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  1. Introduction We all have dreams, we all have desires, and we all have wishes. The question of these wishes is not a matter of what it is, but rather, a matter of just how far you are willing to go to make your fantasy become reality. When given the opportunity, would you abandon your wish for something closer to reality? If the answer is yes, then you do not belong here. My name is Iather, and I am gathering people, but not just anyone will do. My associates and I seek ones who'd chase their dreams to the end of reality and venture on afterwards, traveling into the mysteries of the obscure. We will grant you your wish, but at a cost. I may be a figure of mystery, but I am not one of lies. If you accept our deal, you'll be putting your life in danger, and for a reason many find despicable. We three overseers will watch you for nothing more than our amusement as you and others like you struggle for your lives to pass through a world created by us for our entertainment. But, know that you are no pawn. While the cost is high, you may be granted any wish you desire. Of course, there are things even we cannot do. If you wish to raise the dead or change history itself, you'd be best off studying for years to come. The dead stay dead and the past is untouchable.

    You know our goal, we seek to be entertained, and you know that your very life is at risk, now I need you to make a decision. Will you come this far to see your dreams into reality? Once you agree, I'm afraid I cannot revoke your decision, we will both be bound by the powers that be to fulfill our agreement. Rest assured, this also means I must see your wish be granted should you succeed. comply to our terms and I shall return for you when the time comes and take you away from this world, pulling you into mine. Until that time comes, you may live life as if this encounter never happened. Should you decline and you'll never have to think upon this event again, I will never return. Choose wisely.

    In Character

    Iather, Myujishan, and Argenesis are the overseers of a competition held by the very same. They are also referred to by eachother as the "Arcane Lords" and their influence has reached all corners of every world, though they may not know it. Iather represents death, his body is itself a dust of particles long since freed from his body. He uses his magic to possess others and use their bodies to speak. While most are unharmed by his possession, using the same host for extended periods of time causes the host to decay on the bone, turning the flesh dry and brown, shriveling to hug the bones even tighter. Argenesis represents life, and while he may be old, his body is young. His skin wears no scars and his eyes give a gentle glow of magic power. Though he may look young, he has the most vast amount of power. The third is Myujishan, the most ancient of the Arcane Lords. Myujishan represents reality. His left arm is fully decayed, showing an arm of bare bone while the rest of his body remains covered. A hood and a mask, though the mask covers more than just skin. No holes for eyes, no etches of a nose or lips, just a flat surface to cover his face.

    While all Arcane Lords have the ability to pass between worlds, Iather is the only one capable of taking others with him. As such, Iather is tasked with finding those that would willingly compete in their game. An entire planet crafted by the trio for the entertainment, the Labyrinth Planet. This world was made to be the most complex maze they could conceive as a group, however the first attempts resulted in no victors. The planet was rebuilt until a safe medium was found. Naturally, after every competition is held they reset the planets layout to keep things interesting for themselves. While by its nature it's a labyrinth, it is well disguised. There are no corridors, just a massive layout of various ecosystems placed in a seemingly arbitrary manner. One might find themselves wandering through a desert and find an underground passage into a sky scraper and venture forth into a massive mountain. These setups are intentional and created in an attempt to complicate things for the competitors. A situation where surprise is not at every corner, but the surprises that are found bring questions rather than excitement.

    The goal is to find 3 items hidden within the labyrinth. Whomever is to find 3 Cintamani Stones will be declared a winner. There are a total of 18 of these stones hidden throughout the Labyrinth, however they are not the only items hidden. your character will be starting with no weapons, no armor, and no magic, but there will be armor and weapons stored in various locations. If your character uses magic, however, they will need to find a Kaustubha. As GM I will be regulating the findings of all of these to keep things balanced and make sure one single person does not get a hold of everything they need to become godmode and win immediately, but as players you have the right to get what you need for your character to progress.
    Rules No godmodding/powerplaying/metagaming. This should go without saying.
    Post steadily, but not too fast. Some people, myself included, can't post as fast as others, give everyone time to catch up.
    Violence will be a part of this roleplay, but keep it PG-13
    @Zarrock and @Squee are Co-GM and GM respectively, our words are law.
    Using character tropes are ok, but don't define your character solely off the trope, give them depth.
    You may use a fanon character
    The last sentence of your template must be, "This worlds rules are harsh, but I must obey."
    Character Template Name:

    Alias/Nickname: If applicable.


    Race: If not human, provide a brief description.

    Appearance: Images are ok, but please avoid low detailed anime images if possible. Also, if using an image, provide a description of things not shown such as height.

    Personality: 2 paragraph minimum

    Your Wish:

    Magic: Remember, if your character is a magic user your powers will be locked away at the start, but you will get them back.

    Skills: Any skills your character has. Any of them.

    History: I expect to see a minimum of 4 full length paragraphs, but try not to exceed 8
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  3. Name: Joshua Forbes

    Alias/Nickname: Captain Redshirt James

    Age: 38

    Race: Human

    Appearance: James stands 5'11" tall. His skin is damaged by the sun, but in a way so uniform it would be hard to notice without seeing him with no pants on as even his torso and back wear the damage.

    Personality: James is far from being a nice man, he's really quite brutal. While one wouldn't be wrong saying he enjoys destroying the lives of others, it was never anything he did intentionally. It was just a simple matter of not caring what might become of a mans life when he'd finished doing his business. If his passion happens to take one mans treasure, James does not see it as his problem, albeit his fault. Those that would dare call themselves his enemies would easily find steel going through their organs as he'd quickly gut someone for threatening him. He not only doesn't take kindly to threats, but he gives none either.

    Those that do manage to earn James' trust find themselves to be a member of his crew most times, otherwise as a connection he'll use to his advantage. His respect is a product you must buy, be it with gold or with service. If you don't keep true to this and provide insufficient "payment" then he'll gladly claim his payment on his own. His crew, however, holds a special place in his heart. Manage to convince him you're worth your salt and he'll not only give you his respect, but he also just might treat you with kindness. Speak back against him, however, and he won't hesitate to repay your attitude with his cutlass.

    James is recognized for his red jacket, earning him the title of Redshirt James. Many claim he wears the red to hide blood from his enemies, but that is not true at all. James sees blood as a weakness, gods do not bleed and only a god may earn the respect of the sea. He wears red to hide weakness from his allies. He desperately wants it to be known he is the superior, the top man, and the only one worthy of his title. It's not to be mistaken for a hunger over power, but rather a display of force.

    Your Wish: To return to his world with a new crew housing enough power to place revenge on those that have claimed themselves as his enemy and also hold his rightful place on the top of the world.

    Magic: Captain James was made most notorious for his ability to use water to his advantage. His prowess over water had far more to it than manipulating it. The more water surrounding him, the more powerful he becomes. Liquid water is not the end of what he can access, water held within plant life may also be harnessed by him. It is worth noting that he is able to draw more power from fresh water as well as controlling it with far less effort, and therefor more efficiency. He is capable of separating salt and water, but it takes a lot of time to do so.

    Having spent most of his life at sea, James is capable of handling ropes to do very many useful tasks.
    While skilled at navigation on his home world, he uses the stars, and so a new world will cause complications with this particular skill.
    The nature of his profession demands him to have learned various negotiation skills.
    Tactical planning is important to staying alive and James is more than experienced in this.
    Carpentry, be it fixing a ship or building a house.

    History: Joshua was born in a port town, one frequently visited by privateers who'd make their stay nothing more than a rowdy visit to drink, fight, and buy women's services. As a child, his parents had managed to shelter him from this view of his home, thus putting him under the naive delusion that the world he lived in was a peaceful and prosperous one. Part of the sheltering in question unfortunately meant Josh had too few friends to speak to, it made him rather shy when talking to others. His mother was very close with him while his father was far too busy with his work as governor. His relationship with his mother was all that kept the child from realizing what happened in the world around him.

    However, the attention given to his home by privateers also lead to far more unfortunate company. Privateers had enemies, they were, after all, a hired military force for all purposes, which lead to a lot of hatred from other nations. Pirates were to eventually show up, and when James was 6 one particular crew had arrived, shamelessly and boldly flying their colors before they'd even made shore. Joshuas mother hid him in one of the larger closets while she'd als attempted to hide the various riches within the house with his father. Josh is still unclear of exactly what had happened that night, but he remembers hearing shouting and the sound of flesh being ripped open while he simply cowered in the dark. After some shouting to search the house and even more screaming from another man, though more of a scolding, the light hit Joshuas face as the closet doors opened. Terrified, the boy merely stood there staring with a frozen body, unable to move even if he wanted to. The pirate brought Joshua to the captain, who shared the same voice he had heard scolding the crew. The tall and frightening mad kneeled down to be eye level with Josh and apologized for the death of his parents just to stand back up and scold his crew one last time and following through by personally plunging his cutlass into the killers gut as punishment.

    Joshua didn't know what to do. The captain offered the boy a safe shelter upon his ship and Josh, lacking the stomache to say no, nodded regretfully. This act of bashfulness would be one that would lead to a series of events shaping a new man, one not seen in the child that lived on the land. The captain of this ship had made several attempts to get the name of the boy, but Josh was too shy and terrified to speak. As a result, Captain Whitfield, as he was called, called the boy James, after his own son at shore. One he'd never see again due to the scorn his ex-wife had given him. Captain Whitfield often tried to speak with the boy, but it was very rare James would respond. Eventually, however, when James was 8, the pirate captain decided perhaps it was time to teach the boy how to man the ship, every last part of it. Granted, most of this was due to the crews distaste for feeding a mouth that put no work into the ship. James proved to be obedient and, while at first his skill was lacking, he was able to learn very easily. Manual labor was clearly not above James' capabilities. Knowing this, Captain Whitfield also began to teach the boy how to use magic, and James had very well proven he had the potential to be an accomplished water user, a feature much desired for their field of expertise.

    By age 16, James had learned all of the positions on the ship. He was a master of none, and far from it, but he was an able hand regardless. He'd already experienced a handful of raids, though the crew still treated him like a child. The only one who respected him was Captain Whitfield, who's life would soon come to an unexpected stop. James had seen this man as a father figure, so when it was realized that the captain had been fatally injured by cannon fire from a privateers ship, James was devastated. Before Captain Whitfield died he appointed James to be the next captain despite being only 16 years of age, and it was a decision his crew would not take kindly to.

    Though they now had a captain they could not respect, out of love for Captain Whitfield they did give James a chance. James lead the crew ashore to plan another raid, however his inexperience had reared its ugly head as the raid was a terrible failure. James had been injured terribly by a merchant, a most disgraceful injury given the circumstance. Injured by a man not in a profession where one would be able to use a proper weapon. Leaving empty handed, James and his crew were all but satisfied. Enraged, many of the crew members immediately began a mutiny. James was completely unaware of how to handle such a situation, but he did recall how Captain Whitfield handled disobedient crew. With his steel. Reaching for his old captains cutlass, he slit the throat of one of the mutinous bastards on the spot. As the blade drew across the mans throat, Joshua began to die and from the corpse of the sheltered boy finally grew a man, a man named James. Joshua was no more.

    Though he fancied himself a new man, he'd still forever remember the mocking from his crew at his injury and had associated blood with weakness. If his crew would see him bleed once more then they'd surely treat him as though he were not worthy once again. For this reason, James took up a red jacket, custom made from what riches the crew had left over to be used as payment. His allies would never see him bleed again, he was no longer the child he was when he was taken aboard.

    Over the next 20 years, James would spend his time honing his skills and getting even more powerful with his magic. He had now captained a ship called The Drowning Wench and himself known as the infamous Captain Redshirt James for his iconic custom tailored red captains jacket. Eventually the sight of his jolly roger, a skill with icicles crossed rather than the typical crossbones, would become one of the most feared sights in all the seas, even more frightening than the almighty and mythical Leviathan, even if only because he was real. Unfortunately, with such fame comes the inability to show ones face in public. Many would gladly collect the ransom for his capture, be he dead or alive they'd surely be paid, and a drunken target is one easily dispatched. As a result of this, James and his crew found a small island off the coast far enough to be deemed safe and built a safe haven for his crew, though it would eventually became a place for most pirates that would be considered an ally to James' crew.

    His small settlement would prove to be his undoing, however. A crew of privateers were paid to pose as pirates and find their way into his pirate sanctuary. From there, they were able to pretend to be his allies on a raid and they had their own ship follow his. They'd picked a route untraveled so as to remain a surprise for those on shore. When the privateer crew flagged down James to board for what was dubbed a strategic discussion, the privateers had instantly started to incapacitate the crew, and via the element of surprise, restrain James, who had not had sufficient time to prepare his water spells. What crew of his that did not get taken prisoner had been murdered in front of him in what would be the first time since he was a child that he'd consider himself powerless. The men then took all of his supplies and immobilized the ship, leaving James alive, alone on his pirate ship destined to starve to death with no supplies to repair his ship in a part of the ocean never traveled by any who'd take him.

    While waiting for death on his ship, he was sure he'd been suffering from the effects after one week of waiting on his ship, rocking in the waves. A deathly figure was offering him a wish. Sure he was striking a bargain with none other than the devil himself, he'd accepted this agreement, he was a dead man if he didn't.
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  4. Name: Zack Kori

    Age: 20

    Race: Human

    Appearance: Zack's hair is one of his more notable features: its wavy, shoulder-length locks are naturally grayish lavender. He stands at 6'2" and has a toned figure with strong arms and legs, though he has trouble keeping real weight on. Since most of his exercise is done outdoors, often in dangerously hot areas, his complexion is considerably tanned. His narrow, bony face is all angles around the nose and jaw, though his icy blue eyes are relatively small. There is a tattoo of a blue Chinese-style dragon on his lower abdomen, on the right side. And he doesn't hide it hidden; Zack prefers to dress sparsely and his upper body is usually only minimally covered.

    Headshot by @hotlineBLING: http://oi63.tinypic.com/ve8x3t.jpg

    Personality: While other people would describe Zack with words like "creepy" or "cold," he prefers "quiet." He only speaks when necessary, and even then, it's in the shortest sentences and tersest tones possible. Contrary to popular belief, he is very intelligent and confident that he can reason his way through any problem, with only minimal help from others. That all said, he has a very adventurous spirit and loves to travel and explore. He's been just about everywhere in his home universe except the theorized afterlife, and even then, he dreams about going and coming back alive.

    Zack's icy demeanor is difficult to shake -- even if you hit one of his pet peeves, like charging in headfirst without a plan or getting in his personal space, the worst he'll usually do is sneer and walk away. Even if you do something to actively hurt him, he'll merely file it away and refuse to help you later. But there's one thing that'll get to him every time, and that's his intense cleithrophobia, the fear of being locked or enclosed in a small space. He also despises having his movement restricted; even wrapping a lasso around him is enough to make him sweat.

    Your Wish: Zack's wish is simple: he wants to transcend his humanity and join the ranks of the Arcane Lords. He finds the physical and mental chains inherent to his species to be frustratingly limiting and wants to say goodbye to the whole damn race.

    Magic: As one might guess from his demeanor, Zack is an accomplished ice mage. At the height of his power, he is able to freeze objects, generate ice crystals, and lower the temperature of his immediate surroundings.

    - Typically wields a halberd
    - Absolutely no fear of heights; in fact he feels at home at higher elevations
    - With the right tools he can smith all sorts of weapons, but he isn't as knowledgeable about armor
    - Spelunking is a hobby of his and he knows a bit about geology and basic survival skills
    - Fast and strong in combat (though armor freaks him out so his defenses are lacking)
    - Content to follow any order if it's coming from someone he respects

    History: Zack hails from a very small universe called Zeta. Specifically, he lives on Mundus, a planet once home almost exclusively to humans that now serves as a cultural hub where many species are welcome to start a new life far from home. Magic is commonplace there, and independence at a far earlier age than usual is both encouraged and expected, especially of humans. Not that Zack had a choice in the matter; his parents died when he was young. It isn't unusual for Mundusians to die early, given its planetwide lack of formal law enforcement, but Zack refused to follow in his only family's footsteps. He kept his ego repressed, his magical power honed, and his ears to the ground, and soon he ran into a traveler by the name of Alex Relson.

    Alex already had a habit of taking in orphaned children; Zack was one of seven to be fostered under his care. Their life together was rough at times, with Alex putting them through rigorous combat training to prepare them for the harsh world outside the shelter he'd built for the eight of them. The relationship between Alex and his adopted kids was frequently strained, but unarguably fruitful. During this time Zack took to weapon smithing and, under Alex's instruction, helped to supply the rest of the family with tools of war. Of course, Zack never truly respected Alex. He saw his foster father as a weak and cowardly man with a tendency to bite off far more than he could chew. And he wasn't the only one to share this opinion, either.

    What happened next was difficult for many of the siblings to explain. Maybe Alex had pushed them a little too far, maybe they'd been poisoned and had gone mad, maybe it was just the will of some divine entity. But no matter the reason, years later, with everyone grown and ready for the world, three of the siblings decided it was time for Alex to go. They formed a coup that Zack wasn't privy too until it was too late. The resulting battle was incredibly one-sided, and before anyone knew it, Alex was dead.

    Two of the siblings who'd been in the coup quickly stepped up as the new heads of the family. From there, the group took on a new direction and began to direct their energy outwards, helping to combat some of the more shady types that lurked around the darker shadows of Mundus. Rumors were going around that a sinister group was planning a targeted attack against the very goddess of their universe, in an attempt to take her power for themselves. Zack and his siblings were one of the driving forces behind putting a stop to this group before it could properly form. Zack was more than happy to aid in the efforts; he found it easy to respect his new leaders and didn't find himself missing Alex too terribly.

    These days, Zack doesn't have much direction, so he spends most of his time entertaining his hobbies and researching ways to make his most secret wish come true.

    This world's rules are harsh, but I must obey.
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  5. Name: Audrey MacCaibe

    Age: 62

    Race: Vampire (my version largely inspired by the BaoBhan Sith, and admittedly just a bit by Twilight) - Vampires drink the blood of humans for sustenance, rather than eating typical human food. Only females can be this particular breed of vampire. All male victims simply remain dead after the attack. They cannot tolerate sunlight in their original forms, but can elect to transform into an animal with fur to protect its fair skin. These vampires typically keep an intact coven, as they cannot reproduce as their human counterparts can. The coven is their only form of family. They hunt together as well, aided by their abilities of telepathy. They can live for many decades without the blood of a human, but as the human blood is processed and removed from the body, the eyes lose their red tones and fade to a golden color, and of course, their physical strength wanes nearly to what is was before they were changed. Only weapons of iron can pierce the skin of these vampires. They then need to be torn apart and burned to ensure their complete death.



    Audrey stands at 5'5", taller than the average woman of her ethnicity (Scottish). She has a medium build for her height. She has auburn red hair and golden eyes (at the moment). Because of her intolerance to sunlight, while in her human form, she is usually wearing a dark green cloak pictured above, hood up to shield her face from the UV.

    Personality: Because of her telepathic magic, Audrey is very empathic. She understands the motives and emotions of most people. Though her powers often fail her, she maintains this personality trait because of her history and experience in mind-reading. She can then read from facial expressions and body language. While she understands people, she does not always sympathize, and is not always kind about whatever the other person is going through. Through her years of hearing the thoughts of the people she killed for food, she had to develop a distant attitude towards others. She tends to use her empathy more to get what she wants rather than to connect with others. Still, Audrey is not mean or unkind. She tends to be gentle with others simply because that is how she likes to be, though she cares little about how it affects them.

    Audrey is also a curious person. She wants to know everything that is happening with other people. Some may say this is because she lost her own memory of her human life, and craves knowledge about her past. She may be considered nosy to others and will ask questions that may be too personal for the relationship she has with others.

    Your Wish: At the start of the story, she wishes to reunite with the coven she lost long ago. Partway through the story, she may realize that they condemned her to this cursed life and choose to instead wish to regain her humanity so she can start a real (read: biological) family of her own.

    Magic: Telepathy, shapeshifting into a mountain hare.

    Skills: Cooking, seduction.

    History: (I had written out a much nicer history that was lost somehow, so excuse that this version will not be as detailed or as nice sounding, at least for the time being.)

    Audrey was born into a human family that served in a castle in Scotland. At the age of 23, she took over the kitchen in the castle after her parents had passed away. While collecting supplies at the edge of the forest, she was bitten by a vampire, Cairstine. She awoke to find herself crawling towards the castle with no recollection of her life, but her skin now sizzled in the sunlight.

    Cairstine, joined by two other women, cloaked her in green velvet and hid her from the sun's rays, as they explained that she had been turned to a vampire. They left her naive about who had turned her. The coven took her in, and for ten years they hunted the Scottish Highlands for men to eat, and women to turn. Though, in all her ten years, she had always wondered what connection she had to that castle. Audrey decided to leave her coven, temporarily, and become a servant in the castle hoping to learn more about her past life. She thought that her hunger was well under control.

    She began working as normal, but one fateful afternoon, a certain guest of the castle made a meal to great for temptation, and she fed. She was caught, and rather than risking creating a bigger scene, she allowed herself to be captured. Little did she know, she would not be able to escape later. They walled her in entirely, building a wall behind her prison cell brick by brick.

    For twenty-nine years, she lived in darkness. She heard only the sounds of a bustling life unfolding on the other side. She had quit trying to break down the walls after a decade. After all, her strength was fading, the last meal of human blood being so long ago. That is when, she was approached by a figure offering her a release. Risk her life in a game for the entertainment of others, and if she were to survive, she would be granted a wish. She accepted with haste. See, the offer was enough of a reward for her. It was an escape from her prison. She would be happy to die if only she could see the night sky one more time. Now she only had to decide what to do with the wish if she were to actually win.
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  6. I'm still working on my character, but decided to put the skeleton up. It'll be done by my tonight hopefully :)

    Edit: She's complete now!


    Name: Lea

    Age: 20

    Race: Half Avian, Half Naga.

    Avians, are bird people aka humanoids with bird wings and others features. Avian's wings are usually around the same shade as their hair, which more vibrant than other races. Their eyes are also a darker hue than normal.
    They can obviously fly well, once they learn. They aren't naturals at first, unless they are geniuses or something. They have good eyesight in the morning, very bad at night time.
    Avians are a very proud race, so can become conceited, jerks, etc. That doesn't mean all are, of course, but the majority yes. They can having healing magic, but it's rare.

    Naga are the snake people. They are very beautiful people. Their skin is pale and their hair very smooth and silky like. They usually tend to have yellow eyes, but that is not a rule. They have fangs, kind of like a vampires, and a poison that is secreted when they bite.
    They are rather sneaky, stealthy and quick, and can even surprise an alert Felie. This is good because their bodies are not really made for cold. They get really cold during the night unless in a warm place, so their movements and reflexes are slower.
    Every Naga can heal, but it's a skill that has to be learned. The poison they excrete cannot be cured except by the one whose poison it is, or a very powerful healer.


    Lea is around 5'3 and about 120 lbs. She has pale skin, medium length black hair, yellow eyes and snake-like fangs. She has dove grey coloured wings. She wears whatever suits her fancy, dresses, tunics, vests etc. but mostly dresses.

    Personality: Growing up as she did, it's a bit of a wonder that Lea is as friendly as she is. She is quite gracious with people, willing to listen and offer solutions to problems they may have. That's not saying she is trusting of them, but she doesn't show distrust of wariness upfront. She is quiet for the most part, thoughtful and perceptive. If someone likes her, then she will be more open about herself, but for the most part she is secretive of her past.

    She tries to act altruistic for the most part, but it is a dog eat dog world, and she will make money wherever she can to survive, even if it involves in something illegal like the fighting rings. She has a thick skin and can take insults, remaining polite and acting almost as if words do not affected her at all. She is confident in herself, perhaps a little idealistic as well, and maybe something of a dreamer.

    Your Wish: To prove to the world that a half breed isn't a cursed being, but as normal a person as anyone else.

    Magic: Lea can heal wounds, though the more severe the wound, the more energy it takes from her. Her healing magic shows as a white glow when she is using it.

    Skills: Since she has wings, Lea can obviously fly. Aside from that, she is good with money matters

    History: Lea was born very much by accident after a tryst that a Naga healer named Yayla had with an Avian named Kytes. In the world of Yaseef, where runs the rule of masters and slaves, having relations with someone not of your own race is frowned upon, and having a child is considered taboo and cursed. Yayla discovered she was pregnant, and the thought of aborting the child came to her, but as a healer, she wanted to save lives. Killing the life in her would be going against her own beliefs. Now that the tyrant rulers of the land had been disposed of and the slaves were now free, she felt that perhaps a child of two different races wouldn't be looked down upon. However, beliefs run deep and she was sorely wrong.

    When Lea was born, she seemed pretty much like an Avian, but the fangs in her mouth and her yellow snakelike eyes clearly showed she was not one. Because of this, both Yayla and Lea were looked down upon and shunned, though it didn't really affect the little girl, rather her mother. She lost her customers in both her healing and tattoo business and was now forced to do meager tasks for money, including prostitution. Her anger was taken out on little Lea, and the little girl grew up not knowing a loving mother. She was continuously abused, physically and verbally. She took solace in making friends with the little critters she'd meet outside their small house. When it became clear that Lea had inherited her mother's healing abilities, Yayla would make her heal clients for whatever money she could get.

    Eventually in her teens, life seemed to be getting a little better for the halfbreed, until one day a rather drunk client of her mother decided that he wanted to know how it would be like to be with a half breed. Lea couldn't fight the much bigger and stronger individual. When her mother found out what had happened, it was the last straw. She hung herself the next day, leaving only a note that Lea was truly cursed and had ruined her life.

    It took a while for Lea to heal from this... or rather, she took the memories of her mother and locked them in the shadows of her mind. She left the house and began travelling, eventually discovering underground fighting rings. Disguising herself using potions that would change her appearance, she would heal fighters for a fee, always leaving before the potion would wear out. As she continued working like this, she started gaining more confidence in herself, though she kept away from the haughtier folk, working with the less fortunate, as they tended to judge less.

    This world's rules are harsh, but I must obey.
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  7. *Is super determined to get my character up soon*

    Anyway, looking good with the bios so far everyone! Those characters had better be prepared for Mikki, because he will show no mercy! Even if they're a pretty bird snake girl thing! :P
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  8. My sheet's complete now :D
  9. Looks promising! I might make a sheet.
  10. Doooooooooo iiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!!!!
  11. Just to check before I run down this line, would you have any objection to me pulling an older character of mine from an RP that got discontinued (seeing as they are being pulled in from all kinds of worlds?)
  12. Considering Squee mentioned something in the interest check about allowing fanon characters (fan made characters based on an actual series), I'm sure he'd be fine with that.
  13. Accepted!
    I'm going to need a bit more to go on. How does she feel about other people? Friendly is one thing, but then there's introverts and extroverts A little bit of necessary fluff such as how she sees friends vs acquaintances never hurts. Other than that, I like this.
    By all means! It's always a shame to see a great character for a roleplay die out because of said roleplay, so if you want to do that then I'm absolutely ok with this.
    He better be ready for Redshirt James. He was a bit of a celebrity in his world. Well...Anti-celebrity?
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  14. You think my Mikki isn't ready for your infamous pirate captain? I scoff at the idea. Mikki can and will 1v1 any character you can conjure up.
  15. That's not to say he can survive... :P
  16. I edited the personality bit, hope it's alright now ^_^' She's kind of hard to describe since I haven't used her much.
  17. Can I play a Valkyrie?
  18. A Valkyrie? As in a Viking-age goddess of war that chooses who lives and dies in battle? Please correct me if that's wrong, it's been a while since I've fiddles with the mythology of that age.
  19. I'll try and get my sheet up by the end of this week, but I'm currently up to my eyeballs in work.
  20. Name: Natalya Gordetz

    Alias/Nickname: N/A

    Age: 19

    Race: Human

    Natalya stands at roughly 6ft 7in tall. Her build is lean but lithe, with the muscles of somebody who trains and fights for a living. The majority of her body is covered in scars.

    On the surface, Natalya rarely makes a good first impression. Caustic and abrasive, she has a habit of taking against people rather quickly, and delights in cutting people down verbally. This often deters people from probing any deeper. She struggles to trust people and to take their words at face value, reading potential lies and deceptions into every sentence. It takes time to get to know her and earn her trust.

    Those who do find a much more complicated character. Though unpleasant and snarky towards many, those Natalya considers to be friends will find somebody who's always got their back, even in the most unforgiving of situations. She also has a kind heart deep down, spending her spare money on food, clothing and medicines for the homeless and in need, which she distributes in the dead of night. She's easily angered by the sight of injustices, though she does take a much less lenient view on people who have got themselves into trouble and depend on others to let them get out of it.

    Natalya struggles to see worth in herself. Having spent a life dealing with abandonment, rejection and being used as a pawn in other people's games, she's currently hoping to find some kind of purpose to her life that is hers and hers alone. Something to allow her to see herself as a person, rather than just a weapon to be wielded by the plotters and schemers. Natalya shies away from relationships, preferring solitude or the (admittedly small) group of friends.

    Your Wish:
    Natalya wishes to bring back the friend and companion she knew, rather than the angry, grim person they are now.

    When wounded, Natalya is capable of controlling and manipulating the blood that flows from her wounds, forming it into bladed tendrils that can be used as weapons.In the event of wound to wound contact with her opponent, she can push her blood into their body to attack it from the inside, transfusing some of their blood into her own veins to restore her.

    • Natalya is an accomplished swordswoman, capable of using her blade to dispatch weaker enemies without calling on her magic. She fights with an arming sword held in one hand.
    • Combat experience: As a Champion of Drisbane, Natalya's position was cemented by her combat capabilities.
    • Extremely high resistance to pain: Natalya is capable of enduring heavy injuries and large amounts of pain without being majorly affected.

    Natalya was born to a family that had little time for her. She grew up an only, lonely child for several years, before being sent away to be a maid for one of the senior commanders of the Guardians, the vigilante police force of the city of Drisbane. These girls were trained for several months to be discreet, efficient and charming, but Natalya was one of those who did not make the cut. Upon her expulsion, her parents were to collect her and bring her back home. They never arrived. She was forced to sleep rough, spending a couple of years roaming the streets. During this time, she fell in with many others who were in a similar situation to her. The homeless and alone formed a sort of loose extended tribe, and looked out for those who went unseen by everyone else. Like them, Natalya scraped by through begging, opportunistic thievery, and the goodwill of some of the citizens.

    One day however, Natalya disappeared from the streets. She was taken by a man called Karadeth, a former mage of the College of Goetia. The college had expelled him for his violence and brutality towards his fellow members, and he sought revenge. He had seen a latent magical capability in Natalya, and sought to mould her into a weapon that he could use to take revenge on those who had expelled him. She was taken to a dark basement, where he beat the knowledge of his own blood magic into her. It was hard to discern the training from torture - many times Natalya nearly bled to death, before being given the bare minimum she needed to stay alive. Nevertheless her control of her powers grew as her master weakened with the drink he had turned to following his expulsion. Natalya cared little for her master's vengeance, and chafed under his brutality. One day, she had had enough, and fought him for real rather than training. Still addled by drink, he could not stop her killing blow.

    Natalya returned to wandering the streets, returned to those who had aided her before. Her powers allowed them to do much more than they previously could achieve, although wariness around her meant that she never felt quite so welcome as she did before. The recent coming of the Sentence, God's judgement upon mankind that had obliterated all of the adult population of the world, had led to huge amounts of suspicion regarding magic. She began to separate herself from them more and more, tired of the whispers and sideways glances that accompanied her. On one of those occasions, she was cornered in an alleyway by a couple of drunkards who sought a little entertainment. A rough, backhanded slap drew blood from her mouth and anger from her soul. To this day, the walls of that alleyway are still ever so slightly rust-coloured.

    Natalya's capabilities were seen by a hooded figure. Kaileb, the new leader of Goetia, was impressed by her capability, and extended to her the opportunity to serve in his faction as one of his agents. Tensions were rising between the four great factions and he sought to strengthen his own position. Natalya, now thoroughly tired of all the muttering, accepted his offer. During her time at Goetia, she found somewhere that she could at least fit in without the muttering. Placing her trust in Kaileb, to whom she felt she owed her new life, she carried out his orders. However, during the course of her work, she discovered that Kaileb was seeking to obtain the magic necessary to be able to call down the Sentence at will. Natalya was faced with a difficult decision - to stand by Kaileb despite his ambitions, or to turn to those who possessed the girl he sought - the Guardians. The vigilante force had rarely looked kindly on the gutter rats she had been part of, and several of her friends had been badly beaten or seriously injured by the local Guardian.

    In the end, she followed her morals, and turned to those she hated. In conjunction with a small force of elite guardians, she launched a raid on Goetia's sanctuary to capture Kaileb and thwart his ambitions. Meanwhile, his schemes had angered the other two factions of Palace and Aesil, to the point where they sought to eliminate Goetia. In the midst of the chaos and battle, many of Kaileb's supporters were defeated, but Kaileb himself escaped with a small number of loyalists. The whole affair left Natalya somewhat uncomfortable, and she declined a position working to hunt down the remnants of Kaileb's support.

    Natalya's encounters with the Guardians had mellowed her attitude towards them, especially with one Guardian whose strong moral compass and sense of justice had struck her. Over the months following the great battle, she met and sparred with him regularly, but became increasingly concerned with a shift in his habits. He'd become much harsher on those he saw as lawbreakers, killing any who dared to try and resist arrest. Natalya couldn't find the words to express her worries properly, so kept quiet until it all became too much for her. Launching one of her customary caustic tirades, she stormed away, leaving a hollow pit inside herself, gnawing away. When she was given the opportunity to change the world with a wish, she only briefly hesitated before accepting. At the very least, it was a chance to get away.

    This world's rules are harsh, but I must obey.
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