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    Nickname: Ty
    Location: Home - School Cafeteria
    Interactions: Jason @Misguided†Ghost
    Mentioned: Nikki @Unbound

    Starting off the day with a rather interesting vlog post was always fun, especially since it was the more fun version of the school's news cast starring Tyler O'Conner, Brookeside High school's very own King of gossip.

    "So here we are back at it again with another school year, which sucks absolute ass." Tyler started off saying as he stared out his window. "I'm not loving this at all. I woke up and my shower broke, so..." He laughed and then became serious again. "I am just going to hate everything today, so please if you are not my brother or my girl stay the fuck out of my way." Tyler had anger issues that was completely easy to see, but at least he wasn't fighting people or turning them into inanimate objects anymore.

    The ding of his cellphone going off was well another sign of people wanting him to kill someone. Looking at the phone he sighed before looking back at the camera. "And if you are Missy Clarke, please go somewhere far maybe the sun. I heard it'll kill ya." Tyler mentioned before sitting back in his seat.

    "Anyway, back to what I was really here to say." Tyler said before pulling up a picture of a black van on his phone and showing the viewers. "Has anyone else seen this creep ass pedophile van lurking around town? I went to go shopping yesterday and the damn bitch followed me home. So, whoever you are get the fuck out of here. No one needs you snatching their children. Okay?" Sighing and setting back, Tyler looked at his phone as it buzzed again. "Oh would you look at that, it's time for hell. See you all there."

    Standing up from his chair after turning the camera off, Tyler walked towards his door and grabbing his backpack. It was better to get this day over with and done before something worse happened.

    Tyler's mother was waiting down stairs with a twenty for him today. "Hey, Carson." He said taking the money as he continued to leave the house.

    "It's mother to you." Carson O'Conner said in a furious tone.

    Tyler stopped at his car. "No, it's Carson. My mother lives across town with my twin brother, which you and Niall failed to mention. You know finding out I was adopted was just another reason for me to hate you." He informed her before getting into his Jeep.

    This summer had been interesting. He got together with this girl, things were great with her. Nikki was part of the better side of summer. Though finding out you were lied to by your mother for your whole life, then meeting your real shitty parents, and finding out you have a twin brother was well...a lot!

    Pulling out of the drive way and down the street. Tyler headed out towards Jason's house. In just a few months the brother's had seemed to catch up and well become closer than Tyler was with any of his other friends.

    It took a good fifteen minutes to get across town and to Jason's place. Stopping in front of it, Tyler called Jason. "You ready to enter hell, cause I'm not dying alone." He chuckled before honking the horn. "Get out here loser, before we are late as hell. I don't want to see the Croc roaming the halls."

    The Croc was one of the worst teachers that roamed the halls in the morning to catch any students that were late. She looked like a mixture of a crocodile and Truchbull from that movie Matilda. Her breathe smelled of old onions and often Tyler were say she was homeless or living in the sewers with how much she stunk. He felt bad for her, really, but not bad enough to tell her and risk death.
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    Location: Home --> School (Library)
    Power: Technokinesis
    Mentioned: NPCS, Tykler ( @CELESTIAL✨ )
    Interactions: Parents
    Character Sheet: HERE
    Outfit: HERE
    Color Ref: 0c5900

    Beep. Beep. Beep.

    The alarm started off low, going unnoticed by the teenager sleeping not three feet away from it. His snores were slightly louder than the alarm, and so it was very easy to ignore. However, with each passing second it grew louder, much more obnoxious. The time flashed in lime green across the screen, lighting up the dark bedroom slightly each time it flashed. Before long, it was too loud to ignore.

    Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

    With a groan, Theodore rolled over towards his alarm clock, squinting his eyes. Groggily, he stretched his arm out, barely able to touch alarm clock. Months ago he would have had to shift closer and press down the 'off ' button. But now, all Theo needed to do was barely touch the electronic device anywhere and it would shut off almost immediately.

    Beep. Beep. Be-

    A smile formed on his tired face, and after laying in there for a few more seconds Theodore pulled himself out of bed. Still half asleep, he reached into his closet and found a plaid shirt and some dark jeans. He got dressed in the dark, the only light coming from his alarm clock and open window. The last thing he put on were his glasses, which made his surroundings significantly clearer. By the time he went downstairs for breakfast he was awake, and the light didn't hurt his eyes as much as they would have if he turned on his lights right after waking up,

    Per usual, his mother and father had already begun breakfast without him. He knew his older sister, Lisa, was still asleep up in her room after having worked a long night, and so he was sure to be quiet. The three sat in near silence as they ate their breakfast, Theodore having two slices of toast and his parents enjoying some eggs and bacon. They finished before him, and after wishing him a good day they were both out the door.

    The time for Theodore to leave came only thirteen minutes later, which spent watching Tyler O'Conner's short broadcast. Sighing, he locked his front door and began walking. He did have a car, but he only lived two blocks away from his high school. He saved a lot on gas money just walking to and from school, though he would start to drive when the weather wasn't as comfortable. As Theodore crossed his lawn he looked to the black van that was parked across the street.

    Weird, he thought as he reached the sidewalk and started his journey to school, his mind flitting back to Tyler's broadcast. That was there last night, too... Before his mind could wander too far, Theodore told himself that it was probably just some new car one of his neighbors recently bought. He was only two houses down from his own when the van turned on, and crept past him slowly. The windows were too tinted for him to see the driver at all, but the whole thing still sent a shiver down his spine. Creepy.

    He put his earphones in, and then reached into his pocket where his iPod resided. Without taking it out, he flipped through his music in his mind and told the iPod what song to play through a sort of telepathic connection. Out of habit, his eyes darted around as he did this, knowing that he should be extremely careful whenever he uses his ability.

    When he got to school Theodore simply went straight to the library. He sat at an empty table, glancing up at the clock. First days were always so boring, he was glad this would be his last first day in this school.
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    Location: Home --> School (Locker) --> Cafeteria
    Power: Electrokinesis
    Mentioned: Tyler ( @CELESTIAL✨ ), Jason ( @Misguided†Ghost )
    Interactions: N/A
    Character Sheet: HERE
    Outfit: HERE
    Color Ref: e35914

    Unlike many high school females, Harley Smith had never been the type to wake up at the crack of dawn to make sure her make up was done perfectly. She simply couldn't be bothered with contouring, and didn't care about filling in her eyebrows every day. Sometimes, sure, but not often. It was even a rarity for the young girl to do anything with her hair other than brush it. Her hair was naturally straight, and the look suited her. She didn't see any real reason why she should get all dolled up for school each and every day.

    This allowed her to sleep much later than most of the other girls she went to school with. Still, her alarm was set to go off before the sun even came up. But, that was just because of how early lasses started. By the time the alarm on her phone started to go off, Harley had already been laying awake in her bed for ten minutes. This wasn't unusual for the first day of each school year, as she often spent these ten minutes mentally preparing herself for the months to come.

    She shut off her alarm and climbed out of her bed. For a moment she fumbled for the light switch, and her eyes clamped shut as bright light filled her room. "Every day," Harley muttered to herself as she rubbed both her eyes. "You do that every day." Shaking her head at herself, Harley tuned into Tyler O'Conner's broadcast. It was sort of a morning tradition for her to do so, just because she liked to listen to it while she got dressed.

    Tyler: "And if you are Missy Clarke, please go somewhere far maybe the sun. I heard it'll kill ya."

    Harley realized she missed the first part, but wasn't too worried about it. If she knew Tyler at all, she was sure it was just him complaining about school.

    Tyler: "Has anyone else seen this creep ass pedophile van lurking around town?"

    That caught her attention. She paused halfway through pulling on her leather jacket, mind wandering to two days prior. She had gone out shopping with her mother for school. It seemed like whatever store they went to, there was a black van there too. As if it was following them. Shaking her head again, Harley finished getting dressed. "Probably isn't the same van," She told herself, not wanting to worry about it.

    She then brushed her hair and applied the very little makeup she did on a daily basis: mascara and foundation. And, just because she felt like it, Harley also took the time to quickly apply some eye liner. Her parents were both already out for the day, they always left every early for work. So she had the house to herself. Harley watched "The Office" on her phone as she ate some yogurt and three granola bars. By the time the episode was over, it was time for her to head to school.

    The drive was boring enough, until she got closer to the school. Then she got caught in a long line of other cars, all heading to the same destination. "Damned school traffic," Harley sighed to herself as she pulled down her visor. Since she had the time, she figures she might as well play around with her new lipstick.

    Parking was an adventure all of it's own, and Harley was glad when she finally got out of her car. She didn't have road rage per say, but traffic did annoy her. Her bag bounced against her hip as she entered the building and maneuvered through the crowd to her locker. She didn't have any books or school supplies to put in there just yet, because she never brought all that stuff on the first day of school, but she did like to decorate her locker right away.

    First she put her mirror on the door, and then a little magnetized shelf underneath it that she placed her favorite lipstick and mascara in. She then hung her various pictures up, her favorite one going closest to the mirror. It was of her and her best friend, Jason Monroe. As she put it up her gaze flickered to his locker, which was only three away from her's. Of course he's not here yet.

    Harley closed her locker and began walking to the cafeteria. She pulled out her phone, and sent a quick text message to Jason:

    "I'll be in the cafeteria. Come find me when you get here?"
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  4. Ashlee Crawford
    Mood: Happy | Relaxed | Excited
    Location: House -> School

    The soft buzzing of an alarm resonated off of Ashlee’s cabinet as she stirred from her slumber. Another peaceful night of sleep, a thing that she was more than grateful to receive with her… condition. So, it was understandable when she was hesitant to awake, an arm flailing out haphazardly to try and silence the incessant noise. However, her attempts were futile, and Ashlee soon found herself groaning, folding the pillow over her head to try and drown out the noise.

    A gentle hand nudged her shoulder lightly, and she looked up at the figure sitting beside her. For all his flaws and his bad tendencies, he was probably the one man she could not live without. “Dear, it’s time to wake up. You’ve got school today. There’s hot cocoa and some toast on your desk.” Her father spoke gently, his smile beaming down to her as a similar one appeared on her own face, slowly sitting up from her bed. Since her mothers random disappearance 11 years ago now, he had done so much for her. Through thick and thin, her father was the only one that she could truly rely on, the only one who was there for everything. Yes, she had friends in school, but none knew the full extent of what she went through, if any of it.

    Once he had left, Ashlee finally got up, cupping the drink in her hands and gently sipping it. The cocoa felt nice, nothing better than a warm drink to start off a good day. Granted, the day might be dreadful, depending on how it all turned out. But, that was not in her control.

    After finally getting ready, and tuning into Tyler’s podcast whilst doing so, recalling having seen the strange van around, Ashlee collected her things and happily went out to the car. She was feeling great, full of life and happiness. It had been days, if not weeks, since her last… switch, and every day that went past without one was a good day in her books. But, school had always proven more stressful, and subsequently left her more prone to it.

    The drive was nice, not too much traffic in the early morning air as they wound through the roads to the school. Her dad had been nice enough to drop her off; mainly since she had lost most of her driving confidence when she had a bad crash at the end of the last school year, caused by her condition, of course.

    Eventually they arrived, and after a final hug, Ashlee hopped happily out of the car. She could easily be mistaken for some young child going to kiddie school, if people didn’t know her already for her quirky and strange attitude. But, that was who she was, and there was no way she would let someone take that away from her. So, she sheepishly looked around the cafeteria upon arrival. That was where everyone met up in the morning. So, she found herself a nice empty table, sitting down and taking a book out of her bag, reading whilst she quietly waited for someone she knew to show up.

    Nikki Asher
    Mood: Tired | Annoyed | Irritated
    Location: House -> School
    Tagged: @
    CELESTIAL✨ ~ Tyler

    Crash… A mirror shattered as an innocent alarm clock went flying across the room, accompanied by a guttural groan of annoyance from Nikki. Why did they have to go back to the hell hole called high school. She would be much, much happier simply staying at home with her music and her weed. Maybe she’d go out and see Tyler for a bit, or head down to the skate park with her bike, or whatever. But, all those nice dreams were squashed by the reality of being practically forced into a cycle of education.

    There was only this year left though. The first day, today, would be agony, but if she gritted her teeth and ploughed through it, then she’d be free to live her life afterwards. And that was by far worth it. So, resigning herself to her fate for the next year, she rolled out of bed, throwing the sheets back haphazardly as she went to grab her clothes.

    Ever since the, incident, had happened with her parents, she had been living in her father’s garage; that was, her biological father. They didn’t talk much whatsoever, when he had heard that Nikki’s mother has supposedly murdered her husband, he took custody of their child. He had simply let Nikki have free reign to live in his garage, having no room in the house. But, Nikki couldn’t complain. She was practically living on her own, which had its obvious perks. Her father would never question the noise, or the people coming over, or anything, and it was as if he didn’t exist. Which was how she liked it, as the two didn’t see eye to eye at all.

    Using the bathroom and then dressing, Nikki took no time hesitating to grab her stuff and quickly head out, getting on her bike and riding off. As she went, she listened to the audio of Tyler’s podcast, barely giving the mention of the dark van she had seen around a thought, just wondering when he would get to school. That had been the highlight of her summer, meeting Tyler and getting entangled within a relationship with him. It had been long, almost too long, since she had someone she could actually rely on, someone who cared. That was what she wanted; behind her bravado and confidence, she was just someone who wanted to feel accepted and cared for, not abused, used and left to die.

    When she finally got to school, she chained her bike up to a post, dropping the keys back in her bag as she made her way around to the back gate of the school, by the car park. She didn’t like the inside, it was too crowded and monitored. So, she found a spot perched upon a rock out back, rolling herself a cigarette to smoke before the day began. As she did so, she texted Tyler; ‘Yo, when you getting here? I’m out back.’
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    The Vulgar Badass Shapeshifter
    Nickname: ||JC||Jace||
    Outfit: HERE
    Location: Home ---> School (Cafeteria
    Mentioned: @Unbound - Nikki ||
    Interactions: @CELESTIAL✨ - Tyler || @Brea - Harley ||
    Power: Shapeshifting

    Face Claim: Oli Sykes
    Color Resource: 800000

    Jason had awoken from one of the best sleeps of his life when it was rudely interrupted by his grandmother. As his grandmother opened up all of the curtains in his bedroom, Jason pulled his pillow over his head and groaned. "It's time to wake up Jason Chandler. It's your first day of school." She sang and stood at his door to make sure he was actually going to get up. Jason continued to lay in bed, disregarding his grandmother altogether. He didn't really care about the fact that he had to go to school. But he had to. It was his last year and missing it would totally fuck up his life. Even more than it already was. It was times like these where he wished he hadn't gotten held back in 8th grade. There wasn't really anything he could have done to change it, even if he wanted to. He'd fallen pretty behind with his whole 'I do what I want' bad boy attitude, which usually got him into deep shit. Failing was all his fault and there wasn't shit he could do about it now but regret it.

    "Jason Chandler! Up! NOW!" His grandma spoke sternly, her arms crossed over her chest. Jason groaned and sat up in his bed, squinting at the bright light that filled his bedroom. "Alright, alright I'm up." He sighed and his grandmother smiled. "Good, your brother will be here to pick you up soon. Have a good day." She left the room and shut the door behind her. A good day? Yeah, right. Jason thought to himself and stood up and made his way to the closet. There wasn't a huge variety of clothing in all honesty. A lot of band/graphic tees, skinny jeans, Vans, Converse sneakers. All the works that came with being an angsty, badass guy.

    He pulled on his clothes quickly, and grabbed his phone and backpack, running his fingers through his messy hair before slipping on his beanie. He looked at himself in the mirror before his phone ring. It was his brother Tyler. It was weird to think that he had another brother that'd been adopted to another family and they didn't even know it until the summer. Having a brother was weird, especially since they went to school together and had become friends before even knowing they were related.

    "Get out here loser, before we are late as hell. I don't want to see the Croc roaming the halls." Tyler chuckled and honked the horn as Jason ran out the door and hopped into the car. "Hell doesn't even begin to explain those hallways man." He laughed as the two of them drove off. The school wasn't too far from Jason's grandparent's house. Only about 10 or 15 minutes. He could walk if he wanted to, but why would he do that when his brother had a perfectly good car?

    As the two of them pulled into the student parking lot, Jason felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. He grabbed it and smiled when he saw who it was from. Harley. The two of them had a somewhat complicated, but not so much relationship. If that even made sense. They weren't officially together, but they sure as hell acted like it. And everyone knew that if someone tried to "get with" Harley, Jason would be there to kick their ass.

    "Hey, Harley wants me to meet me in the cafeteria. Go meet with Nikki, I know she texted you. Jason smirked at his brother before making his was to the cafeteria to find Harley. Upon walking down the stairs to the school's cafe, Jason scanned the room, looking for Harley. When he saw her, he smiled. He walked up to her and wrapped his arms around her waist before planting a kiss on her cheek. "Mornin' beautiful." He smiled, resting his chin on her shoulder. Who didn't love a little morning PDA on the first day of school?
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    Nickname: ||Juno||Jo||Jos||
    Outfit: HERE
    Location: Home ---> School
    Mentioned: @CELESTIAL✨ - Tyler & Naomi ||
    Interactions: @Mysty - Quince ||
    Power: Illusion

    Face Claim: Kayla Freitas
    Color Resource: 8108c2

    Joselyn had awoken fairly early; at around 7 to get ready for her first day back at the Hell they called high school. It was her last year there, which was great, but she just wished it would go a little faster. Jos was a little surprised when she realized she and her brother wouldn’t have to fight for the bathroom this morning. He was already gone. Knowing Chris, he probably woke up at 5 in the morning to get ready and leave. Joselyn furrowed her eyebrows and walked to her brother’s room down the hall, pushing the door open to see an empty well-made bed. Such an overachiever. She thought to herself as she shook her head and made her way back to her room to get dressed.

    After getting dressed in an outfit that one probably shouldn’t be able to wear, Joselyn sat on her bed and played on her phone. She checked into the morning vlog that her good friend Tyler did often. Jo totally agreed with the fact that his ex was a total cunt who no one wanted to see and not wanting to go back to school. The only people who really wanted to go back to school were the nerds like her brother. Well, them and the people who didn’t really want to be home.

    That was definitely her.

    Things at home weren’t the greatest lately. Not with everything that’d gone on over the summer. Yeah, some of the summer was great, but most of the time, Joselyn was going through a ton of bullshit. Honestly, with her depression, the death of her boyfriend always rearing her head, and a ton of other things badgering her, Joselyn kind of couldn’t wait to be at school.
    Home was just too much for her sometimes.

    When Tyler began to talk about the van following him around, Joselyn furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. So, he’d been being followed too? It wasn’t just her and her brother. That was weird. Jo remembered the time she’d first saw the black van following her and her brother. They’d gone on a family outing to the beach and she noticed it following them the entire way there. Joselyn didn’t think much of it at first. She just thought it was weird that they parked just close enough to see them and not one person got out. It got even weirder when she saw them a week after that while her, her mom and best friend Naomi went school shopping. Once was fine, but twice definitely wasn’t a coincidence.

    Joselyn pushed it out of her head and grabbed her backpack before heading to school. She didn’t walk every day, but today was different. Jo was walking to clear her mind and to see if she saw any more of that suspicious van. In about 25 minutes she was at the school and already avoiding everyone. She passed by two guys wrestling in the hall and rolled her eyes. “I hate this fucking school.” She mumbled to herself. She was almost to her locker when she pulled out her phone and texted her best friend. I’ll meet you in the cafeteria after I drop my shit off at my locker. She pressed send and before she could even get her phone back in her pocket, she crashed into someone.

    “Oh my God, I am so sorry.” She apologized, picking her phone up from the ground and tucking a piece of hair behind her ear. Usually in a situation like this, Joselyn would’ve cussed the guy out, but seeing as though he was kinda cute and it was the first day of school, she couldn’t afford to pick a fight. Before the guy could say anything back, Joselyn quickly walked to her locker and shoved her stuff in. She walked to the cafeteria and sat down at an empty table, headphones in, blasting Crown the Empire. Hurry up and get here. I’m all alone and feeling a bit awkward since I just ran into this really hot guy.
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    Location: Drug Store -- School
    Interactions: Joselyn Thomas

    Mentioned: Tyler, Quincy
    Outfit: HERE

    The sound of a door's bell rang out as Naomi Cross entered a tiny corner drug store. The sun shined dimly through the store's windows, the store itself smelled of old cologne and a wet musty pipes.

    As Naomi walked into the store, she set her sunglasses on top off her head. The pop of her gum rang out as she blew a bubble. The small girl looked at the cashier as she walked past him over to the beverages. The hum of the refrigerators, and Naomi's foot steps, could be hurried since the store was rather quiet.

    Opening up one of the doors, Naomi reached in and pulled out a Raspberry tea Arizona. Soon after the snap of the door slamming shut sounded and Naomi turned on her heel before walking towards the register. Again another pop from her gum was heard as she placed the tall can on the counter.

    "A dollar." The cashier said.

    Naomi swung her bag around and opened the smallest pocket. Pulling out a handful of change, she held it out and dropped it into the cashier's hand. "There." She said to him. Laying on his hand was exactly one dollar in dimes, nickles, and a few quarters.

    The man nodded her off and slid the can to her. She forced a smile and took the can. Holding it in one hand, Naomi walked out of the drug store. Popping her head phone in and turning the music on with her free hand, she began listening to Hotel California by the Eagles. It was her favorite song by far.

    "On a dark desert highway..." Naomi began to sing as she walked her way to school. This morning proved boring and slow. Nothing had been exciting. "Up ahead in the distance, I saw a shimmering light."

    Naomi, as she walked, heard the ding of her notification system on her phone. Stopping she noticed that Tyler, a guy from her school, was doing the morning announcements or at least his take on them. Stopping the music, and resuming walking, Naomi listened in on the podcast.

    "Has anyone else seen this creep ass pedophile van lurking around town?" It was creepy to think back to a few days prior to the start of school. Naomi had been walking home from her work when she noticed a black van had been following her without their lights on. This was unsettling in her mind. Who were they?

    Street after street, Naomi soon entered the school grounds. Her phone buzzed once again with a notification, but this time Naomi did not stop to read it she kept going as she read.

    Jocelyn: Hurry up and get here. I’m all alone and feeling a bit awkward since I just ran into this really hot guy.

    Naomi chuckled to herself. Of course Jocelyn had met a hot guy, she seemed to do so fairly often. However, Naomi still managed to write her friend back.

    To Jocelyn: I'll be there soon. Just got here.

    Returning her phone to her pocket, Naomi walked into the school's front door as she resumed listening to her music. "Her mind is Tiffany-twisted..." She sang low. Naomi was a good singer, in fact her choir teacher loved her.

    Passing through corridor after corridor, Naomi walked into the cafeteria. Taking a seat at her usual table near the nacho line, she pulled out her phone and sent another text.

    To Jocelyn: I am sitting at the usual spot. Hurry up!

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  8. [​IMG]
    ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ⚛ ⚛ ⚛ ▬▬

    Location: Jason's house --- School
    Interactions: Jason @Misguided†Ghost , Nikki @Unbound
    Mentioned: Harley @Brea
    Outfit: HERE

    As soon as Jason hopped into the Jeep, Tyler drove off. He was eager to meet his girlfriend at the school, in all honesty though her really didn't want to charm the pants of the Croc at all.

    "Hell doesn't even begin to explain those hallways man." Jason mentioned to Tyler and he was right. If there was a better way to describe high school it would most likely be: High school is like one is riding a unicycle on a small wire across the grand canon, the unicycle is on fire, you are on fire, the skin is raining fire, and well it's hell.

    As Tyler drove, he came to a stop at a light just opposite of the school. As his brother and him waited to go, Tyler's notification sounded out over the stereo system. Picking up the phone, he noticed that it was Nikki.

    Nikki:‘Yo, when you getting here? I’m out back.’

    A smile came to Tyler's face before he set his phone back down. The light had turned green and Tyler finished his drive to the school.

    Pulling into a parking spot, he grabbed his bag from the back and his phone. Looking to Jason he was about to say that he was going to meet Nikki when Jason said "Hey, Harley wants me to meet me in the cafeteria. Go meet with Nikki, I know she texted you." Harley was a cool girl, and well despite Tyler not knowing how the hell his brother and her managed such a complicated non-relationship-relationship, he still managed to become friends with her.

    Tyler nodded and got out of his Jeep. "I'll see you later bro." With that Tyler walked off towards the back of the school where he knew that Nikki was smoking. He didn't mind the fact that she smoked as long as she didn't mind his flaws.

    Walking around the back of the school, Tyler saw his girl. He smiled. "Hey, babe." Nearing her he pulled her into a side hug making sure to not knock the cigarette out of her hand.
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  9. [​IMG]

    perhaps fuck off → might be too kind

    [ interactions: Joselyn @Misguided†Ghost |
    [ mentioned: Tyler @CELESTIAL✨
    [ outfit: click me!
    [location: home → school. |
    ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦​
    The day started as it always did. The smell of stale smoke in the air, the screeching of the alarm clock, set an hour and a half earlier than necessary. The sun was still below the horizon, making his room a comfy, dark space where he'd rather be sleeping. Unfortunately, he was very much forced awake, sitting up with a groan of pure, utter distaste, setting his alarms off and shuffling his way out of bed, his sweatpants getting discarded in the hallway as he slipped into the shower, until to let out a small screech as the water was far from pleasant. He jumped back out, nearly falling over the edge of the tub, waiting for the water to warm up before he dared to slip back inside.

    He had nearly fallen asleep, his head pressed against the cold bathroom tile, snapping out of his tired state and forcing himself to actually bathe and not curl up on the bathroom floor and accept death. A half an hour later he was in the kitchen, making breakfast for his little sister, whom had shuffled out, still wrapped in her comforter as she plopped down on the counter's bar stool. "Peanut butter toast and eggs okay?" Quince asked, setting the plate down in front of the messy blonde mop that was his little sister. She gave a tired nod, almost letting her face fall flat into her peanut butter toast. Quince sighed, setting her orange juice on the counter before he went to get ready for the day, just hoping Luna would manage to stay awake on her own.

    While getting ready for the day, he ildly listened to Tyler's vlog, awkwardly wiggling himself into a worn out pair of skinny jeans. He only had been half listening, he barely knew the guy, only following his vlogs since he was from the school; but he paused at the mention of a weird black van. He had noticed it too, although, he tried to pay it no mind. But the fact that other people were noticing it? Quince just bit the inside of his cheek, slipping his shirt off and then closing out of the video. Whatever, it was probably nothing. He had more to worry about, like getting Luna to school, since his mother had made a point to not be home yet again. After braiding the girl's hair, they were off to school, dropping her off at the bus stop after she literally clung to his leg and refused to go for a good ten minutes, saying she just wanted to go home and sleep. Same, Luna, same.

    ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓
    Yeah, he remembered why he hated high school so much.

    Part of it was because of these god damn freshman. For fuck's sake, get out of the middle of the hallway. They were crowded enough already, the last thing they needed were a bunch of scared children running around the already insane halls. It wasn't long until he forgot what being considerate was, and was just slipping his way in between them in a not-so-kind way. He had barely made it to his locker until he was bumped into. He visibly bristled, ready to turn and tell whatever clumsy freshman it was to fuck off, until he stopped.

    Well shit, it was a hot girl.

    The look of anger immediately melted into a coy little smirk, just giving a little shrug. "You're fine, sweetheart," he responded, although he doubted she heard him, watching her walk off before he realized he had to go the same direction to get to his locker.

    That smirk only widened when he realized there was only one, single locker separating the two. He opened his locker, shoving the unwanted school supplies into his locker in an unorganized fashion, but decided to pretend not to notice the fact that she was only a locker down.
    Had to play it cool, am I right?

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  10. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ✯ ✯ ✯ ▬▬

    The Cute Nerdy Clairvoyant
    Nickname: ||Chris||Andy||
    Outfit: HERE
    Location: Home ---> School
    Interactions: @practically.a.fairy - Mrs. Grey ||
    Power: Sight

    Face Claim: Dylan O'Brien
    Color Resource: 1024de

    Chris had been awake since like 5:30 in the morning to make sure he had all of his things ready for school and give himself time to get there and talk to every single one of his teachers. Such an overachiever he was. That was for sure. He showered quickly, got on his clothes and hurried to school, just in time to meet up with his first period teacher and go over the class syllabus, seating chart, first homework assignment, etc.

    Again, overachiever.

    Christopher did this with all of his teachers, every... single... year. It was a mystery how they didn't hate him. Probably because he was the number one teacher's pet. Always helping out in class and doing unnecessary but helpful work for the teachers. I don't know if I can stress the fact that he's an overachiever enough.

    Christopher stopped by the last teacher's classroom and surprisingly didn't see her in there. He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. By the looks of the classroom, Mrs. Grey definitely could use some help. The desks were all stacked on top of each other and class started soon. He didn't want to do anything without her permission, so he sat down on the floor and waited for her to get back.

    About 8 minutes later, Mrs. Grey entered the room, her eyes filled with surprise. Guess she didn't expect to see him so early. He smiled and stood up before speaking. “Good morning Ms. Grey. I thought I’d come in here and see if there was anything I could help with. I’ve been here all morning helping my other teachers.” Chris stood with his hands in his pockets, waiting for her answer.
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  11. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♚♚♚ ▬▬

    The Secretive Sexy Teacher
    Nickname: ||Master Grey||Ri||
    Location: Home ---> School
    Mentioned: None
    Interactions: Misguided†Ghost - Chris ||
    Power: Empathy

    Face Claim: Alexandra Breckenridge
    Color Resource: ff0000

    The hot coffee burnt her lips and tongue, but she kept drinking it anyway. Looking out the window she had been distracted the whole morning, in fact she didn’t have a lesson plan yet. Just across the street under a tree freshly loosing leaves was a van. The same van she saw while leaving her house, the town was crawling with these vans. What if they are the same van? She didn’t know, but she knew it wasn’t good news.

    Bending over the windowsill coffee to her lips, cleavage peeking out of her black ruffle blouse and skirt riding up. She was never dressed too inappropriate, she had assets why not use them? Looking around her new class room she was overwhelmed, desks stacked in the corner, her desk piled high with boxes and files. The school reached out to her last minute, Mr. Langdon was fired after being caught selling and smoking weed with his students. What was she supposed to do on the first day of school? Kids will be flooding in any minute. She thought about going outside for some icebreakers the sun was beautiful but It was rather cold still.

    Twirling around she smiled at the clock 7:30 it read, class will start soon. Maybe one more cup of coffee she thought. Walking out of the class room she sighed she really needed to put stuff together. Oh well more caffeine will do it. Walking back from the teachers’ lounge with her coffee waving her hips back and forth to the tune in her head. Some kids were around but not the majority, not upstairs where her room was. She was shocked when she walked in and there was a boy sitting on the floor, he looked up and smiled. “Good morning Ms. Grey. I thought I’d come in here and see if there was anything I could help with. I’ve been here all morning helping my other teachers.”

    “Oh hello!” She smiled widely. “My desks need to be moved.” He stood up towering over her walking over and arranging desks in rows.

    “Thank you so much my dear.” She leaned against the desk, “I would of never been able to move all of those by myself.”
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  12. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ☠ ☠ ☠ ▬▬

    Nickname: ||Juno||Jo||Jos||
    Outfit: HERE
    Location: School
    Mentioned: @Mysty - Quince ||
    Interactions: @CELESTIAL✨ - Naomi
    Power: Illusion

    Face Claim: Kayla Freitas
    Color Resource: 8108c2

    Joselyn read the texr message on her screen before walking over to her best friend, hugging her briefly. "Hey love, so glad you're finally here!" Jo squealed, being sure that the happiness in her tone was there. "You missed it, I almost died not too long ago." She chuckled and fixed her beanie on her head

    Jo and Naomi were best friends for life. They told each other pretty much everything, so there was definitely no going back on their friendship. They knew too much about each other to stop being friends; however, there were things they didn't know about each other. That was beside the point.

    Way besides the point.

    "Omg, so I just ran into this total cutie in the hallway on the way to my locker, and it turns out that he's like one locker away from me. I definitely don't mind getting to see him often." She giggled, looking around at everyone. In all honesty, Joselyn didn't want to go through this school year with all the fake shitty people. If she and her friends could be the only people to go to their school, Jos would probably like school. But that clearly wasn't the case. "Oh, and he called me sweetheart!" She swooned, excitement the most noticeable expression on her face.

    Joselyn was a weird girl when it came to love and relationships in general. She was a cocky, carefree flirt who made googly eyes at almost every cute person she saw. She wanted love and attention, but at the same time she hated people and never wanted to fall in love ever again. She very much wanted to be in a serious relationship and settle down, but she also wanted to hoe around and hook up with random people at parties. Her love lifestyle was a weird one, but it was one that worked for her most of the time.

    "Anyway, how was your summer?! You know, the crappy part where we weren't hanging out." She laughed.

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  13. [​IMG]
    Location: Cafeteria
    Power: Electrokinesis
    Mentioned: NPCs, Tyler ( @CELESTIAL✨ )
    Interactions: Jason ( @Misguided†Ghost )
    Character Sheet: HERE
    Outfit: HERE
    Color Ref: e35914

    Freshmen. They disgusted Harley. Always asking others for directions, migrating through the halls together like a scared herd of antelope. She found herself maneuvering around one group of freshmen after another, her countenance permanently stuck in a scowl. By the time she reached the cafeteria she was thoroughly annoyed. So far, it was just a normal day at school.

    Her annoyance only got worse when she walked in to the cafeteria to find that it was already crowded. None of the long tables were vacant, and Harley didn't see an open spot that wasn't surrounded by clearly obnoxious people. Rolling her eyes to herself, she went to lean against the wall near the corner closest to her. She pressed her right shoulder to the brick wall, her back facing the corner. Her left hand rested against her bag, her other hand holding her phone.

    She had already texted the only person she felt like talking to, and he hadn't even responded yet. He better be here, Harley thought as she checked to make sure her message had been delivered to Jason. I'll be damned if I have to suffer alone today. Inhaling deeply through her nose, Harley exited out of her messages and opened up snap chat. Every story in her feed was pretty much the same, with the exception of Kylie Jenner's story. Harley wasn't much of a fan of the Kardashian family... but Kylie was her guilty pleasure.

    Several 'Outfit of the Day!' and 'First Day of School!' snaps later, two arms snaked around her waist from behind. Instantly, Harley's lips turned slightly upward, and some of her annoyance seemed to fizzle away. She didn't have to look to see who it was, she knew well before he greeted her with a, "Mornin' beautiful." Only one person would be so bold as to touch her, especially in this manner. Jason.

    "Took you long enough," Harley joked, though was unable to mask the small amount of annoyance that still remained. Brown eyes flickered to the cafeteria tables, and she nodded her head slightly in that direction. "All these jerks beat me to the tables, I was getting lonely over here." As she locked her phone she noticed the time. The bell would be ringing soon, marking the official beginning of the school year.

    Harley slipped her phone into her bag, smoothly shifting to face Jason. "I wish I was a senior like you, it's just not fair," She complained, frowning slightly. Usually Harley was more monotone, and she wan't much of a talker either. But with Jason she showed her emotions more easily, words came more naturally. Looking past him, Harley realized that he had come to find her all alone. "What, no Tyler?" She questioned, raising an eyebrow only slightly.
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  14. [​IMG]
    ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ☯ ☯ ☯ ▬▬

    Location: Home -- School
    Interactions: None
    Mentioned: Jason @Misguided†Ghost
    Outfit: HERE

    The kettle of tea began to scream as a old woman entered a small, run down, kitchen. The window on the north wall provided enough light to illuminate what the small light hanging from the ceiling couldn't, a crack ran down the glass of the window. The cupboards were stained from smoke. The old woman, Beatrice, hobbled across the water damaged flooring, a cigarette in her frail hand. She relinquished the kettle from its harsh environment, the screams faded.

    A boy, no older than five, set at a table in the next room. His shaggy brown hair hung over his eyes. Before him set a bowl of cereal, soggy. He frowned and looked up into the kitchen. There he saw what he really desired- a cookie. Sweet and delicious, kept high up from his small greedy hands. What he wouldn't give for just one. "Cousin, would you sneak me a cookie?" He asked a teenage boy that had entered adult hood days prior.

    "Kyle, just get the fuc- dang cookie." Trenton, a eighteen year old high school student, caught himself before cussing in front of the small child. The teenage boy's hair was long and messy, his eyes were glazed from sleep. He would have killed for just one more hour of sleep.

    Trenton walked into the kitchen. His cousin trailing behind. "Please." The small boy whispered to the older one. Trenton sighed and looked at his grandmother who was focused on making her tea for the morning. Trenton took one look at his young cousin and sighed. Walking over to the shelf, Trenton reached up and grabbed the jar.

    "Don't you dare, Trenton Leonardo Pierce." The elderly woman spoke without taking her eyes off of her tea.

    Trenton scoffed and put the jar back.

    "Now, hurry along. You got to take Kyle to school this morning." She informed the older boy as she turned around. Placing her cup of tea on the counter, she looked at the boy before taking a drag from her cancerous stick. "You promised." She mentioned with a smirk.

    Trenton rolled his eyes. "Yeah, whatever." If there was one thing worse than going to school, it was taking a five year old to his first day of kindergarten. Too many children were collected in one small area. "Come on, I don't have all day."

    The young boy sighed and trailed after his cousin with a hunched back. He was rather upset about not receiving his cookie. However, following his cousin out of the door he noticed the small shape in his cousin's hand. He gasped. "Thank you, cousin." He said before taking the cookie from the older boy.

    "Whatever." Trenton said with a smile on his face. Sure he hated children, but he really liked his cousin. After all he looked after him since the day he was born.

    After dropping the small child off at school, and signing his parental form, Trenton began walking towards his own, new, school. It had been a while since Trenton had been in Brookeside, he hadn't lived there since fifth grade. In fact, he had only been in town a week since he had left his parents behind in Seattle. His grandmother was a caring woman that took him in just like she took Kyle in when his mother passed. Trenton just had to help with the kid and around the house. It was easy.

    Walking along the street, Trenton noticed a black van parked across the street from the high school. It hid behind some shrubbery in the parking lot for the Performing Arts hall. This was the first time he had seen the van, but it was defiantly not a normal van people drove around. The windows were tinted darker than a limos, the van itself was clean with no scraps from anything, and Trenton could vaguely see a figure through the window. Maybe three.

    Pushing the van to the back of his head, Trenton tried to focus on his first day. For some reason he was nervous. Hopefully his old friend, Jason was around here somewhere.

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  15. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ✯ ✯ ✯ ▬▬

    The Vulgar Badass Shapeshifter
    Nickname: ||JC||Jace||
    Outfit: HERE
    Location: School (Cafeteria)
    Mentioned: @Unbound - Nikki || @CELESTIAL✨ - Tyler
    Interactions: @Brea - Harley ||
    Power: Shapeshifting

    Face Claim: Oli Sykes
    Color Resource: 800000

    Jason chuckled when Harley teased him about taking too long. "Sorry it took so long. Grandma had to wake me up. I wouldn't have even been here if it wasn't for her." He laughed a little bit. It wasn't his fault he hated school and he wasn't motivated enough to get up at 6 in the morning to get ready like some people he knew... Except it was. The only thing that he was excited for at school was seeing his friends, Harley and maybe an occasional fight here and there.

    Although Jason said and tried to make people believe he was going to school just to get it over with and he didn't care about it, everyone knew that wasn't the case at all. Jason even knew that wasn't the reason he was going to school. Even when he was having his rebellious episodes and fucking up in school, there was still a huge part of him that played the fatherly role missing from his sister's life. He wanted to be a somewhat good role model and make sure his sister made the best decisions in life. He didn't want her to end up on a path to destruction like he once had.

    As Harley turned to face him, Jason smiled. They weren't even really together, but he couldn't help but love every little thing she did. He looked in her eyes as she talked and laughed a little bit. "I'm only a senior because you helped me out a shit ton last year. If anything, we should have switched places Miss. I take AP classes." He teased.

    Jace wasn't lying. Towards the middle of the school year, Jason had started to slip up in school. He was failing all of his classes at one point in time, and he didn't really believe he was going to graduate. But of course, Harley wasn't having it. She helped him with homework every day before he did anything else fun, she kept him from sleeping all day and actually made him study. He'd be going through junior year a third time if it wasn't for his best friend.

    "Thank you for all of that by the way. We'll have to do something nice to celebrate. Go out or somethin'." He bit his bottom lip and snickered a little at the mention of his brother. "Oh yeah, Tyler went to go meet up with Nikki. They're such a cute couple."

    It was nice that Jason's brother had finally gotten with someone who wasn't a raging bitch for no reason. Tyler probably felt the same way about Jason. It was nice that he had Harley though. She actually cared about him, unlike a lot of other girls he used to be with.
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  16. [​IMG]
    ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ☠ ☠ ☠ ▬▬

    Location: School cafeteria
    Interactions: Joselyn Thomas @Misguided†Ghost

    Mentioned: Quincy @Mysty
    Outfit: HERE

    The music blaring in her ears were enough to block out the sound of the surround people. She hated school, and in truth wished it would burn in the depths of hell. At least she did with this school. Brookeside was lame. Full of stuck-up snobs whom had a death wish.

    Noticing Jocelyn's approach out of the corner of her eye, Naomi pulled out her ear buds that had just switched to Gangster's Paradise by Coolio.

    "Hey love, so glad you're finally here!" Jocelyn squealed. "You missed it, I almost died not too long ago."

    Jocelyn loved to use a hyperbole at any given moment, she had been that way since Naomi had met her way back when. Surprisingly though there was one time when Jocelyn actually meant what she said. "You didn't almost die, Jo." Naomi mentioned to her taking a sip off of her Arizona.

    "Omg, so I just ran into this total cutie in the hallway on the way to my locker, and it turns out that he's like one locker away from me. I definitely don't mind getting to see him often." She giggled.

    Sitting back in her chair, Naomi smiled as she looked at her friend gush over this guy she saw. It was cute. At least she was having a good first day. "Wait! You haven't met him before? Huh. I thought we knew of everyone at this hell hole." Naomi said as she sat forward in her seat. There wasn't many people at this high school, in fact there were barely any new kids.

    Hearing the question about her summer, Naomi sighed and thought back to the eight grueling weeks of B.S. "It was eventful." Naomi bluntly stated. "My mom and dad are having an affair together. My step-mom knows nothing about it, can't wait to hear the fit she'll make when she learns of it." Naomi chuckled at the thought.

    It was true that Naomi despised her step-mother, but at times she woman was rather entertaining when it came to her screaming matches with Naomi's father. It was like the woman was a WWE wrestler, but more verbally than anything physical.

    "I worked. I got bank. I got questioned by the cops. Usual summer break for me." Naomi thought about with a serious face before busting out laughing. "How was your summer?"

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  17. [​IMG]
    Location: Cafeteria
    Power: Electrokinesis
    Mentioned: Tyler ( @HEX ), Nikki ( @Unbound )
    Interactions: Jason ( @Misguided†Ghost )
    Character Sheet: HERE
    Outfit: HERE
    Color Ref: e35914

    The smallest of smiles rest upon Harley's lips as Jason reminded her of all the times she helped him last year. It was something she was more than happy to do, because it meant she knew petty much everything she'd be learning this year. It gave her an edge, and she liked that. Besides, Harley would take any opportunity to hang out with him.

    Not to mention if she didn't help him he wouldn't have graduated. Now, what kind of best friend would she have been if she just idly stood by and watched? At the mention of Tyler and Nikki, Harley's countenance returned to it's normal state of zero expression. She liked them, - or, at lest, did not dislike them- but she did envy the two a little. They knew what they were, everyone knew what they were. It was the only reason people could look at them and call them a "cute couple."

    Looking Jason up and down briefly, Harley realized she didn't care all that much. She and Jason knew they were with each other, even if they had never stated it out loud. She didn't need other people to know, did she? Shaking her head at herself for being so silly, Harley's small smile returned as fast as it went. "School is taking forever to start," She said with a sigh, checking the clock once more. "I really just want to get today over with."

    Thinking back to Jason's mention of celebration, Harley's eyes twinkled with sudden excitement. "Hey, we should go see a movie tonight," She suggested, pulling out her phone. "I'm pretty sure 'Don't Breathe' is still out, or if you wanna see a comedy Sausage Party is still out too, I think," she continued on, gaze cast down at her phone in her hand. Originally she had pulled the phone out to check what was in theaters, but it seemed as though she didn't even need to check.

    Instead, Harley opened up her camera, holding it pout and leaning against Jason's chest. "Cheers!" She said, signaling for him to smile before she snapped the picture. Not a lot of people knew this, partially because she didn't look the part, but Harley liked to scrapbook. She had one for every year of school since sixth grade, as well as mini books for important events. Looking at the image, Harley's mile deepened. Perfect for the cover photo.
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  18. Nikki Asher
    Outfit: here
    Mood: Tired | Annoyed | Irritated | Needy/Lonely
    Location: House -> School

    Mentioned/Interactions: @HEX

    Nikki had almost finished her cigarette when she heard the familiar voice, belonging to Tyler, her Tyler. She tapped the stub against the rock, taking one last drag as she allowed Tyler to pull her into a side hug, smiling lightly as she finished the smoke, dropping it to the floor and crushing it under her boot. Then, she turned, wrapping her arms gently around the back of his neck, leaning her head against his. “I missed you, what took ya so long?” She asked with a slight chuckle, looking up into his eyes. Her pale fingers danced around on the skin on the back of his neck, tracing random lines gently. Her pinkish lips still curled in a small smile, she stretched up and planted a gentle kiss on his lips.

    She would spend every moment with him, if that were possible. She couldn’t remember the last time she had someone who made her feel so alive, who made her feel so wanted. Despite the freedom she oh so loved of living in her father’s garage, practically her own house, it didn’t make her feel wanted by her family. But then again, she had gotten her mother locked up for murder.

    She moved her head, resting in the crook of his shoulder as her arms remained gently around his neck, simply holding him close. She smelt of cigarette smoke, and what was possibly some alcohol and weed, but that was just her. “We should skip today, go to the cinema or something, or just crash at my place…” She suggested, knowing that it was most likely not going to happen, and Tyler would talk her into staying, despite knowing he didn’t really want to be here either.
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