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  1. A harsh tundra landscape, with wind pushing snow into large drifts as the sun leaked its orange rays upon the environment, casting shadows from every snow bank and dead tree. This was a rough place to be, secluded, away from the world. It made it the perfect place for an event...a meeting of the 5 greatest leaders in the Shinobi world. The wasteland of snow was dotted with hidden guards, standing watch in preparation for a top secret summit of the 5 Kage. The meeting was to be held in Yukigakure, a village hardly known and small, along with its seclusion, made it the target for the meeting. This was met with open arms from the village leader of Yukigakure. It was a couple days before the actual meeting, and it was about time for some to start rolling into town.

    Snow crunched somewhat loudly, under the feet of three figures approaching in the distance. A guard narrowed his eyes, attempting to focus on the three figures...It was then made apparent exactly who they was, or at least one was...A white and red hat, baring the kanji of fire, rest in the hand of the middle figure to his side. It was the Hokage of Konohagakure, as well as his guards. The guards stood to either side of the Hokage, a blue haired female who's face would be obscured by a cat mask, and a tall long black hair'd man who's face was equally obscured by a wolf mask. Clearly both ANBU. The tall male suddenly disappeared from the guard's sight in a simple blur of speed, causing the Yuki-nin to look around in a bit of a panic...only finding himself face to face with the wolf masked ANBU, where he could have easily taken the man out. Kamoku, the tall long black haired man, tilted his head a bit looking at the Yukigakure shinobi posed with standing guard for the village. "...You should probably be on better alert with the Kage's coming here." he warned the random shinobi, "would you go ahead and let your village leader know we have arrived..." added the tall male, only getting a slow nod before the other shinobi ran off towards the village. By then, the Hokage and the other should have caught up to where Kamoku was.

    He was dressed in a black cloak, with his signature white Wolf mask with red markings. Kamoku would pull his hood up over his head, covering his long black hair within. Under his cloak was a fairly normal ANBU outfit, black underclothes with a white vest, no sleeves, with a headband covering a tattoo on his right arm, that of the Black Lightning mark usually given only to very special people from Kumo, which made it odd for him to have it...There was a reason behind that. Speaking of which...

    Snow once again crunched under the feet of others, three more figures appeared in the distance. As they neared, their shapes became apparent--one short and rather frail looking girl wearing glasses, a skinny tall man bluntly wearing a Kage hat, and another tall and hulking, dark skinned man to his side. The Kanji for Lightning could be seen on his white and yellow cap, as they got closer...The Raikage, Reido. Kamoku held up, looking at the three, as the Hokage went on towards the village to get settled in. He even dropped a hand onto the blue haired girl's shoulder to hold her up as well, seeing as the Hokage would be fine from there to the village. Suddenly the raikage lifted his head up, and a smirk moved across the rather young Kage's face. "Your mask doesn't hide who you are at all Kamoku..." he yelled out at the Wolf masked man. Kamoku sighed deeply, removing his mask to reveal his bright, pupilless red eyes, one baring a vertical scar over it. "...And you're just as loud as ever Reido." Kamoku replied, as the Raikage approached and 'fist bumped' his old friend. Reido's two gaurds came up with him, the female in glasses adding a quick 'We need to get into town ASAP.', prompting a sigh from the lazy Raikage. "Guess I'll see you around...duty calls." he said, a hint of an attitude in his voice, and with that the pink eye'd Raikage would step past Kamoku, following the steps the Hokage had taken moments before. Kamoku looked to the blue haired female he'd held up, "So...I guess we should get to the village to then?"

    Reido and his two guards made it into the village not only a couple moments later, greeted by a rather decently sized village with a thriving market, which came at a shock seeing as this was such a small village as far as the Kage's was concerned. The pink eye'd male pulled his hat off and hung it at his side, sighing. The female that accompanied him grabbed up the man of power by his ear, tugging him along to where they had to go, shaking her head the whole way and spewing on about how he needed to be more Kage-like. The Kage's would be staying in a local clan's house, which...was about the size of the Hyuuga's compound, much more then just a home...Basically, the home being an entire sector of the village.
  2. Her eyes gazed upon all the surroundings around her. She watched as the long, black haired male, approached the guard of the village. She rolled her eyes under the cat mask. Sometimes she didn't understand why he had to judge every guard that messed up once. She thought it to be rude. She walked along side the Hokage, listening closely to the crunching of the snow. She walked passed the black haired male and sighed, "Why must you be so difficult?" She asked him. Annoyance in her voice. Right now, her hyperness hadn't settled in. She was cold, and tired from the long travel. She wanted to get to her room, and go to bed. She glanced at the Hokage, giving him a nod when he claimed he would be alright. She stood there waiting for the black haired male to get his act straight. She pulled the cloak she was wearing, wrapping it tightly around her body. She shook the snow from her blue hair and looked down at the ground. Right now, she was wishing she had layer up on clothing.

    Her eyes darted up as another Kage showed up. Se moved out of the way, more towards the black haired male. She bowed respectfully to the Kage, and stood straight after he passed. She yawned from under the mask, and kept watch until the guard should return. She crossed her arms around her body, to keep herself warm, "Damn, I hate the cold weather." She complained, and sneezed. She sweat dropped in embarrassment. ANBU didn't normally get sick, and here she was, freezing her tail off in the cold scenery, sneezing, and infecting the whole area with her germs. She disliked germs. She needed to stop complaining, and worry about the mission. Stand guard for the village of the Snow, with all the Kage's inside. If anything were to happen, it wouldn't be the guards fault. The long haired male told him to inform the village leader they were here. It was their fault, the ANBU of the Leaf. She hated having pressure fall completely on her. She never stood watch in their village. She was only called upon to watch over and escort the Kage, unless an enemy attack came, and she was put on the battle field to fight.

    In the distance, a white and green hat with the kanji for 'sand' was seen through the snow storm. Bells had been added so you could hear the approaching Kage. This Kage was different then the rest of them. This Kage, was Female. To add more to that, she held the greatest and most powerful village in the shinobi the world. Their ANBU, Treasury, and schooling were the best, and most brutal. Their leader, having a good heart to run the village accordingly. Her long red hair danced behind her in the snow. The snow making the red, brighter then it normally was. She looked up at the village gate with her red eyes. The two guards at her side, were actually puppets, disguised as human shinobi. They were able to speak, with animation jutsu. Though, she still had to manipulate them with chakra strings. It always worked. She wanted all her shinobi and ANBU there at the village, incase if anyone wanted to attack, and destroy the village, all hands on deck would be battling, while she was away, and she wouldn't worry.

    She walked past the two Konoha ANBU, and was bowed to, She nodded and entered the village of snow. She took her hat off and looked around at the buildings in the distance. She smiled, and laughed happily, "This is going to be great." She dusted the snow off the Kage hat, then put it back on. She walked down the path into the village, then saw him. She squinted her eyes, before smiling softly, "Well now. Isn't is Reido? Long time no see Mr. Lazy." She closed her eyes with a smile, then without realizing, didn't notice he didn't hear her, and was being dragged away. She sweat dropped at her stupidity. She needed to be more loud and verbal. She sighed softly to herself and looked at the puppet guard to her left, "He didn't hear me, did he?" She asked. The puppet looked at her and responded, "I wouldn't know Miss." That only made her roll her eyes, "Of course not. You're a puppet." She walked along the path following the Raikage and his guards.
  3. The ANBU captain found himself being scolded by the blue haired girl, who although was his underling as an ANBU, she was older then the captain..maybe she wasn't the only one to have the comical sweatdrop moment. She'd go on to say something about the weather, he did agree, but at the same time was used to winter conditions--Kamoku's favorite hideaway to train was in the mountains. Once he heard a sneeze, he glanced at her. "Not catching a cold, are ya' Akane?" Kamoku said to her, a smirk growing on his features. It was then even more footsteps approaching caught Kamoku's ear, making it burn. He turned to see another set of figures, his non-blind eye being able to make out the Kanji as the fire-haired Kazekage approached. "Kazekage-Sama." he said as he gave a bow to the Kage as she passed. As her 'guards' went with her, the sharp eye'd shinobi take note they was simply puppets, a slip of a chakra string and a small 'clank' sound as they walked, however discreet it was.

    Once she was by, the shinobi glanced to Akane. It was about this time the same guard from before bounded over the gate and across the field to where they was. He'd inform them that all the Kage had arrived safely, the Kazekage being the last to show up, Tsuchikage and Mizukage already having been there. Kamoku looked back over to Akane, "Come on lets get into the village...you seem cold, we can go to where we are staying and get warm." he said, motioning for her to come with him as he did a few leaps, bounding to the village gates and landing atop of them. Kamoku's red eyes--only the right one working, looked across the village...was bigger then he thought. It was right about the time Reido was being dragged off by his assistant, causing Kamoku to have to hold back a chuckle for his friend.

    Reido's sharp hearing did allow him to hear a very familiar voice, and it took him a moment to plead with his assistant to let go of his ear. Finally escaping her grasp the man turned on his heel, and his pink hues landed upon the Kazekage, the black and red haired man smiling. "So I'm Mr. Lazy now? Last I knew, I was the Raikage." he said to the redhead. His assistant had enough of Reido's antics, threw her arms up while rolling her eyes and walking off into the building. Reido scratched the back of his head noticing her storm off, "She's always so uptight about me doing my duties...And what have you been into, lovely lady? Hope you haven't put Suna into the dirt yet," the pink hue'd man would say with a confident tone in his voice, a snicker coming as he let his gaze meet her scarlet hues. Her eyes being red, it reminded him of his own jutsu that turned his eyes black and red, but also piqued his interest with her. They had to be the two youngest Kage there, which may have helped them become friends over the past few years of leading their distinct villages.

    About this time Kamoku would land on the roof of the place they'd be staying, a large mansion of a home with a large inner courtyard. He dropped into the courtyard, unsettling a person who was cleaning the floors of the walkways, not expecting him to drop in. The room arrangements made was for the Kage's to have their own private rooms, and the guards to stay in another room next to the Kage's. The man stepped through the snowy open courtyard and onto the walkway, making his way to the room he knew was assigned to the Hokage's gaurds, and going in. There, he'd place his hand into a seal, tiger to be exact, and mumbled. "Ash pile burning.", with that he blew a cloud of ash at the logs of a fireplace, and with a small spark generated by his Lightning based chakra, it ignited the logs entirely, a big warm fire coming to life. He did that for his teammate, as she seemed cold...He'd sigh, walking back to the entrance of the room while he removed his hood and mask, leaning against the door frame, closing his eyes and crossing his arms.
  4. Akane grumbled in an irritated manner, "Kamoku! Wait up!" She sighed desperately and took off after him. Jumping on anything she could that would send her faster She tried to keep up with her teammate. She saw him stop at he inn they would be staying at. She landed at the gate, and wrapped her cloak around herself tightly. She bowed to the lady at the front desk, and made her way to the elevator. She wasn't going to do it like him. She was tired and ready to rest. She pressed the button to the second floor, and watched the doors close. As she waited for the elevator to reach her destination, she hummed along to the annoying elevator music. The doors opened when they reached the second floor, and she walked out into the hallway. She looked around, then saw Kamoku standing in the door way to their room. She gave a small smile and walked over. She slipped right past him, and felt the warmth of the room. She took her mask off and breathed in the smell of the burning wood, "Thank you for starting the fire." She spoke softly, then took her cloak off. She looked around the room, at all the furniture, and the two beds split by a table. She noticed a painting of the five nation symbols right in the middle of the two beds and thought it nice. She glanced back over to the door way and found him not looking.
    She walked over to the closet and opened the door. She found one male kimono and one female kimono. She took the female one down, and noticed that it was short, and not long. Her eye twitched at this. 'The owner of this inn must be a male. How pathetic. At least one person will get some joy from this.' She thought to herself. She walked over to her bed and laid the outfit down. She took off her ANBU vest, and laid it down beside the dress. She looked back at Kamoku, who didn't seem to be paying attention, then took off the black under suit. She was left in her underwear, then slipped the kimono on. It was black, with pink flowers on it, and a pink cloth rope that went around the waist. The sleeves were long, but it only went down to her knees. She wanted to cry at how embarrassed she felt. She looked over at the fire then walked over to it. She sat down on the floor, and moved close to it, warming herself up. She coughed a little and hugged herself. She was glad that the journey here was finally over, and she gets a night in peace before going back out there. She would be warm tonight. Akane watched the flames flicker about, as they ate at the logs. She enjoyed that Kamoku had the fire abilities, and she had the water. It made for a good team.
    Before she had come to the Leaf all those years ago, by herself. She had been living in the land of the waterfall. It was a peaceful village, but they resented all shinobi. Since her father had the genes of a shinobi, she inherited them. The became good at manipulating water. The village people hated her for it. Even her own parents hated her once they found out, and they sent her away. She didn't mind though. She was happy about it. She thought it pointless to be hidden behind a waterfall her entire life. So she went on her way. It took her seven months to finally find the land of the leafs. She found it a beautiful place, and went to the academy to train. She came back with scores to be a leader, but that wasn't what she wanted. She wanted to be more. Stronger. She joined the ANBU, and met a guy she would call family. That would be Kamoku. He was there for her when she needed someone to talk to, or if she got home sick. They grew up together, even if she was older. They fought along side one another, and were both positioned as the Hokage's body guard, for being able to work so well together. She liked that about him. Though, there was a lot she didn't know about him, and there was a lot he didn't know about her.
    Taciko smiled at Reido's compliment. She nodded her head and gave a small giggle of happiness, "No, the sand is still but only covered in dirt. Not brought down yet. You should be more worried about your village, seeing they have a leader who likes to stay in bed an hour after their alarm clock goes off, while making music with the sounds of the buzzing and ringing." She shook her head. She thought she knew him all too well. His habits, and his strength. She wanted to know the truth behind him, and why he was the way he was. The wind picked up a little, and it blew her hair into her face. She swatted her hand up to remove her hair, but the wind ended up trying to take her hat away, "For heavens sake!" She grabbed her Kage hat and sighed in frustration. She put it on, forgetting about the hair that was in her face. During all the mishap, her puppets fell to the ground, and the sand on their body parts started slipping away, since the chakra wasn't being focused on. When she noticed, she let out a cry of frustration, "Maybe my village will turn to dirt after all." She continued on with his joke. She didn't find it the least bit funny, but it was the only thing to get her from yelling at the puppets on the ground, for something that was only but the winds fault.
  5. Kamoku was a complex person, and did at times slip into deep thought and mostly ignore the world around him. When Akane came up to the room and slipped past him, he didn't even really notice--he did, but didn't open his eyes or leave his thoughts. A moment later he was thanked for starting the fire, again it registered, and started to bring him from his thoughts. He happened to open his one working eye and might have caught a bit more of Akane then she ever wanted him to see, the male quickly just shutting his eye and acting like he saw nothing...But couldn't effectively hide a small blush creeping across the bridge of his nose and cheeks from what he seen. Hopefully she didn't notice his blushing. The young man had known her for a while, having graduated around the same time despite her being a year older then him, due to his high grades within the Academy. They had been put on separate teams as Genin, Kamoku served with his teammates for a couple of years, until an event happened...Akane didn't know anything about it really, but one of Kamoku's teammates had lost their life, and he had to deal with the impact of it, including the fact he could have stopped it...this always plagued his mind, and changed him a lot growing up. This was also the origin of his scar and being blind in that eye...a Katana shoved through his team mate Yuki's heart, out her back, and into his eye trying to save her. If Akane ever paid enough attention, she'd probably notice Kamoku always seems a bit sad when in the snow...

    He waited a few moments before he pushed himself from the door frame, dropping his arms and walking into the room. He seen her now in the short Kimono, sitting close to the fire to warm up. He knew her enough that he figured she didn't like the shortness of her Kimono, and prompted him to try to get to her with it. "Hmm...That kimono really shows off your figure. Wear more stuff like that, you're gonna get some more attention" he said as he walked by, trying to hide a smirk while going over to what would be his bed. He removed his cloak, revealing the ANBU outfit and his weapon beneath. He had a couple tattoos that this revealed, of course the mark of an ANBU on his left arm, and on his right, the symbol given to Kumogakure's Black Lightning user...who at the time, is Reido...wonder how Kamoku got that.

    The man hung up his cloak, then removed the hilt-less, straight edged Chokuto style sword from its place parallel to the ground on his lower back, placing the weapon on the bed. The young man sighed, and walked back over to where Akane was, and plopping down next to her by the fire place. His crimson gaze peered into the fire, the flames able to be seen bouncing in the reflection of his hues. He seemed to have gone back into one of his thinking phases again, but something seemed to be bothering him. Eventually he huffed a sigh, placing his elbow on his knee and resting his head into the palm of his hand, supporting his head with his arm, causing his hair to fall into his face as he thought. 'I don't understand why I was picked to come on this mission...I'm not good at protecting people...'

    Reido couldn't help but chuckle as Taciko seemed to fall apart right infront of his eyes, first almost losing her hat the wind, then letting her, now very apparent, Puppets fall. "Looks like Suna is in greeeaaat hands." he joked, again with a chuckle. He'd stop after a moment and offer the woman his hand, suddenly like a gentlemen. "Come on, lets get inside and out of this cold weather. Don't need the wind to sweep you off your feet, thats my job." he said with a confident smile, ready to lead the kazekage inside the place.

    Unknowingly to them, off in the distance, having just eliminated 2 Yukigakure shinobi who tried to catch him, was a tall red haired man, shrouded in a black cloak, and he was eyeing the village, planning his next step...It was Kurai, older brother of Reido, and a high ranking member of the S-Class criminal organization, Karasu. He watched like a hawk, spotting out any guards, where they was, where they was looking...The man disappeared about as soon as he appeared, off to continue his planning...He's be ready to strike when the time was right, but that wouldn't be tonight.
  6. Akane's right eye started twitching at his remark as she glared at him, "Asshole." She mumbled. She crossed her arms and pulled her legs up, then wrapped her arms around them. She sighed softly as she closed her eyes. She listened to him taking off his cloak, and weapons. When she didn't hear him moving anymore, she opened her eyes and gazed into the fire. Then she felt him, sit beside her. She looked over at him, and took in his appearance. Her head turned to look into the fire, as she pondered on something. She couldn't help but think something was completely off about the whole mission, like it wasn't just a protecting mission. When ever she looked into fire, it always moved to the left, flicking its tails. This fire was moving to the right, dancing almost. She couldn't help but think. Flames danced when they were angry, and flicked when they were happy. Why were the flames not happy? They appeared to want to burn the whole place down, to get everyone that was inside, to the outside coldness. No one deserves to be warm, she could hear it. This sent a chill down her spin.

    "Kamoku...why did we even come on this mission if we knew it was going to be too much to handle, even if we are ANBU?" She looked over at the blacked haired man. Her brown hues sparkling, and reflecting the light of the flames off towards him. She seemed so innocent sitting there. No harm having come to her yet. Her hand moved up and touched his tattoo from Kumogakure, as she fingered her ANBU tattoo, placed on her outer thigh. She noticed his hair, and moved her hand up to brush it back behind his ear. She took in all his features. She touched his scar gently, then found herself quickly moving away. She stood up.

    "Nevermind...There wont ever be a good answer to please me. Don't stay up too late. We have work in the morning." She spoke softly to him, almost like an abused mother would speak to her whimpering child, to help calm it down. She walked carefully to the bed she claimed as hers, and removed the clothing that was there. She placed them gently on the floor, then moved quickly into the bed for warmth. She cuddled herself under the sheets, and curled into a ball. Nice and warm. She looked into the fire a little longer, then slowly drifted off into sleep. The only thing on her mind before falling into slumber, was what tomorrow might hold, and if she was going to like it.

    Taciko was so embarressed, a light blush came across her cheeks as she noticed his hand out for her. She smiled nervously at him, and laughed a little. She took a scroll out, and put the summoned the puppets back, and sealed them away until tomorrow. She placed the scrolls into a pocket, then took his hand, "You're very funny. No one shall take me off my feet, unless they can kill an entire village." She looked to the side, rolling her eyes. 'Idiot! Boys don't like that sense of humor! Only Suna ones do! Do you see any here?!' Mentally, she was hitting her head against a wall a million times, but on the outside, she just looked back to him, and smiled gently at him, "Thank you. I guess this means you'll be escorting me to my room, and not leaving me half way like last time?" She tilted her head, remembering the last Kage Summit meeting, when he was suppose to take her to her room. He asked her a question, and she was talking, not noticing he had slipped behind her. When she reached the door to her room, and turned around to thank him, he wasn't even there. That really ticked her off.
  7. Kamoku's mind has begun racing in a short time, but it would be shattered and him returning from his mind upon the feeling Akane's touch against his upper arm, his tattoo a mark of forbidden jutsu. He even caught a breathe upon this reaction, but remained still. A moment later his eyes popped open, about the time she'd suddenly stand up after her rather off question. Kamoku looked up to the bluenette, she had suddenly changed her actions, and scurried off to her bed. The young shinobi sighed and looked back to the fire for a moment, before standing up probably about the time she was beginning to close her eyes and drift off, her likely seeing him as he stepped to the door, stopping to take a moment to give his answer to what she asked, weither she heard it or not. "ANBU are picked for missions by the Hokage himself, what we're tasked to do, he fully believes we can handle...No matter what...We can handle anything." and with that mumble, he slipped out the door of the room...What was the Konoha nin doing?

    The black and red haired Raikage would watch as she tucked away her toys. the two puppets. It sort of dawned on him, if those was puppets, she came alone...He contemplated why she'd take that risk. He'd gently take her hand and smile, showing her inside of the building--instant warmth once they entered the doors, a large fire place roaring in the entry hall. This was about the time she'd bring up the last Meeting...Reido faced her and scratched the back of his head suddenly, "well, you seeee....I had this thing...I had to do...yeah." he quickly came up with...Or, did he? Maybe there was truth in his words, she just didn't know it. He dropped the nervous look though, and again gave her a smile. "Yes, for a Lady of your renown, I can escort you to your room...especially since you did fail to bring guards with you. Pretty risky. But don't worry, I'm here." he said, giving a wink even while he had to force back laughing. But then again he was serious...or...was he...Reido was a tough one to read, he was lazy yet so dedicated to the village and his training as well. The Raikage would show the lady of the Sand down a hall that lead to the courtyard in the center of the building space. His ears would burn though, the sound of another. He turned to see Kamoku stepping out of the door of where him and Akane was staying, coming out not to far infront of Reido and Taciko. Upon seeing he was spotted, Kamoku--being credited as possibly the fastest shinobi from Konoha, seemed to almost fade into non-existance in front of both the Kage's eyes. Reido blinked, looking back to Taciko. "That was odd..." he mentioned.

    Kamoku landed on a rooftop several blocks away from the place they was staying, and he looked out over the village hidden in the snow...It was late, the thriving market had died down to only a couple shop owners, cleaning up while closing. The shinobi took a few more large bounds, and made his way to the gate of the village, landing atop of it...He'd sit down, this time looking out at the moon, crimson hues lit brightly by the moonlight, the cold wind searing his uncloaked skin with a cold burn. Off in the far distance on a cliffside overlooking the village, the dark cloaked figure who'd been keeping an eye over the entire village. Sharp pink hues glared across the village, picking out every detail, even as far as being able to see both his brother and the Kazekage in the courtyard of the large structure.

    "...The Konoha guards are scattered...Two of the 5 Kage are out in the open...One seems to not have brought any extra protection...And Yukigakure's defenses are doing a guard shift change, leaving only 3 watching the entire village at this moment..." the deep voiced Kurai spoke to himself, his eyes narrowed in almost anger towards his younger brother in the far distance. "Seems now is a better time then ever...don't you think?" said the man, looking over his shoulder...to another cloaked figure, who almost seemed to simply appear from the shadows. This cloaked figure removed his hood, revealing shiny silver hair, falling in gentle locks around a very young face...This couldn't have been much more then a boy, why was he with Kurai, a known murderer? "Soon...." replied the silver haired male. Kurai turned back from looking at his teammate, and smirked looking over the village. Plans may have changed.

    About this time, Reido would be getting Taciko to her room, approaching the door, he'd slide it open for her. The Kage glanced inside and realized, no fire was going...His eye twitched, and he sighed. He looked back to her, "I guess they thought you'd love to just be cold all night...Or had another way of keeping warm"
  8. Akane didn't bother responding. She was already asleep by the time he left. The long day had really warn her out. She was curled up, and tucked so gently under the covers, it seemed like she was freezing to death. The only sound in the room now would be the flicker of the fire, and the soft breathing of the young girl. She didn't realize her teammate had left the room without telling her first. Bad move on his part. She'll find out soon enough, and he'll be in big trouble. She always got nervous staying in a unfamiliar place, sleeping in a room alone. She never knew what dangers were going to happen. It was likely anyone at any point could come in and do whatever they wanted to her, if they were careful enough. Most those creeps were quiet enough though. They always get ahead of themselves, and mess the whole thing up.

    Her dream was a little off putting. Taking place in a small house out on the edge of the Konoha. Two kids were running arounf outside, laughing, having fun. One seemed slightly older then the other. Not to mention, they were both boys. The mother had stepped outside and called for the boys to come in. They begged their mother to let them stay outside a little longer, and of course, being a former shinobi mother, she gave in. The little boys continued to play, but the oldest one finally made his move. He told his brother that they should go explore the forest. The defenseless younger one cheered at that, and took off into the dense woods. The older one following. The mother had looked outside to check on her boys, and noticed neither one in the yard. Quickly she ran outside. She called their names out. That of which Akane didn't understand. She was there too, as a ghost in the yard, watching all this. Akane pointed to the forest, and woman ran that direction. She followed. The mother ran, yelling her childrens names. She was frantic to find them, saying it was her fault for giving into them. Then she stopped. The forest before her seemed to part into a large opening. The older boy was sitting on the ground, the younger boy was pinned to a tree with kunai, his torso cut open, and his organs spilling out. Akane's dream self took a step back from the scene, as the mother juststood there, emptiness on her face. She was looking at her oldest son who was drenched in blood. He was weeping, like he had witnessed someone else to this horrable deed. But Akane knew the boy was the one who did it.

    Taciko shook her head as she walked along side him, "I had a good reason for coming alone. Better the Kazekage die then her village. More guards there are over there, the better. There are several Kage guards here anyways. If anything, they can come to my side at anytime under the order of their Kage. Unless one of them had a reason to want me to die. I wouldn't see why, most of the villages are becoming allias with mine when they see I mean no harm to them." the red head explained. She looked over at the double colored hair male and gave him a smile. She had noticed that male, the Konoha shinobi, she figured he was listening in, she her guards went up. Her eyes glanced around for him. Sand slowly seeped out of her cloak and onto the ground. It was only a little so any person would think it was from something else. The sand turned into a desert snake, and it followed the smell of the Konoha chakra.

    Taciko stood at the door as he opened it, noticing the fire wasn't going. She bit her lip and sighed softly, "Guess so..." She laughed a little, "I'm sure I'll find a way to get the fire going. If not, there is two beds. I'll take the sheets off that bed and use them." She let his hand go and placed a friendly kiss on his cheek, "Goodnight, Reido." Her smile more gentle and warm. She slipped into her room, then shut the door behind her. She leaned against the door for a moment as her eyes glared the room, making it seem warm in there. She walked in and started taking things off. She went to the closet and found the kimono's. She saw the female one and frowned, then put the male one on instead. She walked over to the bed all her things were on, and grabbed a few scrolls out. She took them to the bed she would be sleeping in, and sat down. Planning was about to begin.
  9. The young Raikage had not even noticed the female 'drop her sand' that'd end up turning into a snake of sand, and following after his buddy who'd just taken off randomly. He looked over to the red haired Kage, "I'm sure you'll be fine here honestly...Bringing some extra hand would have been nice but honestly Konoha brought most any of us would need. That ANBU who just left, he's a buddy of mine. I've even taught him a few moves I doooon't think my assistant would be to happy about if she knew. Also can't imagine his teammate is weak, they have a strong force. Plus I brought one of my best men with me...And even my assistant may kick some ass, she looks frail but she's a mighty genjutsu user." he'd take a sec to poke her side with his elbow. "We're pretty safe." he'd finish with.

    They had made it to her room and she'd do something that caught the pink hue'd man off guard, the kiss upon his cheek before she slipped into the room actually stunned Reido. It took him a moment to reply back with his own "Goodnight, Taciko-chan." he'd say through the door, before she had fully walked off into her room. The Raikage turned on his heel and headed off towards his own room, a little ways down the hall. Just then his assistant slipped out of the shadows right infront of him. "To busy flirting with the Kazekage instead of doing your job." Reido's female assistant nagged. The Raikage sighed, then smiled. "Is someone jealous?" "I am not!" she replied, her face getting red. She huffed and stormed off down to the next doorway, where her and the other Kumo-nin was staying. Reido snickered and slipped into his room to prepare for bed.

    Kamoku sat up atop the gates of the village for a while, the cold air starting to make his body turn red in spots like his nose and fingertips. He finally stood up, and sighed--biting his thumb to break the skin, he'd push his hand down ontop of the gate, and with a poof of smoke...a rather small summon appeared. It was an odd summon, instead of what most would get--some oversized animal, his summon stood on 2 feet, and looked human!...Almost. It was what appeared to be a young girl, maybe 13 in age, sporting a set of wolf ears and a matching tail. She was dressed in a white and red kimono. This was Kamoku's summon, 'Shi', but she wasn't as she'd first appear...In fact Shi was a 1000 year old Wolf Spirit, with a split personality. Shiro, a sweet, kind hearted girl, matching how she appeared, and Shinku, a cold hearted, merciless killer. She'd adorn a mask that covered her face when she flipped from one personality to the other. No mask, and smiling bright...one could tell it was the light hearted side of Shi. "Shiro, I'm going to need your help making sure everything goes smoothly for the next 36 hours, I already know one of the Kage did not bring any security, and if something happens, we may need more hands on deck." Kamoku explained to the wolf spirit. She smiled back at him and nodded, and with that, poofed into a cloud of smoke, disappearing from site. Most likely, Taciko's snake had heard this conversation, not that it was anything that needed to be hidden. Kamoku took a breath and let himself fall limply backwards off the gate, spinning to land on his feet--and once he did, quickly bursting his way back to the home. The shinobi came to the courtyard and quietly slipped back into him and Akane's room. He'd step over, seeing her fully asleep...The young man stepped over to his bed, and tugged off his ANBU vest and undershirt, leaving him in only his long black pants, even removing the kunai pouch from his leg before he laid back onto his bed...There he'd stare up at the ceiling--it'd take a couple hours before he actually fell asleep.

    Eventually morning came, sunlight peered over the snow capped village. Already, shinobi was moving about the streets, and not much was really going on. Narrow pink eye's also peered over the village, that of Kurai and his teammate both still on their perch above town, seemingly out of sight of the villagers. They just seemed to be biding their time. With a somewhat loud yawn, and a stretch, the Raikage awoke. He squirmed a bit in his bed, stretching more...until it landed the highly ranked ninja flat on his head, having fallen right off the bed and onto the floor, with a thud...Anyone who may had been watching this unfold would likely have quite a laugh.
  10. Shiro woke up with a yawn. She forced herself to sit up. Her head was pounding. 'What was with that dream? It was...strange...' she thought to herself. She looked over to see Kamuko was already up. That didn't surprise her at all. She allowed her eyes to close as she sat there in the bed, thinking if she actually wanted to get up. She knew she had to, but she hated it. In the end, she got up and grabbed her clothing. She went to the bathroom that the room came with. She changed into her clothing, and looked at herself in the mirror. She sighed softly, and washed her face with warm water and soap. That only made her sneeze, then groan. Not a good sign.

    She heard him speak and nodded slightly as she came out of the bathroom, "I'm sure everything will be fine. It's pointless to waste your time on kage's who are all stronger against an enemy once put all together. common sense. If I was an enemy, I would take them out one by one in their own villages. Not all at once." She shrugged and started to gather all her things, such as weapons and pouches. She attached all the pouches to her legs and nodded once she thought that she had everything that she could need.

    Taciko had stayed up all night reading over her scrolls and writing up plans for her village. She wasn't too worried about getting sleep. The meeting shouldn't last that long. She even took the liberty to fix her puppets up that she planned to use as body guards. The whole time she was cursing at Reido for allowing her to let her guard down. It was his fault anyways. In a way, she was kinda of glad he was the only one who knew she didn't have body guards with her, at least she thought anyways.

    She go up from the bed and took the kimono off. She put on her clothing, and looked around for a jacket someone may have left in there. That came up with nothing. She sighed and shrugged it off. She gave up looking and went to the mirror. She had forgotten her hair brush, so she just used her hand to string through her red hair. It still looked good, so she didn't care. She just gave up on getting ready and went to the bed. She pulled a sheet off, wrapped herself up in the cloak she came here with, then wrapped up in the blanket. She took out her scrolls, and summoned two puppets. Using a transformation jutsu, they turned into replica's of Suna shinobi, and she left the room she was staying in. Walking down the path, she decided it was best to go see if Reido was up, and they could head over together. She started walking for his room, but noticed him through the window. She blinked at what she say. He fell right out of bed. That made her cover her mouth quickly, then burst into laughter. She knew it was wrong to laugh at people, but it was just too funny.
  11. His ears burned, an echo of laugher passing through the window. He glared at the Suna-nin. Reido sighed and picked himself up, the young man coming over and opening the window, leaning over and hanging onto the bottom of the window. "So you're up early..." he said, eyes still narrowed from her laughing at him. He glanced at her two 'guards', leaning out the window and poking one of the puppets. "...I'm not sure you're gonna fool anyone, Lady Kazekage." he said with a snicker.

    Kamoku's eyes peered open upon hearing Akane's footsteps on the wooden floor, and he sat up in his bed. He stretched his arms forward, cracking his shoulders, elbows, and neck, before getting up. By the time she returned from changing, he'd already gotten his ANBU outfit and weapons put together, only missing his cloak. He glanced at her...He'd noticed she'd been restless most of the night, likely due to her dream, not to mention her sudden running off to bed mid-conversation the night before. "Akane...Something been bugging you? Kinda had me worried lastnight..." he'd say to the girl.
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