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  1. "I'd like to take a moment to thank all the ladies, gentlemen, and genderless space-dwelling arthropods for tuning into this latest installment of the Terror Dome! For all of those joining us who are new to the program, let me break it down for you: We take dozens of criminals from every edge of known space, all on death row, and we give them one chance to earn back their freedom.

    How? It's simple. We pit them against each other and the elements of mother nature at her bitchiest! We pick a desolate rock floating somewhere in space, send in our engineers, and terraform the entire planet. From tepid swamp to frozen tundra, no region is the same. Then we let loose the wildlife, some natural and others genetically modified, before we send the prisoners down in orbital drop pods.

    They must battle the climates, the wildlife, and other prisoners to reach the pick-up point and be rescued. I can hear the questions now: What's stopping them from just simply working together? I'll tell you! There's only two seats reserved for the winners. Someone's either getting bumped off, or getting left behind. Did we mention that they have only two weeks to complete the challenge or be left to die?

    Every 72 hours after the initial day, we'll be sending in equipment drops at predetermined locations throughout the planet. They'll contain weapons, armor, limited ammo, and useful survival gear that could make or break surviving the Terror Dome.

    And we record it all for your viewing pleasure with the help from our fleet of Sienar Technologies(TM) reconnaissance drones. Now, let's see who survives this year's Terror Dome, just after a word with our sponsors!


    There you have it, my idea pitched to you from the perspective of the announcer. Yes, I fully acknowledge that it feels like a 'roided-up version of the Hunger Games. In fact, it's an amalgamation of various sci-fi tropes with a healthy dose of GURPS loot tables thrown into the mix.

    Now, I'm a fair guy. I am going to allow a great deal of personal freedom with the characters, as far as races are concerned. The universe is a big place, and diversity is an imperative, as long as it's kept fair. Balance your strengths with appropriate weaknesses, then send me a PM and we'll talk.

    At any rate, what do you all think? Any suggestions, or comments? I'm very receptive to these sort of things. I'd also like to see some interest from at least 4 players.

    Not the prettiest pitch so far, but I'm saving the real work for the sign-ups/ooc thread.

    @The Butterfly
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  2. My name is Renegade Proxy and I support this message.
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  3. I am the Darkest Assassin, I also support this message
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  4. Yes......yes.
  5. I am Jessica and I like pie.

    And I support this idea.
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  6. Eeehhh I guess I support this (JK I LOVE THE IDEA)
  7. I didn't think that so many people would get excited over this. Looks like I might be needing to start an OOC soon...
  8. Everyone loves senseless violence.
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