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  1. It was a hot, humid day in the jungle. Insects of various sizes buzzed about as the steamy air clung to Rahnaan's fur. He was hunting right now, tracking his prey for the last 3 hours. The sun filtered through the trees, shining in dim patches along his body. With the help of the undergrowth and his low walking, he had become almost undetectable. A machete at his side, Rahnaan prepared himself. He couldn't understand it, but something about today felt...off. Like some hidden force had decided to touch his life today. The jaguar shrugged, he needed to focus.
  2. Kieara (open)

    Minus the Christmas clothes

    Kieara was out like the rest of her tribe in search of water and food. Being the hunted in this jungle life wasn't always easy. Sure you could graze on vegetation quite easily but you lived in constant fear of being killed. Thus was the circle of life. She was a smidge dehydrated after a long trek looking for water to no avail as most of their nearby streams had dried and she found herself getting more and more lost.
  3. Rahnaan continued to follow the tracks his prey had left behind. As he walked he could feel himself getting thirstier. He needed water soon. It was then he diverted his path slightly. He knew of some water nearby, even if it did take him some time, he could pick up where he left off on tracking this prey. The jaguar stepped away from the path to a clearing surrounding a stream. Water flowed freely for a short while, but disappeared under the ground a small distance later. The other side of the stream had a good amount of brush and large leaves, blocking most of it from his view. He didn't mind however, not like he was the one being hunted. He kneeled down and began taking cups of water with his hands.
  4. Kieara had finally found water! Thank goodness. Just when she thought she was going to thirst to death. At risk of being seen, she crept up into the brush on the other side not yet noticing the jaguar. It made rustling noises and crunching sounds under her hooves before she kneeled and took water in her hands to drink. After a few long swallows she looked up and saw him. She froze her eyes widening as she looked into the face of her largest predator.
  5. Rahnaan continued to sip his water, drips of it ran down the sides of his face. It was then that he saw the deer girl looking at him from across the way. She was staring at him, wide-eyed. Rahnaan, really didn't feel right looking at her. They said he should feel his killer instinct, but up till now he had only seen the males. Which he had no problem with. He tried to play it off like he hadn't seen her, but it was all too obvious he had. The hair on the back of his neck was standing up, his muscles tightened to prepare for a run, or rather, a chase. He didn't really want to kill her but... food is food right? The tribe needed to eat somehow.The jaguar tried to slowly reach for the bolas he had on his thigh but he couldn't grab it and wasted a movement making it obvious he was grabbing for something.
  6. She held perfectly still as she saw he'd seen her. It looked like perhaps he hadn't. So she remained still hoping she blended. Unfortunately she didn't and she saw that when he reached for something. It was then that she wasted no time and darted back the way she'd came. Her tail was up straight giving a streak of white to be seen heading off through the brush. Her ears were pinned to her head and her heart raced as she tried to escape.
  7. The deer girl took off into the forest, and in that moment Rahnaan sprung into action. With a great leap he crossed the stream and took off sprinting after her. She was ahead of him, but he hadn't lost her yet. He could see her white tail. So, with a successful grab at his bolas, the Jaguar wound up his arm for a throw. Everything went by so fast, time seemed to slow in that moment. As he threw his bolas to tie the deer-girls legs. He didn't stop running just in case he missed, but he didn't think he would.
  8. Kieara continued trying to escape before she felt something tangle her legs and then she came tumbling to the ground in a flip flop from the speed at which she'd been running. She gave out a yelp and she lay on the ground curled up and trying to block the inevitable blow to come. She was shaking in fear having no means of defense for herself.
  9. The girl went down, and Rahnaan slowed his pace. He had gone by her slightly as he was running and returned to see her on the ground. As he looked her over, he could see how scared she was, already hiding from a blow she beleived to come...
    He pulled out his knife and lifted it up...
    His eyes fixated on her, then, both their eyes met.
    He dropped his knife. He couldn't do it. He couldn't kill her. He sat down and sighed. What was he doing? Why couldn't he kill her?
    No, he knew why. When he looked in her eyes, the fear he saw... It was a fear he had once known, long ago.
    There he sat in relative silence, his breathing somewhat heavy, his knife on the ground.
  10. Her blue eyes stared into the ones of her killer as tears poured from her eyes but to her surprise he stopped. He dropped his knife and sat down. It took a minute or two but slowly she unfurled her arms from around her head and stared at him puzzled. She didn't dare run because she knew he'd just give chase again. She was tangled up anyway. She tilted her head curiously and her large ears twitched about. "W....why didn't you.....kill me?" She asked slowly.
  11. Rahnaan looked up when the girl spoke.He was honestly asking himself the same question right now. He sighed, then actually spoke. His voice was low, yet had a feeling of warmheartedness.
    "I... I... can't really explain. Just.."
    He sighed and spoke once more.
    "I can't stand to see such fear in someones eyes... It isn't right for me to do that. So...here."
    He picks up his knife and cuts the bolas.
    "Your free now... Just... Just... be free."
    His speaking like this faintly reminded him of a saying, though it didn't really apply to this situation. 'If you love something set it free...' he couldn't really remember the rest.
  12. The rest of the saying was 'if it was meant to be, it will come back'. She looked down at her freed ankles then behind her debating running. Finally she turned back to him. She was fascinated by his lack of violence. She'd never met someone quite so kind before. She didn't run away. Instead, she tried to befriend him. "I'm Kieara..."
  13. The jaguar was surprised to see the deer girl had not run away. Especially when she tried to engage him in conversation. She said her name, implying for him to say his. He looked up at her from the ground before standing, he was a good foot taller than her. He looked into her eyes with his yellow-gold ones, speaking softly.
    "I...umm.... Rahnaan. My names Rahnaan."
    He felt somewhat awkward talking to the deer. But it was obvious through his eyes he meant her no harm.
  14. She stood as well but had some scrapes from where he'd tangled her and she hit the ground so hard. She spoke. "Rahnaan. That's a nice name. I've never heard it before..." Being a deer and a naturally peaceful breed they instinctively tried to befriend who they could.
  15. Rahnaan noticed the scrapes and bruises from her falling. He responded to her quickly before saying something
    "Um... thabnks. Are.. are you okay? You have a few cuts... no, you know what, I'll just..."
    Rahnaan reached into a small pouch at his side and pulled out some gauze made from thread, along with a small plant. He crushed the plant leaf in his palm and rubbed it onto one side of the gauze. He knelt down and asked
    "Umm.. if you want you can sit..."
  16. She seen the look painted on his face as he stood and tilted her head. She wasn't sure why he looked like that. When he mentioned her scrapes she looked down at them. They did sting and hurt but she hadn't been paying them mind before. "I'll be ok I think..." She answered him before he pulled out the materials to help her. She smiled and wiggled her tail in a happy fashion and sat as instructed. "Thank you."
  17. Rahnaan smiled and looked back up at her, before he began to wrap the gauze around her wound.
    "Uhm... sorry about... you know... chasing you."
    As he finished up he tied the gauze at their ends, covering her cuts and some of the bruises. He pulled back before awkwardly raising his hand to the back of his head and scratching. This was an interesting situation to say the least.
  18. Kieara listened to him and she spoke. "It's ok you were only doing what you were supposed to.." She said to him. "I'm glad you didn't though." She said to him. She stood when he was finished. It already felt better. She wiggled her tail cutely and spoke. "It feels much better."
  19. Rahnaan watched her, the tail wiggle made him blush slightly. Despite how the bucks looked, the females were... rather attractive.


    What did he just think?
    Rahnaan replied awkwardly. "I..Umm... Your welcome."
    He stood silent a moment then spoke once more.
    "Listen, We...probably should both get going, our tribes will start looking for us if we don't... And... I don't want another one of my people finding you...so.. let me take you back to your tribe, I'll stay hidden when we get near it."
    He smiled, to continue his point.
  20. She smiled as he said all of that. It was sweet of him to see her home she thought. She nodded and spoke. "I would like that." She said to him. As she led him along though they came further and further away from water sources and other necessities that anything living would normally need. It was apparent they'd taken a great risk to get away from those that hunted them. Even going away from water sources to esape.
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