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  1. Within the infinite reaches of the Inter dimensional space lies Yellow's bar.
    While I say somewhere within, it isn't particularly anywhere, Yellow's bar connects all of the dimensions using hidden doors, all of these doors, out of which some are even hidden within dumpsters, lead to Yellow's bar.

    Yellow, the owner of this unusual establishment is a small Pikachu looking thing that can drink or eat anything also, he is a serious alcoholic, even though he is never drunk.
    (Yellow is played by Gamer5)

    Besides Yellow there is another bartender, an unusual pitch-black haired girl who rarely talks, she takes over for Yellow when he goes to buy additional stock... Or waste the existing stock.
    (This one is played by me)

    So, did you stumble into Yellow's bar by accident? Are you a regular? Did you come here to take a break from your constant adventures? It doesn't matter! Yellow's bar accepts everyone and anyone, and accepts whatever currency you may have.

    However despite the bar being so open, don't even think of making trouble, the security staff is composed of only the deadliest creatures and people of the IDS.

    Through the windows of this bar, one can see sights and moments from all over histories of the IDS.

    (Get posting people~! This bar is open for all canon or original characters, even those from other RP's are welcome!)

    Menu (Regularly updated)
    Show Spoiler

    Yellow's Light Beer - 50 cr - The most generic beer in the IDS
    Yellow stuff - 65 cr - Mostly alcohol with lemon juice and some other stuff.
    Philosophical Cocktail - 75 cr - A cocktail that makes you feel awfully smart.
    100% Alcohol - 90 cr - Not for the faint harted, or anything alive usually.
    1000% Alcohol concentrate - 150 cr - Why would you even order this?
    Sake - 25 to 1000+ cr- depending on the brand.
    Black Hole (cocktail) - 80 cr - A cocktail that absorbs all light, seeing through this is impossible. Drinking this supposedly hits you so hard you feel like throwing yourself in the nearest black hole.
    Death Cocktail - 125cr - A cocktail that hits you so hard it kills you. Seriously, this WILL kill you, make sure you are immortal before you drink it.
    Water - Free to 250+ cr - Either your standard run-of-the-mill tap water or incredibly expensive and awesome bottled water.
    Beer - 25cr to 600+ cr - Beer that is not Yellow's light beer.
    The Spinner (cocktail) - 95 cr - A cocktail that makes you so dizzy you literally spin at high speeds.

    Sandwich - 25 cr - The sandwich, the ultimate food for anyone.
    Pommes Frites - 20 cr/50cr - Potatoes sliced to small pieces and fried in oil, popular food on Ancient Earth
    Pizza - 75 cr/120 cr - Yellow's bar offers you to make whatever type you want, just name your ingredients.
    Omentaler cheese - 60 cr/kg - The best cheese in the IDS, made out of the milk of Omenars.
    Chewing Gum - 1-5 cr - What you see is what you get.
    Yellows Ultimate Snacks Mix (YUS Mix) - 60 cr/kg - A mix of all sorts of random snacks and stuff, Yellow approved, naturally.
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  2. After a long night at work Ken went to yellow's bar for a drink. One beer please
  3. The black haired girl looks over at the guest, her shift was almost over and she couldn't wait for Yellow to get back so she could go do more meaningful things. Luckily the bar did not have that many visitors today, and this guy was probably the last one to arrive, hopefully.
    She opens the fridge under the bar, which is larger on the inside then outside, naturally, and takes the beer she served when people did not specify a brand, "Yellow's Light Beer".
    She pops open the cap and fills a large glass with beer, passing it to Ken.
  4. Ken put his hand out and took the glass and chugged it down. "gulp" Thanks how much is it?
  5. At his usual slow pace Yellow comes and takes the bar-keeping duty from Mica and proceeded to charge the customer for one "Yellow's Light Beer".
    "50 Credits if you have them otherwise any currency will do, trough the price will differ," Yellow said while counting out Mica's pay for today.
  6. Mica nodded to Yellow as he moved in, and as he gathered her money and paid her out walked to the end of the counter, walking around it and exiting through the door, disappearing in the usual dimensional flash that happened if you left through a dimensional gate.
    In the meanwhile, through the windows the rings of Saturn slowly turned, glittering on the distant sun.
  7. Here's the payment see yah I'll probable be here tomorrow
  8. When Ken got outside he used a teleporting device to go to his house. When he got there he was fast asleep on his couch.
  9. Yellow waved a goodbye to the customer and waited on for someone else to come to the counter or a waiter to bring a order from one of the tables. Trough it was mainly a bar Yellow's Bar was more then that. This establishment was located in a multistory building and had amongst many other things a gym, a pool, a gaming/arcade center, a top kitchen capable of taking up to 2 thousand orders at the same time, a bathhouse, a go-kart track, multiple rooms for discussions or conferences and so on. Actually you cloud say that the only thing that the Bar didn't have were rooms to sleep - trough that didn't stop people from falling asleep on benches, chairs and so on only to be waked up by a "gentile" poking of Bloodlust's sword. Yellow sighted and hoped that the traffic in the bar would soon increase ...
  10. Lisanne was tired and lost. She had escaped from the prison after being betrayed by her crew and arrested. Her mood wasn't one of the bests at the moment. Fortunately, she spotted a bar and thanked for whatever god was listening to her. With the rest of her energy, she ran towards it. However, before opening the door, she frowned. F*ck. What if they recognize me? My tattoos aren't really something that you just ignore. Damn it. I'm so hungry... Oh, heck. I'm gonna risk it. What do I have to lose anyway? And so, she entered. Usually, her black hair and the tattoos that covered her right arm and neck made her easily recognizable, and before she would have loved the attention, but right now she was screwed. No crew. No ship. No weapons. Only a little bag with money that she pick potted as soon as she was out of the prison.

    Finally, she sat at the bar.

    "Hi! Bartender! I want something strong, ya' know! And, do you have somethin' to eat? My tummy would greatly appreciate that." Her voice was loud and a strong accent could be heard. Though it was difficult to identify which accent was that.
  11. Yellow looked at the woman and said: "One glass of Yellow Stuff coming up. As for food, well order whatever you want or can pay." Than he took one short glass and filled it with a yellow, obviously alcoholic, liquid and put in front of the lass while listening closely for her food order.
  12. Lisanne picked up the glass and took a sip.

    "Damn, this is good! Oh, I want... French Fries! And a sandwich!" Lis said excited, laughing when her stomach growled loudly. "Relax, big boy. The food is comin'!"
  13. Yellow wondered if the woman was drinking toilet water for the last week to call Yellow Stuff good - it was a mix made out of 72.1% pure alcohol, 24.6% lemon and some other secret additions - most people just found it "strong as hell and as bitter as a lemon mixed in a horrible way". Well tastes are not to be disputed so Yellow just yelled her order to the kitchen stuff: "A wham sandwich with omentaler cheese and some french fries for the counter! Make it fast." Then he turned back to the girl: "Some sauces with your order? Ketchup? Mustard? Mayonnaise? More to drink?"
  14. Was it a smart idea?

    Fucking around with forces one had yet to fully grasp the control of yet never tended to be. Still, no one could ever say Marisa was one to take things easy... or safely, for that matter. Living carefully didn't suit the ordinary magician in the slightest -- anyone that knew her could easily agree on that point. Still, even she had to admit that she hadn't expected one of the grimoires she'd grabbed up recently to flash to life and produce some sort of door leading to an unfamiliar place. Straightening out her hat and taking a look around, she eventually surmised that the place had to be some sort of bar and, lacking any better course of action for the time being, approached the bar and took a seat.

    "Yo, barkeep!" she called.
  15. "Uh... Ketchup!" She replied after taking a sip of her drink. Lisanne looked at the girl that had entered the bar while she waited for her order. She wanted to talk to someone so bad, but didn't want to risk more than she was already risking.

    Fuck it.

    "Hello!" Lisanne waved to the girl as she smiled brightly. People said that she looked nothing like the cruel pirate captain that the rumors claimed she was. And maybe that was why she was always so successful, people tended to underestimate her. In the end, they never survived. Lisanne could be that cold cruel pirate captain if she wanted, or if necessary. This personality of hers is what made her crew love and fear her at the same time, though they've betrayed her. And for that they would pay.
  16. Yellow took notice of the new customer and without much rush first gave a small ketchup bottle to the girl waiting for her meal and then went to see what the new arrival wanted. "So miss what would you want," he asked the witch-dressed girl in the same time when a hovering plate with a wham & omentaler sandwich and french fires on itself levitated out of the kitchen and landed in front of the hungry lass.
  17. "Ooh." Marisa turned her attention to the stranger that greeted her and paused for a moment as she seemed to size the woman up. She didn't look like much of a threat to Marisa, with that smile and general friendly atmosphere she gave off. Still, living where she did, Marisa had long since learned not to take such qualities as an indicator of a person's actual intent. However, she didn't want to be rude since the woman thought it necessary to speak, so she finally smiled back and replied, "What's up?"

    It was then that she took notice of the bartender finally... uh... "... Wow, what are you?" she asked Yellow, removing her hat and setting it on the side.
  18. Lisanne picked up the ketchup and saw her food coming to her. She was so hungry that she didn't even wait for the food to land on the bar, she grabbed her sandwich, put ketchup in it, and ate like a dragon. She looked to the girl once again.

    "Damn, you have to try this! It's soo good!" Being a pirate, Lisanne didn't have a sense of good manners, so she didn't swallow before speaking. Well, the scene wasn't really pretty. Taking one hand out of her sandwich, she pointed to the girl's hat, while still chewing.

    "So, a witch, huh?" She asked curiously.
  19. After another day of work Ken finds himself back at yellow's bar. Ken goes over to the counter and sits down on a chair. "One drink please" Ken said to the bartender.
  20. "You could say that." Marisa nodded. "I prefer the term 'magician', myself." The blonde extended a hand toward Lisanne, grinning. "Ordinary magician, Marisa Kirisame -- at your service." she introduced herself smoothly enough, though she sort of wished she could have spelled her name out in energy. That would have been interesting.
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