Welcome to the Mythos Area!

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  1. This particular section is for DISCUSSING all things IWAKU MYTHOS. Be it the original canons from the founding days of Iwaku, current generations, or even brand new ideas. The great thing about the Mythos is that it reflects us, Iwaku. Past, present and future. In a wide variety of different stories and styles! You are also allowed to showcase Mythos content and develop settings.

    Here is a quick guide to the PREFIXES in this section:

    DISCUSSION: A discussion topic about general Mythos things.

    INTEREST CHECK: Checking to see if someone will be interested in your Mythos idea.

    PLOTTING: Working together to create a Mythos idea.

    RP AD: Advertising your Mythos roleplay.

    ART: Showcasing Mythos art.

    COMIC: Mythos comic strips or pages.

    STORY: Showcasing Mythos setting stories.

    WORLD SHOWCASE: Showcasing your Mythos world designs.

    CLASSIC IWAKU: Discussions related to the original generation Mythos, including the Admin Wars and Iwaku World roleplays.

    AZAZEL: Discussions related to the AZAZAL Mythos setting.

    DARK REIGN: Discussions related to the DARK REIGN Mythos setting.

    SHATTERED: Discussions related to the SHATTERED Mythos setting.

    IWAKUTSUKI: Discussions related to the IWAKUTSUKI Mythos setting.

    VAULT WAR: Discussions related to the VAULT WAR Mythos setting.

    CRIMSON SOUL: Discussions related to the CRIMSON SOUL Mythos setting.