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  1. It was a calm and slightly foggy night. Everyone knew about this town and some of the rumors floating around that werewolves tend to come out at night to find new people to add to their pack. They prey on unsuspecting humans and bite them then quickly escape before they are noticed while the victim is still paralyzed with fear. Some believed in it while others didn't but this much was for certain, it only happens on nights with a full moon.

    Kai was sent out by his pack to find a new human to bite and add to the pack. He was now officially seen among the pack as a full fledged werewolf and it was time to prove himself. Once given his task he nodded and set out into the city under the moonlight when a werewolf is at his fastest to quickly find, bite and turn a victim of his choosing. He howled after landing on one of the buildings to instill fear into the night like every werewolf before him has down and to let the people of the city know that one was on the way.
  2. Charlotte had just finished a fun night out with the girls: dinner, movies and what not. As she exited the local theater she said her goodbyes and was asked by her friends to be safe on the way home, considering she would be walking. Assuring her friends everything would be fine she started on her way. This was a normal thing for Charlotte, to walk home after a fun night alone, there for it wasn't surprising that there wasn't a single doubt or fear in her mind. She had heard the rumors about werewolves that supposedly roamed the area but thought of them to be silly and anyone who believed them to be gullible. So when she heard a howl in the distance she shrugged it off and continued walking, 'Probably just someone's dog' she thought.
  3. Kai skipped across the rooftops to avoid being seen and looked for one person who he knew he could 'tag' without any problems occurring After a bit of rooftop hopping he noticed a girl who had just bid her friends farewell which left her completely alone and vulnerable. He smirked knowing that was the best kind of prey and stalked he for a bit. Once he saw he was in the clear he howled to signify that he was close then jumped down from the roof above her and pounced at her. Once close enough he bit her arm and quickly ran off knowing he was fast enough to not be seen and smiled knowing that he succeeded.
  4. Charlotte sighed to herself, wishing she had taken a ride home with someone. 'I could already be in bed right now,' She thought a little angry at herself. Just then she heard another loud howl, this one much closer. The next thing she knew a huge gash had been torn into her arm, and was letting out a loud cry of pain. The pain was almost unbearable as the wound and her head began to throb. The street and the buildings surrounding started to swirl together, making it hard to finish her walk home. After what seemed like hours, Charlotte reached her home, and as quickly as her heavy feet would carry her, she climbed the stairs to her room. Just barely making it to her bed, the pain became to much and everything went black.

    (How do you want to transition from this? Maybe just skip to school.. REALLY sorry, I ended this in a terrible spot.)
  5. (It's alright)

    The next morning at school Kai was sitting in his usual spot in the back of the class watching Charlotte his secret crush for a while now. He never had the courage to go up and say hi, let alone talk to he. He figures she was too good for him but the thing that made him happy was that he finally got accepted as a full fledged werewolf after completing his trial last night. He didn't see who he bit but he didn't care since he knew he succeeded with flying colors. Now all he needed to do was say something to Charlotte and his life would be semi-complete but for now he would just stick to admiring her from afar.
  6. When Charlotte had woke up the next morning she couldn't remember what had exactly happened on her walk home the night before, just that something hadn't gone according to plan. The once huge gash on her arm was now just a jagged scar, as if it had magically healed. Despite her uneasy feelings of the previous night, she got herself ready and headed off to school. She arrived to her first class a little early, like as she normally did, and soon had friends surrounding her desk talking about how much fun they had had the night before. Being polite, Charlotte smiled and nodded her head at her friends, secretly hoping they would just go away. She could barely keep her eyes open and just wanted the day to finish, despite it just starting. So, when the bell rang, it was like a gift from heaven and her friends were quickly sent to their seats.
  7. Kai looked t her and saw she was acting a bit strange during class but once again had no courage to go over and ask to see if she was alright. After several long and boring lectures in several classes the lunch bell rang but Kai didn't bother going to lunch since he wasn't feeling very hungry. He silently wondered what was going on with Charlotte especially since she's one of the best student in their classes. He shrugged it off and wondered who he bit but didn't think about it for too long since the person bitten by a werewolf eventually finds a member of the pack and sticks around them like glue for the most part and if one was really lucky they bit their future mate. He silently hoped he was one of the lucky ones but didn't hold his breath since it was a one in a million chance.
  8. When the lunch bell rang, a majority of the kids rushed out of the classrooms and down to the cafeteria, and normally Charlotte would be one of them. But today she wasn't hungry or feeling the need to socialize with her friends. Instead she slowly roamed the school halls, passing a teacher or two along the way. Eventually she came to her locker, where she exchanged her books for new ones and found a granola bar that would serve as her lunch. She wandered around for a little longer before finding a bench next to a drinking fountain and sat down. 'This is kinda nice,' she thought to herself as she let out a satisfied sigh and rested her head against the wall behind her, while picking at her granola bar.
  9. Kai got up as the bell rang and saw that Charlotte wasn't going to lunch with her friend so he silently followed her the whole time until she came to a halt at a bench and began picking at granola bar. "I guess she wasn't hungry today. I wonder what's bothering her." he thought then decided he'd finally man up outside of his pack. He slowly walked over to her nervously and began to shake slightly. Once close enough to her he forced himself to speak. "H-hey C-Charlotte. Y-you al-alright?" he studdered but managed to say with a small amount of confidence.
  10. All of a sudden Charlotte heard a voice coming from next to her. She quickly lifted her head from the wall and sat up straight, thinking she was about to be scolded by a teacher for not being in the cafeteria. But there was no teacher in sight, just a boy from some of her classes, Kai. She tried to recall if she had ever spoken to him before, but couldn't think of a single time. It felt as though she had known him for a long time and found it strange that she had never, even once, talked to this boy. "Oh, hey... Ya I'm fine I guess.. Thanks," she finally responded, before resting her head against the wall once again. "Are you alright?" she asked quickly, hearing something in his voice.
  11. "Oh! I'm alright. Just.....nervous." he answered as he turned his head from her a bit. "I-I figured I'd check up on you since you weren't acting like yourself lately and I thought that maybe you needed someone different to talk to for once." he added then stood up, turned and began to walk off like a toy soldier. Kai jumped for joy once he got out of sight and cheered at his 'level up'. "I finally spoke to Charlotte! Holy crap! Maybe I becoming a man in more ways that one lately" he thought with a smile but continued to watch over her fom afar. He didn't know what it was but something kept him bound to her as if he had an invisible rope around her waist the occasionally tugged at him whenever she walked away.
  12. "Okay" Charlotte responded with a quiet chuckle. "Thanks I guess," she said. She had expected him to stay and talk to her after that, but much to her surprise, Kai had just gotten up and walked away. She watched him walk away until he was around the corner, and even after he had turned she continued to stare in that direction, in case for some reason he decided to come back. Normally, Charlotte wouldn't think anything of this small encounter but for some reason it upset her a little that he just left her there. And a small part of her was pulling at her, coaxing her to go find him and keep talking. But she fought it to the best of her ability and forced herself to stay on the bench. After a few minutes of fighting herself she couldn't handle it, and slowly started making her way to the corner where Kai disappeared behind.
  13. Kai somehow had gotten any further than the nearby window. He was too into how much he was progressing both with his secret crush and his secret life that he had hoped would never intertwine with one another. He wondered if she was still sitting on the bench and figured he should go back seeing as how he had left so abruptly. "I wonder what she thinks of me. Heh she probably thinks I'm a stuttering goofball who leave people before they get a word in." he thought and somewhat doubted it but he still kept it as a possibility.
  14. As Charlotte walked towards the corner, she started to doubt herself. Maybe he had left because he decided she wasn't worth talking to. Or maybe he didn't want to talk, and was only trying to be nice and make her feel better. 'This is a bad idea, I don't even know where he is at!" she argued with herself inside her head. However she seemed to be loosing the battle with herself, as she continued walking. Once she reached the corner, which Kai had disappeared behind she stopped for a moment, she had this weird feeling in her gut, telling her that Kai would still be right around the corner. So she took a deep breath and peaked her head around the corner and there he was, looking out the window.
  15. Kai was laughing to himself since he was having some wild thoughts that weren't exactly relevant but at that moment his mindless chuckling stopped and he quickly shot his head toward the corner, having had a feeling he was being watched then saw and piece of a head. "W-who's there?" he asked the figure he couldn't make out perfectly, not knowing it was Charlotte since she was a good distance away. Kai got a bit defensive in case it was someone who meant him harm and if that was the case he was ready to change partially in order to fight back.
  16. Charlotte jumped as Kai's head snapped around. 'This was a bad idea..' she thought as she took a step behind the corner, out of his vision. After taking a few deep breaths she finally got the courage and stepped around the corner. "It's uhh.. me.. err Charlotte.." she stuttered awkwardly, with a shy smile. Her brain was running a million miles and hour, telling her this was a bad idea, telling her it was a good idea, reminding her to stand straight, to give a nice smile, to speak up. "I was just wondering... why you left so quickly back there..." she said, taking a small step towards him. 'So stupid! Don't ask that! It's rude!" she mentally scolded herself for being so straight forward.
  17. Kai blushed lightly and turned his head a little not knowing that she could act in such a way since every time he's seen her she's been so easygoing but this shy side of her was definitely hitting him in a different way. "Oh. I'm sorry about that. I guess I kinda got ahead of myself and made that quick decision." he said as he forced himself to look at her. He took a deep breath then slowly walked over to her. You've got to at least tell her how you feel. It's now or never" he thought mentally pushing himself forward every time he wanted to stop. He looked down at her having been just an inch or two taller than her then took her hand in his but was having a hard time getting his confession out.
  18. "It's okay, I just thought maybe you didn't want to talk to..." Charlotte started to say until she felt Kai's hand take hers. She could feel her face turning red and getting warmer at the thought of her face being red. 'What is he going to do?' the question ran through her head over and over as her heart started beating faster. She had never really thought of Kai before in that way or any way at all to be honest. He always seemed to be back doing his own thing, never really interested in anything others did, let alone her. Now standing so close to him, she realized he was actually a pretty good looking kid. But she hardly knew him and he hardly knew her. 'Wait, you're getting ahead of yourself Charlotte. You don't even know what he's going to say.." she thought to herself, trying to calm her thoughts.
  19. "C-Charlotte....I-I-I...I've always liked you!" he said quickly but clearly. "I've had a crush on you for a while but I was too nervous to approach you since you were always around your friends." he confessed and looked her n the eyes showing he was telling the truth. He shakily kissed the back of her had then released it slowly, a heavy blush on his face as he did so then turned his head and took a deep breath then looked back at her with a nervous smile.
  20. Charlotte opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out. 'What had just happened?!' screamed her brain. This fairly attractive boy she has never talked to before, yet feels like she has known him forever, just told her that he likes her and has for a while now. How was she supposed to respond to that. She couldn't say she felt the same way because that wouldn't be entirely true. But yet, she couldn't say she didn't feel that way either because that wouldn't be true either. "Kai.." she said quietly, avoiding his eyes. "I don't... I don't know how to respond" she admitted sheepishly. "I mean I don't know you enough to respond.. I.. I'm sorry." It honestly killed her inside so say something like that to him or to anyone, and she almost immediately regretted it. "I'm sorry..." she said quieter this time, taking a step back. " I don't know what to say...".
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