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  1. Originally, when children started to be born with powers, people were afraid when one of them went psycho and killed people. It didn't take long for people born with powers, old and young, started being systematically moved to the tunnels

    Now, When children are born with supernatural powers outside the tunnels, they are sent to the tunnels with the others. Some are old, some are young. but they all have some kind of power, which can range from flight and controlling fire to mind control and to with a touch if wanted.

    The underground where they live was once maintenance tunnels underneath cities turned into a vast connection of tunnels and connecting cities with vents keeping oxygen and air flow throughout the tunnels.

    The story starts in the city called Ardentown underneath Peoria, Illinois. The tunnels go underneath Lake Michigan and connects up to the city under Detroit. The underground labyrinth stretches down to St. Louis as well. There are still many other cities between and a rail line connecting them all. 4

    just toss a quick bio: name, age, appearance, power, background and you are good to go.


    Basic rule. No playing god, no killing other players without having a previous arrangement. Just dont be an ass, okay?
  2. name: Kyle James
    Age: 19
    Appearance: Tall, dark hair, wears a leather jacket and jeans. Always has a big smile on his face.
    Power: photokinesis and phytokinesis (control light and plants)
    background: Powers developed at age 5. Was banished to the sewer when he ended up killing a man who was trying to take his sister.

    Kyle walks into the market. A large room carved into the underground where people from topside can come to sell their wares to the sewer's people. This place is called the sewers by everyone, but it was a network of maintenance tunnels that were converted into an underground city of sorts. He looks around to see what people are selling. He stops at a small fountain and sits down.
  3. [xtable=skin1]
    Tai is a Doppelgänger, and does not know who their parents are. Tai woke up one day with a lack of memory of everything before that point. Being a Doppelgänger Tai has no gender, and would only need another of their race to reproduce without reducing their own mass. As such, so far Tai is unclear on the whole concept of sexual attraction and dating, but can fake it well enough if it's for a cover.

    Name: Tai
    Age: Unknown, see below
    Race: Doppelgänger
    Gender: Identifies Female
    Height: 5'0"- 5'6"
    Weight: 155 lbs
    Eyes: Usually Hazel, changeable
    Hair: Usually Platinum Blonde, changeable
    Skin: Usually Pale, changeable

    Weapon(s): None standard, can adapt to use many with a modicum of proficiency.{/td}
    Personality: As a Doppelgänger remnant, Tai seeks to rediscover the world, and only currently has racial memory and snippets of before her 'murder' to go on. As such, she's at once very curious and almost painfully shy. She is also selfless, altruistic and has a keen sense of loyalty to those who get past her shyness to call her friend.

    Hidden behind this all, however, is a ghost of what she was before - a confident spy, warrior and sometimes assassin. Tai seeks to suppress this as she believes her previous devious ways led to her near death. She will always argue in favor of nonviolence but will fight fiercely if there is no other option.

    Tai often refers to herself as 'this one' or in third person rather than using the personal pronoun, but she can change this pattern for a cover.

    Magic: Because she is a Doppelgänger, she can change her body to look like anyone of roughly her size. She's a remnant though, and thus smaller, so she could only mimic beings between five and five and a half feet, roughly. She also has photographic - if temporary - reflexes. Any feat of athletics or combat she witnesses, she will be able to repeat nearly immediately, but unless she continues to train and practice any such maneuvers, the ability to do them fades away in a matter of days or even hours in the case of more complex things. She can also 'bulk up' and become unnaturally strong for one so small, but no stronger than an especially strong human.

    Skills: Body language, mimicry, ventriloquism, basic melee and hand to hand skills, psychology, diplomacy, fast-talk, observation, stealth, shadowing, sleight of hand, pick-pocketing, lock-picking, climbing/freerunning. In her time since reawakening after her near death, she's masqueraded as a mere street urchin and has picked up all of the talents of one and then some. It's likely her more thief-like and con-artist skills are a hangover from before her 'murder'.
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  4. Kyle tosses a coin into the fountain and pulls a cigarette from behind his ear and lights it, looking around at the stands selling food with his stomach growling at him. He starts digging through his coat pockets to find his money.
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