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  1. praha-state-opera-house-rococo.png Welcome to the Iridale Opera House, known for its regal grandeur and fantastical atmosphere. Come take a seat in our red velvet lair, cast your gaze upon the stage, and fall into the mystical musicians webs as they weave a tale through their vocal and instrumental talents. Make sure you come for the latest show though, for this show....may be your last.

    Its the Victorian Era, and the lords and ladies find constant entertainment through Opera houses. Many come and leave in a fleeting manner as they push through the large oak and gilded doors that hide the performance from those unsuitable for such. Tonight, a night of consequential matters, is a play for only those with an invitation; one of pure splendor. Its golden edges and cream pages are only set in few peoples hands, and on the invitation reads 'The Sinful Spectacle'.

    This Opera performance, however, will be different. As these people arrived, they soon realized it as well as the doors held fast behind them, trapping each inside the large theater. You see, this Opera wasn't meant to be sung by a professional, but instead, grotesquely screamed by a victim, lighting up the opera house with its shrill and terror-filled sounds. These people are all here for a reason, a sin, and until they find a way out of the hellish Opera house, the show will go on, leaving people dead every few hours as they are 'punished' for their sins.

    Now, the show...must go on.

    The Sins (the sin may be a variation or a combination. Ex: Theft would be Envy or Greed. Or both)-
    1. Greed - Wanting too much of something.
    2. Gluttony - Similar to greed, but gluttony is the action of taking too much of something in.
    3. Lust - The need to fulfill unspiritual desires (not just sexual desires, but this is usually what lust is associated with.)
    4. Envy - Jealousy; wanting to have what someone has.
    5. Sloth - Being too slow or lazy at doing something.
    6. Wrath - Vindictive anger; angry revenge.
    7. Pride - Being too self-satisfied





    Eye color-

    Hair color-




    Personality (optional)-

    Bio (optional)-

    Appearance (Picture or description please)-
  2. I hereby reserve this spot for my form, muhahaha! :]
  3. Umm are we those who carry out the punishment or the ones who die?
  4. The ones who die, or attempt to make it out alive.
  5. aaah okay. Then will you be detailing the circumstances as we go?
  6. Yes^^ I'll be moving the story along
  7. I would absolutely LOVE to be apart of this!! I'm working on my CS now, if that's ok?
  8. Of course!! I'm glad interest has been regained!
  9. Woo! Hopefully tomorrow I'll get you a CS
  10. I apologize! I've been super busy all week, but I hope to have a CS for you by tonight or tomorrow
  11. Name- Vanessa Smith

    Age- 19

    Height- 5'3''

    Weight- 124 lbs

    Eye color- Green

    Hair color- Blonde

    Habits- Vanessa goes through a nightly regimen of first brushing her hair 100 strokes per side, having her face and shoulders massaged, as well as rubbing oil on her hands to keep them soft. She also has a very bad habit of making everything about her, whether she's complaining, boasting, or just speaking, she's also talking of something to do with herself.

    Strengths- She is very sure of herself and who she is as a person. Vanessa easily commands the presence of a room

    Weaknesses- Vanessa is very quick to anger and doesn't wait to hear other sides of the story once she makes up her mind. When the idea of getting vengeance is in her head, nothing can change her mind.

    Appearance (Picture or description please)- Vanessa was born with golden blonde hair a lovely green eyes. She has her mother's curved frame, which is only accentuated by the corset rich women are forced to wear. Vanessa's favorite colors to wear a black and green, however she looks just as nice in almost anything. The one color she refuses to wear is yellow, unless coupled with a different color, of course. Being of higher society, Vanessa is used to riches and has never wanted for anything.