  13. I will be joining with 2 characters
    Deciding between Doctor, Blacksmith, or Outlaw
  14. Is the position of Notorious Outlaw still available?
  15. @Don I agree with you there. ;_; Took me forever to find a match for Tala. The photo you chose works perfectly! Thank you for changing. ^w^

    @~Dark Disney~ I want to see the West World series soooo bad!!! (I have everything but HBO XD ) I grew up watching the film.

    @Zeroisdead Just yesterday @~Dark Disney~ asked to claim the Notorious Outlaw, but as she's already created the Outlaw's Partner, she might be happy to give you the role. :3 <3

    @MST3K 4ever Where would you like to start Dan and Tala off at? They could just outside of town? Heading into the Saloon? :3 What do you think?
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  16. Yeah I can stick with partner in crime and yeah dude it's good and slightly confusing
  17. It shouldn't be too hard to find it online?
  18. Very cool! Oh is it? XD Still, I've gotta see it! <3
  19. Hmm, I'll have to see if I can. :3
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