Welcome to the Horror that is my Mind

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  1. Alrighty, so for you all I have filled out a fairly thorough questionnaire on some details about me. I'm open to some friendly conversation with anyone about almost anything. Ask me anything you like and I just may answer it ;)

    First Name: Chiba (Hee•vuh)
    Age: Never ask a lady her age :)
    Location: Oklahoma, USA
    Special Interests: I'm an archer and hunter, I'm a writer and editor, I know nine languages and I'm going to get a Bachelor's in Pre-Med.
    Favorite Sports Teams: OSU
    Favorite Genre of Music: I like almost any genre except country and rap.
    Favorite Band: I'd have to say my favorite would either be Kamelot or Yuya Matsushita
    Favorite Movie & Book: The Lord of the Rings Series (I was a fan before the movies)
    Favorite Food: Nigiri octopus sushi
    Username Meaning: Well, I'm shy, Jewish and I'm an elf fan (Tolkien only)
    Other: I get sick easily due to this weird disease (lupus), so I'm often too weak or busy to be online. I'm on at least once a day though, so hopefully I won't deter anyone.
  2. Welcome to Iwaku.

    I love LoR as well, and have read most of Tolkien's work.
  3. Hello! First off I adore both of your names!

    Secondly, welcome to Iwaku. It's amazing that you know 9 languages, I only know English. Lame I know! But I have plans to learn something..one day. XD I also had a friend who had Lupus, he was sick a lot too but a brilliant writer. I'm sure you'll be awesome here and don't be afraid to ask for help! See ya around, :).