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  1. In the underbelly of London, thieves, dealers, whores, and murderers, all prowl in the shadows of the night longing for just one sweet taste of the most sinful pleasures the city has to offer. Predators hunting for prey. Demons searching for souls. Sinners seeking corruption. The songs of the outcasts echo through the silence of the darkness. Moaning of the prostitutes, screams of the soon to be deceased, pleading of the beggars, and the chilling laughs of the mad, all in the most hauntingly beautiful harmony beneath the soft moonlight. Drunks stumble out of the bars, hypnotized by the cheap fragrance of alcohol on the breath of a whore. By day, the streets were crowded with innocent civilians taking a stroll through the breathtaking city, but by night, the alleyways and crevasses between the buildings housed the nocturnal revelers of sin.

    Nestled into one of the crevasses of the endless catacombs of corruption known as London, behind the most humble of worn-down doorways lies a spectacle unlike any other. The tavern known only as the Ninth Ring. Angels, demons, and everything in between can satisfy whatever it is they thirst for in the hallowed halls of the mystical tavern. Whatever it is you crave, whatever answers you seek, here you will find exactly what you need.

    1. All Iwaku rules apply

    2. No god-modding please

    3. NSFW is permitted but please tag and keep it private.

    4. Fighting is allowed, but no killing without consent.

    5. Have fun and enjoy, just don't be a dickweasel.




    DJs/Band/Musical entertainment:
    • Quarl Lrauq- Violinist

    Featured Acts:
    • Ciel Robynne- Human, can-can dancer.

    Special guests:
    • Marlena Prynne- Aristocratic demon
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  2. Name - Quarl Lrauq
    Age - 21
    Gender - Male
    Species - GMO Human
    Role - Musician ( Violinist )



    Quarl had been playing violin since his early childhood, already advancing into compositions that could only be considered intermediate at 11, even so, he wasn't good enough. He wanted mor- needed more. He knew he would never be satisfied with his current ability, so when a group of scientists proclaimed they could enhance music playing he basically pleaded to be tested. In the end it worked, kind of. His playing had improved, but he lost his sight. Eventually he no longer needed supervision because of an ability : Echolocation, like a bat or submarine he uses sound to see. Being able to form a mental picture of things by how sound interacts with them. This helps him manoeuvre around but has certain limits in depth and convenience, he wouldn't be able to distinguish colours or ' see ' properly in really big areas.
  3. @Daspro Accepted! Feel free to post a starter in the IC thread :)
  4. Do you have a CS that you want filled out or shall I just use Daspro's as a refrence?
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