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Which is the best Magic?

  1. Necromancy

  2. Elemental

  3. Transmutation

  4. Enchantment

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  1. Accepting New Characters: Not at the moment.
    Rating: PG-13 for violence, vulgar language, and mild intimacy (no naughty crap, take it somewhere else)
    Atmosphere/Mood: Can be serious with some comedic encounters to lighten the mood. Dungeons can get creepy.
    Basic Plot:
    n an era of uncertainty, the Northern Continent of Earisse has come under siege by a dark force. In the shadows, beasts of seething malice have crawled into the light bringing with them a fog to cover their assaults upon the living. Their origins unknown, only a handful of innocents have escaped the claws of the damned to rely what they saw. Creatures tainted in shadow wearing stone masks akin to skulls on their heads and eyes like burning hell blazing from their sockets.
    For a few centuries, these beasts have terrified the land with no rhyme or reason other to inflict death and terror. However, like all who are oppressed there are those that stand up and take matters into their own hands. The birth of the Hunters Guild has come and for the past century, the men and women of this experience group have been the vanguard of this world against the evils that have come to strangle the light.
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  2. The Hunters Guild
    he Hunters Guild reside in citadels doted over the land, acting as safe houses for their members for when they travel. Their members carry a metal emblem on their person to identify themselves to authorities such as Constables, City Watch and the like. This does not guarantee that they would help in the member’s endeavors for they may not wish for the help or desire the glory for themselves. When this happens some missions must be carried out in quiet to avoid further opposition.

    The Races
    he World of Earisse is populated by humans and the spirits.
    • Humans are a short lived race compared to the Spirits but they have carved a great legacy of achieving sentience. With a growing intelligence that wasn't foreseen in the fledgling race they have built great cities, diversified a culture and developed sophisticated magics.
    • The spirits are an enigma, beings that exist in ways that mortals have little understanding of. Most appear to be indifferent to the lives of mortals with a handful that interfere in benevolent and malevolent ways. When it comes to spirits, there isn't a dividing line that separate good and evil. If anything, the spirits are a chaotic entity that does what many believe to be necessary in their own agendas. Rural villagers are the last that pay tribute to the spirits, understanding that they are like nature in many ways. An example of duality.
      The spirits when they are recognized by mortals have come in many guises. Personifying the elements, flora and fauna but never duplicating the appearance. When seen, there is always something about them that spells out an otherworldly origin. Because they exist in more than one realm, the spirits can either be corporeal or not. Able to pass through walls or spark the fires that lead to raging infernos.
    he Magic that weaves all of existence into what it is, can be harnessed by beings called the Mages. These being are humans with a sensitivity to magical forces. It is unknown how this came about but there are as many theories as there are fleas on a dog. A mage when coming into their own, can be dangerous and unstable if they aren’t taught any control. In the larger cities, there are colleges dedicated to teaching these youngsters how to hone their talents and control. Depending on the student, they could live within these colleges for years to decades. However, not every student yearns to become Archmages. Some only stay until they have enough control to live out a normal life.
    Four types of magic are taught in the colleges: Elemental, Transmutation, Enchantment and Necromancy.
    • Elemental deals with the six primal forces that weaved the world: Fire, Air, Earth, Water, Lightning and Ice. A mage that specializes in elemental magic will specialize in a Major Element that they are attuned to. This Major Element when wielded, is strong while a minor element that the mage wields won’t be as affective. The simplest form of this magic is lighting a candle with the mind. Harder forms like calling a elemental spirit into the realm will require an incantation and a great deal of concentration.
    • Transmutation is the art of creating a more refined object out of the materials present. There has to be equal materials and the correct alchemic equation in the form of glyphs for the transmutation to work. The bigger the object, the more internal power to fuel the transmutation. If one tries to transmute something that is out of their league, they run the risk of killing themselves and becoming apart of the transmutation. A ghastly end indeed.
    • Necromancy is a tricky field as it can be about healing the wounded or raising and controlling the dead. Its about controlling the forces of positive and negative energies that affect life and guiding them elsewhere. For one to heal, they must take positive energy from something living. As this field deals with the living public, a healer will use plants to supplement this energy. Crystals can be imbued with positive energy from fonts that happen naturally in the world and be used to supplement the fuel for a healing spell. If neither are available, it has been known that some mages will sacrifice their own lifeforce to save a life and take on their injuries. This is usually a last resort. The darker half of this coin is to redirect a stolen lifeforce to reanimate the dead. This is usually done by slaughter an animal or another being to fuel the reanimation. To clarify, a reanimation is not a true resurrection. The corpse may be brought from the fields of death, but they aren't the person they once were and are nothing more than an empty puppet. Necromancy can also be used to drain lifeforce energies from another to heal themselves of wounds, called a Drain Touch spell. Because the use of Dark Necromancy has caused more problems than helped, it is banned in many parts of the North Continent.
    • Enchantment is a form of imbuing items with magical properties such as a burning sword, an invisible cloak or communicating mirror. That art of enchantment involves using incantations, materials and the item to be imbued.
    ((Weather Magic, Transmuting Gold, Dark Necromancy and Love Enchants are forbidden.))

    Religion of the Land
    he major religion of the North Continent is the worship of the Trinity. The Trinity consists of Lux, the Goddess of Creation, Fors, the Deity of Luck and Umbra, the God of Death. The three are worshiped together as they are the forces that dictate the course life. Each god is represented by symbols that they hold special to them that their followers will wear on chains or use as a focal point for their prayers.
    • Lux, a seed. Fors, a coin. Umbra, the sickle.
    Although it is normal for the Trinity to be worshiped together as a whole, there are circumstances where they are prayed to separately. For when there is a birth or a successful harvest, Lux is prayed to and thanked. Those needing a wee bit more luck beseech Fors and when a loved one is buried, Umbra is usually offered tribute for a safe journey to the afterlife.
    Majority doesn't mean that everyone worships the Trinity. There are pockets of rural citizens in backwoods villages that still give praise to the spirits.

    Codex of Shadow Beasts
    he Shadow Beasts come in different shapes but the size is always gargantuan. The scholars of the Guild and Mage Colleges have documented every encounter, hoping to find some link to origin. So far, they haven’t landed on a clue but had collected enough data to know how to kill them more effectively. Aim for the heart unless you can crack through the head. They are especially susceptible to fire and lightning based magic.
    Below are a list of common forms that the Shadow Beasts have appeared in.
    • Ursal: Giant bears that linger in forests.
    • Worg: Like a werewolf like creature that are seen forests and plains.
    • Roc: Giant ravens that fly everywhere but are few in number.
    • Scorpion: Giant arachnids that thrive in the deserts.
    • Naga: A serpentine humanoid that has been spotted in underwater caverns on rivers, lakes and seas.
    The Scholars are constantly on the lookout for new forms the Shadows Beasts can take.
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  4. Character Profile

    [b]General History:[/b]
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  6. So, I can't be a spirit?
  7. No, I'm allowing one guy to play for my own plot advancements.
  8. Rules are simple:
    No Godmoding, if what you're about to do seems like its too much it probably is.
    No Smut. romance is encouraged if that's what you want but anything else must go in the appropriate thread. And this ain't it.
    No auto-hitting, if you and another can't agree on who gets hit. Roll some dice, even win. Odds lose.
    Keeping cursing to a tasteful level. No f-bombs every other sentence. If you can use a very well imagined curse along the lines of Monty Python's Holy Grail, you get a rating bonus from me.
    Please post at least one full, well thought out paragraph. I get stuck sometimes too but I try.
    Minimum is to post at least once every couple of days. If you have a good excuse than no harm done, just communicate that you have something getting in the way so people don't get irritable about waiting.
    If you don't have a good accuse, then you will be cut from the story and we go on without you.
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  9. Also, does herbalism/alchemy exist?
  10. Those would be like skills as Herbalism can used to fuel Enchantments, First Aid and Poison Making. And Alchemy can be used with Transmutation or making bombs if that's your fancy.
    So those can be put in talents
  11. [​IMG]

    Abthane Eirioch Lutair
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Birthplace: Taigh an Croch, Innis Buidhe (The House of Slaughter, Yellow Island)
    Occupation: Dream-seer and Mageblade (Specialization: Fire)


    Eirioch has the distinctive silvery white hair of the Lutair Clan, which hands long around his angular, sharp face and features. It is always meticulously cared for, and one might suspect vanity, but all Lutair's take some pride in their silver-white hair, something that seperates them from the Earisseans of the south. In most respects, Eirioch looks like a typical Lutair Clan male, but his eyes are wrong by the standards of his family. Lutair eyes are universally blue, in some shade or another, but Eirioch has orange-red eyes that glow faintly in dark places, surily surveilling the world beneath arched white brows. and heavy lids. He has a drawn, thin face with angular cheekbones and small lips. His skin is very pale, and free of stubble and blemish ; on his face. His arms, however, which are always hidden behind shirt or armor, bear many small pinkish knicks from where he has given up blood, in order to appease his shadowy masters.

    Eiroch is neither tall, nor short, standing at 5'10 in boots, a common height amongst his people. Though wiry and thin, he seems to posses an inhuman strength, and wields two swords whose axe-headed blades are a traditional weapon in his homeland, called the gallowglaigh. He also carries a small, steel dagger which is primarily used for his own blood-letting. He dresses in black leather armor made of many faulds, and angular leaves, and in places there is mail to support his gauntlets, greaves, and cuirass. Beneath his armor, there is a white linen shirt, black-leather breaches and black boots. In colder climates - as if the pale man from the North was effected by Southern breezes! - he wears a heavy black cloak with soft white fur around the hood of it ; white furs that came from one of the shaggy white deer that his family takes their crest from.

    Eirioch is often in the company of a pure silver hart, identical to the deer that the Lutair's bear proudly on their banners. The hart wears holly leaves amongst the branches of its bone-white antlers and wears a heavy black saddle that appears to be especially designed for it, and a similarly coloured bridge with inlaid silver thread. The blankets that are draped across its back are a pure cyan blue with a floral pattern of silver holly leaves embroidered upon it, in a similarly shining thread. The hart, male, responds to the name of Urra, named after the white-stag that the family founder (the first Lutair) road into battle. Eirioch's stag is considerably larger than his southern cousins, and much more heavily furred ; prepared for winter upon any given moment.


    Eirioch hopes to restore the Clan of Lutair to its former glory, as guided by his dreams. Amongst his people on Innis Buidh, he is considered to be the last of the true Lutairs - the one's that had the ability to see through dreams and tame the silver stags. These abilities were lost once the Shadow Beasts came, so many hold him up as some sort of messianic figure; a title which he does not feel altogether comfortable with, despite it being something he asked for. Nevertheless, he holds himself to an impossible standard of perfection, and holds firm int he belief that he will be the one that will drive out the Shadow Beasts from his native lands.

    Like the Lutairs of old, Eirioch posses some talent as a Dream Seer; he is occasional offered glimpses of the future via dream. Although many in his Clan possessed this ability, its much rarer to find once the coming of the Shadow Beasts and the dwindling nature of the house. Eirioch has been the most adept with the ability in hundreds of years, and his abilities are both seen as fortuitous, and dangerous. Because of his ability to see through dreams, he is sometimes able to recognize events before they happen, or gain insight in the eyes and cultures of others - partially why he has assimilated so well within Earisseian culture. This is the same talent that allowed him to tame and ride the white hart, Urra ; a creature that he sought out in a dream, and when applied the same logic to the waking world, he earned himself a loyal protector and mount. The art of stag-riding was said to have been lost with the Dream-Seers of the Lutair Clan ; a talent that once, so many possessed, and now, is lost save for within the Abthane.

    Formally educated at one of the mage colleges within Earisse, Eirioch was quite adept at Fire Elemental magics, preferring violent spells that seared the flesh off of an enemy's bones. Although he studied at the mage college for nearly three years, he did not complete the program. Thus, his knowledge of magic rightfully should be impaired. However, it is not, and seems as if he had completed the program in full. Eirioch dual-wields two gallowglaigh, which should be too heavy for him to lift. Somehow, he is able to lift the large, runed blades, and he wields them skillfully. He uses them often as a device for which for him to channel his magics through; making the blades searing and alit with flame. He rarely uses any abilities with his magics that come directly from his hands, prefering instead to rely upon his swords to channel energies for him.


    Eirioch is paralyzed by fear of failure. The Abthane is horrified by the prospect that his people see him as a Lutair-saviour figure, but also delighted by the implications of it. On one hand, having that power means that perhaps he could lift the Lutairs back to their former glor,y but on the other, he believes that this will ultimately spell destruction for the house, because of the methods he used to gain his powers. However, he feels that if he fails his people, that will be the end of his Clan's line - something that he cannot live with. He's terrified that his dreams will lead him to darker and more dangerous paths than the one he has already taken, and that the true nature of his dreams will be revealed ; and, perhaps, the idea that he is not actually powerful or gifted in any way. If these things were to be exposed, he would not be able to continue onward within his life, and thu, must be careful with how much infromation and knowledge he reveals to others.

    Eiriorch is not viewed as approachable, by most people. He is often distant, and is startled when adressed, as if always coming out a dream. He is not particularly talkative, in most situations, and often is lost within his thoughts, but when he does speak, he does so carefully, making sure not to give up any information that could be used against him. Many of his mannerisms echo the culture and ideals that hail from his native country - but he is adept at adapting to the social customs of Earisse, given that he spent five years of his life within the mainland. Eiriorch is more inclined to ask questions than answer them, and often spends too long staring at a person's face, as if living a life in perpetual deja-vu. He carries himself highly - when not lost in constant though and dream - and walks with a certain amount of grace and pride in his step, though Eirioch seems to be unaware of how he carries himself. He is often oblivious to the world around him - a truly lost in dreams. However, once his attention is piqued, his temper is quick to flare, however - and he threatens easily and often, preferring that over diplomacy. In that vein, he very rarely makes threats idly, however, and without just cause.

    Many people also see him a tragic sort; a mysterious, exiled prince who has had his gods-given-birthright forbidden from him; but they do not know the truth of the matter. He cultivates these sorts of lies in singers tales, but whenever questioned about the true nature of the subject, he evades the discussion entirely. When cornered, however, he will always answer with the truth, instead of a lie - but few people have ever managed to get him into that position, due to his tricky way of speaking ; or not speaking at all. As well, given that he does not have the ethnic background of an Earisseian, he tends to look down upon the mainlanders; his own people viewing themselves to be superior to the southern barbarians in Earisse. Though he feels this way about Earisseians, that is not to say that he gets on with his own people, and finds it much more tolerable to spend time within Earisse, as compared to his island homeland to the North.

    Privately, he worries often about the bloody and violent nature of his dreams, and the fate of his world versus the shadow-beasts. He cares deeply about the preserving of his family - and his throne, but only in the grand scheme of things, not in the case of individual members. He feels an immense amount of pressure put upon his person given that he is the Abthane, and will inherit his father's throne once he dies - but also pressure since h had so many abilities that the Lutairs of old had, that nobody else in his family has. He feels a certain amount of shame because of what he did to get his powers, and wishes (not often, but sometimes) that he had never made the deal that he had to get them.


    His elk is probably a shadow-beast of some variety - but Eirioch is not aware of this himself, and the elk has never been studied closely, given its nearly religious significance to the Innisians.

    General History:

    Born to Thane Asgall of Clan Lutair of Innis Buidhe , Eirioch was always expected to be the next inline to rule the island. However, Eirioch was a simple, happy child who enjoyed stories of the great heroes of his house - particularly stories of the first Lutair, a hero who rode upon a silver stag and wielded powerful magics in addition to the dual-wielding two gallowglaigh, who conquered all the island and made all the high-thanes bend the knee. He was born and raised in the castle of Taigh an Croch, known in the common tongue as 'The House of Slaughter', so-named for the Lutair woman Milread, the warrior princess that defeated her brothers Maoilios and Mungon in a civil war that tore Innis Buidhe into shreds. She took her brothers and impaled them both on the spires of Taigh an Croch. This was the place that Eirioch had grown up, in the darkened and gloomy halls of a castle that had seen much bloodshed - and much better days. Since the Shadow Beasts came to the world, the powers inherent along the Lutair bloodline had been dwindling. Supposedly, the first Lutair had been able to see the future as clear as day ; but now, his family line had dwindled to nothing but a shadow of their previous ability. His father dreamed of seeing it returned to former glory, but saw no hope for such things in his young son; he was to grow up thin and weedy, neither a warrior and certainly not a Dream-Seer like the Lutairs of old.

    When Eirioch was seven years old, he began to exhibit signs of elemental powers ; fire spells particularly, incinerating some of his storybooks. He was privately tutored by one of his father's mage advisors, as his family was entirely mages, both mother and father. The child was gifted, as his tutor reported, but had an unhealthy interest in the more destructive and devestating uses of the power. Asgall, though a cautious man in nature, encouraged such behaviour ; a warlike time should have a warlike king. Around this time, Erioch's cousin, Brigit, was brought to Taigh an Croch, hoping to insert her more closely with the main line of the family ; his cousin has stemmed from a cadet branch of the clan. Her father, Thane Oisean himself possessed little cunning and offered very few resources to Thane Asgall, the clan patriarch, but both men agreed the Lutairs of Taigh an Leargaidh had been too long apart from the rest of the clan. A marriage was in order, to bind their Clans. It was decided that Eirioch and Brigit should be wed, as soon as they were of age - and it seemed to be an obvious choice. They were around the same age, and not so close in blood that their children would be monstrous, and no so far that they would not have the praised Lutair features. Eirioch was delighted in his new playmate - and was pleased to be raised alongside her. He admired her greatly, since she was the elder, and tried to learn as much from her as he possibly could, in addition to his own schooling from his magical tutor ; a man by the name of Erinn Vortigren.

    It was Erinn Vortigren who requested that the boy was sent across the sea when he was fifteen years of age, to study with the mainland. Though Asgall had no love for mainlanders, referring to them as 'morithir' for the cruel torture that was inflicted upon the would-be-colonists of Innis Buidhe, he reasoned that his son and the future thane should be sent across the sea to see what he could, and to learn whatever he could. But travel was expensive, and the naga that prowled the seas had made it dangerous. So Eirioch went across the sea int he care of not only his tutor, but a regiment of Thane Asgall's best men, to be delivered safely to one of the mainland's coastal mage academies - where Thane Asgall hoped that his son would cement good relations with the hated mainlanders, in order to hope to earn a force that could drive the beasts from their waters - and more importantly, to learn tactics to draw the morithir away, once they had helped drive back the Shadow Beasts.

    Eirioch took to the teachings well, though he did not make many friends. He had very little in common with the majority of the students there - all mainlanders - and found himself having little to bond with. His instructors were kind to him, but cautious of him, knowing the legends of the cold and brutal men that came from the Northern islands. Eirioch was pushed hard to excel, but ultimately was too easy going for the harsh focus of the mage's tower. He preferred to read historical accounts of the mainland's heroes, and try to learn the customs of his peers, in a vain effort to fit in better. But he was too strange, too foreign, for any of the Earisseians to find much in common with him -- the majority of them had been raised with stories of the pale devils from across the sea, and so they continued to try their best to ignore their overly friendly, and very desperate classmate. Because of this, Eirioch turned more studious, reading without supervision from whatever he could in the great library of the college. He was a curious boy, and a curious boy who desired very much to impressive his fellow students, in the hope that this would win their approval, and that they could become friends after he had shown them something magical and impressive.

    When Eirioch was eighteen, after three years of friendless study, he gathered the students one evening, all of them sneaking out of their beds - at an established time. He had told them that he was going to show them something really impressive - something that would benefit all of them! The sky had been dark for days, and there was a break coming up ; only to likely be ruined with rain. He had prepared the proper spell, after pouring over the same book for three years. A forbidden book of weather magic. Miraculously, the sky cleared - but this proved disastrous for the farmers within the area. There was a regional food-shortage because of the one spell that Eirioch had cast. His students were not impressed when all there was to eat was stale bread and two-week-old-meat. They were angry. And Eirioch was angry too, at himself. But nobody was nearly as angry as his tutor, and the instructors at the college. He was not very politely asked to leave the college - and Eirioch could do nothing but acquiesce to the request.

    Though his tutor and his father's men begged him to return to the safe hall of his father in Innis Buidhe, Eirioch refused to return to his father with such shame in his heart. He ran into the wilds of Earisse with nothing but the clothes on his back and a bit of money, a few books and some small amount of spell components. For weeks, he looked futilely for some spell that could undo the damage that he had done, but could find nothing. The guilt weighed heavily on his shoulders, and he considered doing himself in with a fireball, when a small raven landed on his shoulders, and whispered in his ears. What the raven said would be the thing that coloured his entirely life. Desperate, sad, and half-mad from guilt; Eirioch wandered into the forest of Earisse and followed the black raven to a great temple in the woods - where a huge black raven sat upon an altar of white-stone. He gestured with a black wing to a nearby village. Eirioch knew what he must do, and for what reward he would earn. Eirioch wandered to the village, and then, to the brothel. He used his bit of money to buy a whore, a pretty girl named Penelope. Eirioch carried her over a shoulder to the altar. He should not have been able to lift her, but the power of spirits coursed through him, enabling him to take the necessary steps to the altar, where he split the body of Penelope the Whore from sternum to stomach. The ravens pulled aside her flesh with their little beaks, and whispered to him, telling him what he must do. Eirioch reached down the girl's gullet and withdrew the fibrous muscle of the girl's heart, which he slowly, slowly, devoured.

    Nothing was quite the same. For two years he lived in the woods, his connection with his Shadow Beast patron growing greater and greater. He did not know what was wanted from him, but the raven never asked anything in return for what he gave the Abthane. Eirioch was gifted with more strength than his body was capable of - a strength that grew every day he stayed amongst the Rocs. Overtime, his eyes began to change, clouding over from the plae blue that had been so common in his island homeland to the burning red that they know were. He fed the rocs bits of his skin and flesh from his arms, which he always took great care to hide. Most importantly, however, the Rocs were able to unlock within him the gift of prophecy, the dream-seer talents that had been so common amongst his forefathers. His precognitive abilities began to cloud out his normal personality, and his normal sight. It was as if he drifted through dreams, always a bit aware of the what the future held, enough to utterly change his personality. After two years of walking through the future, Eirioch eventually foresaw a vision of conflict flooding his lands, and the banner of a white stag - his family's crest - burning upon the wind. This was enough to encourage him to return home.

    Abthane Eirioch rode into the great hall of Taigh an Croch on the back of a white stag, one that he had tamed as soon as he had arrived upon the shores of his homeland. He had seen the event unfolding in the future, and was able to replicate the event in the waking world. Most of the Lutair family saw him as a reincarnation of the original Lutair; he rode the stag and had the second sight, he could lift heavy weapons that others could not. Brigit and himself were scheduled to be married - and only know did Eirioch understand her subtle manipulations within their childhood. Though he had lost whatever childhood admiration he held for her, the marriage would further cement his and her family ; something that Eirioch found himself caring deeply about, now that he was expected to be the Lutairs of old, instead of the half-simple son of the Thane. Though through his precognition, he knew that he was not fueled by his own magics, but that of the sinister deal he had cut with the Shadow Beasts; he saw this as a way to unite the families and clans of Innis Buidhe. But all was not well. The Lutairs of Taigh an Abhainn Dubh, led by Marsail, denounced Eirioch's right to continue the main line, naming him a betrayer of the faith and a morthir. Retreating to her own castle, Marsail named her eldest son, Friseal, the true issue of the Lutair line. Eirioch had forseen this, but knew that there would be no progress made upon the island.

    During his year back home, Eirioch found himself with enemies on the east, west and south, and his father lost on what to do. The thane was forced to split his armies and confront each threat separately. He himself marched west to confront the traitorous Marsail at Taigh an Abhainn Dubh. He sent Oisean, Brigit's father, with additional forces provided by his brother, and the Thane's cousin, Harailt, to hold the Martainns back. Eirioch and his new betrothed were intended to travel east and confront the naga that were plaguing the coastline - spurred on by some unholy powers. Eirioch knew that when they went, they would eventually decide to return to the mainland, and thus, followed through with this, knowing that this was only one step in the path of their grand destiny. After some months, bloody months, Brigit came to the conclusion that the time had come to treat the disease, not the symptom. Eirioch agreed, knowing that Innis Buidhe would only be safe once the Shadow Beasts were utterly annihilated, as part of the step that would lead to the cult of Eirioch that would arise in the future, and unite the island. The Hunter's Guild would provide the necessary foothold to continue the destiny that Eirioch had forseen. With white stag, Urra, and his would-be-wife at his side, Eirioch returned to the mainland.

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  12. [​IMG]
    Brigit Lutair

    Gender: Female

    Age: 23

    Birthplace: Taigh an Leargaidh, Innis Buidhe (Castle at the Slopes, the Yellow Island)

    Occupation: Ice mage tactician

    Appearance: As a paragon of Clan Lutair, it only makes sense that Brigit has the typical white hair, blue eyes and pale skin of her family. She dresses in elegant but traditionally male clothes, altered to fit her boyish but distinctly female body and adorned with furs for warmth. Her hair once flowed long behind her, reaching almost to the small of her back, but she cut it short when she took up a commanding position in the clan's armies.

    Goal: Long before the Shadow Beasts attacked Earisse, the small island nation of Innis Buidhe was a thriving trade hub ruled over by Clan Lutair. They were a proud people who fancied themselves the kings of the northernmost islands and when the morthir, the upstarts from the south, attempted to prove otherwise, the Lutairs retaliated with unrivaled naval force. But the Shadow Beasts put an end to that, destroying almost all of the Lutair ships in their initial attacks. Since then, the family name has been soiled, and is almost unknown on the mainland of Earisse. Brigit means to change that.

    Her primary goal has and always will be the betterment of Clan Lutair. In the short term, this means to quelling of the rebellion on the southern coast of the island, an uprising led by Clan Martainn, who sailed across the sea when the Shadow Beasts attacked all those centuries ago and have fought for control of the island ever since. In the long term, this means the defeat of the naga that plague the coastlines of Innis Buidhe and the other Shadow Beasts that have started to appear dangerously close to the castle that is her birthright, Taigh an Leargaidh. But most importantly, in the past months, is surviving her betrothal to Eirioch, Clan Lutair's heir apparent and black sheep extraordinaire. She knows his importance to the clan, but distrusts him and plans to keep him close in the coming days.

    Talents: Even as a child, Brigit was tactically minded. The other children raised with her grew to dislike playing games in the castle courtyard, as she often approached it with the care of a true commander, besting them not with luck or physical prowess but with ingenuity and attention to detail. And as Brigit grew, her tendency to see everything as a conflict with detailed strategies, calculated attacks and a clear winner and loser become both her greatest strength and greatest weakness.

    When placed in an actual combat situation, Brigit rains down a hail of icicles on her enemies, while freezing others solid and controlling their flow of traffic with walls made of thick sheets of ice. She can think fast and take into account things that others might miss, making her well worthy of her position in the armies of Clan Lutair. But when set free somewhere outside a courtroom, Brigit is distrustful, viewing every act as attempted attack on her or her family, regardless of what the true intention behind it is. She is competitive and cold, which makes her the sort of force of personality Lutair men can follow, but it does not benefit her as much elsewhere.

    Fears: There is very little that Brigit admits fearing, even to herself, but deep down she is terrified that Clan Lutair will never return to it's original power. This frightens her more than the idea that the Shadow Beasts will destroy Earisse, because while she cannot individually put an end to such a devastating force, she feels personally responsible for the rebirth of her family. Although she'd never consider it fear, she does her best to avoid confrontations that leave her unable to cast at her full ability. She may be a skilled tactician regardless of her ice magic, but she doesn't trust her soldiers to carry out her commands without help from her.

    Personality: Brigit's personality is colored by her tendency to view every situation, whether a confrontation or not, as a battle to be won. She is cold and calculating, but quick to show anger if she considers herself superior to her "enemy." And she often does. It's fitting that someone of her talents is often referred to as an "ice queen" or a "frigid bitch" by her men. But those beneath her understand that as unsavory as she may be, she's an accomplished commander and they can hardly throw their lot in with someone better.

    General History: Brigit comes from the cadet branch of Clan Lutair that produced Raghnall, the naval commander famous for his ill-fated attempt to sail out and meet the naga head on. As a girl, her nurse filled her head with stories of the great Lutairs who made their homes at Taigh an Croch, Taigh an Abhainn Dubh and the great ruined castle of Sanquhar. There was Padean, the mage who mixed fire and ice to fight back the first Martainn invasion, but Brigit was not descended from him. There was Milread, the warrior princess that defeated her brothers Maoilios and Mungon in a civil war that tore Innis Buidhe apart, but Brigit was not descended from her. There was Torcall the Tall, Asgall the Endearing and of course, the illustrious oracle Lutair, the very founder of the clan, but the best of their blood did not flow through her veins. Instead, Brigit was from the line of Raghnall, a line of failures and she was determined to redeem her name.

    When she was still fairly young, Brigit's father took her and her nurse to Taigh an Croch, hoping to insert her more closely with the main line of the family. Oisean himself possessed little cunning and offered very few resources to Thane Asgall, the clan patriarch, but both men agreed the Lutairs of Taigh an Leargaidh had been too long apart from the rest of the clan. A marriage was in order and Brigit and Eirioch were the most obvious choice. They were raised side by side and were almost friendly. Even at such a young age, Brigit saw she was more intelligent and tactically minded, but she played nice. Eirioch was a tool to be manipulated on her road to the rebirth of the clan. So she spent her childhood and teenage years with the boys and girls from various families of Taigh an Croch, manipulating them subtly to increase her own worth in the eyes of Asgall.

    When she was around 12 years old, after her would-be betrothed had been receiving magical tutoring for three years already and it had already been determined that he would be sent to the mainland to study, Brigit's own magical ability began to surface. Neither Oisean or his wife Isbeil had possessed a grasp of magic, and as such, there daughter's talent had been unexpected. It was a welcome surprise though, as Brigit's newfound abilities elevated her in prominence above the other girls at court. The rest of the clan almost came to support her marriage to Eirioch. But it was only so long before the boy was sent away where she could not follow. Transport across the sea was dangerous and expensive, and her parents could not afford to risk her life for such a high price. While the heir to Clan Lutair sailed to mainland Earisse, Brigit stayed on Innis Buidhe. Oisean returned her to Taigh an Leargaidh to wait. And she did just that. She waited and she practiced.

    While Eirioch was away, Brigit entertained herself by competing in games of strategy with her father's commanders, as few and as unskilled as they may have been. She practiced magic in the mornings and honed her skills as a strategist over dinner. She read the stories of her family's greatest names, successful or not and learned from them. It was only a few years before she once again caught the eye of Thane Asgall and was brought back to Taigh an Croch. This time, she traveled alone.

    On the southern side of the island, Clan Martainn's efforts to claim Innis Buidhe for themselves had been redoubled and with the threat of naga on the eastern coast, the Lutairs had no commanders to sacrifice. Asgall gave Brigit control of a small force and sent her south to counter the rebellion, hoping that she would delay them long enough for the rest of the military to defeat the naga and come to her aid. He was shocked when two months later, her force, bolstered by the inclusion of some Martainn small folk and several commandeered ships, joined his in the battle against the naga. It was her small fleet that turned the tide in Asgall's favor and when the naga had fled or been killed, he honored her with a position on his war council. She sat the war council with Asgall and his best men until the return of Eirioch from the mainland.

    With Eirioch home and of an appropriate age, their betrothal was made official. A date was not set for the wedding as both the Martainns and the naga were still threatening the borders of Lutair lands, and sightings of other kinds of Shadow Beasts previously unknown on Innis Buidhe had the entire island on edge. On top of this, Eirioch had changed while away. His dreams were haunted with what many thought to be glimpses of the future and he had traded his horse for a stag, making him appear to be the second coming of Lutair, the great founder hero. To many in the clan, Asgall and Oisean especially, this was a good sign, but Brigit questioned whether his change was entirely real. His eyes had also changed color, shifting from the icy blue of their ancestors to blood red. She wasn't the only one to notice this change. The Lutairs of Taigh an Abhainn Dubh, led by Marsail, denounced Eirioch's right to continue the main line, naming him a sinner and a morthir. Retreating to her own castle, Marsail named her eldest son, Friseal, the true issue of the Lutair line.

    With enemies on the east, west and south, Asgall found himself spread too thin. He was forced to split his armies and confront each threat separately. He himself marched west to confront the traitorous Marsail at Taigh an Abhainn Dubh. He sent Oisean, aided heavily by his brother Harailt, to hold the Martainns back. That left only Eirioch and his new betrothed to travel east and confront the naga. But after several months of short naval battles, attacks upon the camps and scouting troupes that failed to return, both Brigit and her husband-to-be agreed they could no longer treat the symptom. If they wanted Innis Buidhe to be safe, they would have to travel to the mainland and align themselves with those who knew how to fight Shadow Beasts best: the Hunters Guild.
  13. [​IMG]
    Name: Johnathan Kusanagi
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Spirit - If can be specialized in any element, lightning -
    Fears: The world becoming screwed up, Things remaining the same, Cult followers.
    Personality: Johnathan is a rather secluded person, due to him being a spirit. If one would see him around and that's a rare chance at best, he would probably be the nicest person you would ever meet. But when a job needs to be done, he'll do it with record time if possible.

    Secrets: Unknown to him, he's actually a clone of another spiritual being from another universe.

    General History: Most of his history is an unknown. All he could remember is that he came to this universe do watch over the inhabitants of said universe. He accepted the role in hopes to find out the true parts of his memory and why's he here.
  14. Character's done on my end. :p
  15. Name: Malik Sivart

    Gender: Male

    Age: 20

    Birthplace: Osad ahn Vidali, Umbrana Dersos (Oasis of Life, Umbra's Desert)

    Occupation: Warmage

    Goals: To become the most powerful creature in the universe and, as instructed by Umbra, find a way to, rather than eliminate the Shadow Beasts, tame them for a use other than testing ones might, reanimating the dead, or healing wounds.

    Appearance: Generally garbed in hooded black robes and light ebony plating. His skin and hair respectively, are staunch-white and pitch-black. His pupils are in the shape of hourglasses and his irises like mercury. His build is rather light and his voice as hoarse and raspy as that of a naga.

    Brief history: Born to a priest and priestess of Umbra, his mother had died meer hours after he took his first breath of the dry, crisp desert air. He first began showing a finesse for necromancy close to four years of age, when he fell, cracked his head on a rock, and pulled away without a mark, though the bird he'd been chasing fell, bleeding, from the sky.
    He was sent to the nearest Magic academy shortly after. He excelled at his studies to say the least and enlisted for his mastery test at around 16. Though he passed, the tests had a great toll on his body, nearly killing him in the end. He was saved only by the grace of his peoples patron, Umbra, and was given a scythe instead of the usual staff for it. To this day he devotes himself to Umbra's will and offers an annual tribute of his own blood to the god.

    Talents: Can use necromancy to strengthen his senses, and due to a curse that a dark Mage cast on him, he sees everyone as they will be on the day of their death.

    Fears: Mirrors (due to aforementioned curse), weakness, and, most of all, death.

    Secrets: Known only to himself, those who trained alongside him and his mentors, his life-force is tied to the amulet of Umbra around his neck. If it is destroyed, so is he and vice-versa. He also has been the reason for the deaths of several respected government officials.

    Personality: He has never been much of a people-person, preferring to bury himself in books and combat training all day. As a result, he makes an excellent scout and guard.
  16. [​IMG]
    Áine Rohan MacTire
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21
    Birthplace: Caer MacTire, Scáthlog
    Occupation: Shadowhunter and Scholar
    Show Spoiler

    ine stands at five feet eight inches, taller than most women in the West. She wears her long brunette hair in a single braid to keep most of her hair at bay, although her fringe always finds a way to get her eyes. A common sight is to see her blowing a puff of air to push them out of her face as her hands are usually to busy. Her unruly hair frames a lovely oval shaped face and it is her piercing blue eyes that most people notice first before her snow white complexion and rosy red lips.
    She usually wears a natural colored studded leather jerkin over a white tunic. Study leather vambraces, simple pauldrons, red leather knee-high boots with greaves, flexible trousers, a component pouch on a belt and a red cloak from her Grandmother. When she isn’t in a combat situation, she wears an elegant white blouse, leather bodice, her favorite trousers and red knee-high boots. She is almost never seen without her red cloak and crystal pendent.
    riginally Áine had sought to earn herself a Scholarly position at her college and teach as a professor, in a way giving back to the school for all they had done for her. However, after learning of her father's demise, she had changed her mind and realized that joining the Guild was where she needed to be. Either feeling some sense of duty in continuing her father's work or fueled by vengeance, it is unclear. As her cousin is in line to take over as the Clan Leader, she no obligation to hinder her.
    ine is a gifted Lightning Mage and White Necromancer. She is also adapt at wielding an axe and sword when the moment calls for brute force over magical strength. Inside her component pouch, she carries a handful of acorns that she uses to fuel light healing spells. For anything more severe, she has drained the soil for fuel.
    Gifted in many ways like her grandmother, Áine is a trained Shadowhunter and seer of spirits. A Shadowhunter is a mage that uses their magic and hunter skills to battle the darkness. It isn't clear how her and her grandmother are able to see spirits when they try to conceal themselves.
    er worse fears are experiencing that moment when she was six years old all over again. She isn't fond of caves because of her experience and feels a sort of claustrophobia when she enters one. During her training days at the College, a group of students thought it funny to push into a hole that lead into a cavern outside their school tower. Consumed with fear, she was unable to control herself and destroyed part of the cavern and rendered the sand nearby into glass. She takes great steps to calm herself if she must enter a cave and only ventures in if absolutely necessary.
    ine is the type of person who takes their job seriously but can take a joke when its appropriate. When at work, she is dedicated and observant of every little detail that she falls into a sort of state where she doesn't hear people talking to her at first. It isn't that she is ignoring them on purpose, but that she pays very close attention to detail. She empathic to those that have lost loved ones and those who have suffered from the onslaught of the Shadow Beasts. When not at work, she is the type of person that is easy going and happy to just relax with a good book.
    Despite all of this, she can be a zealot if the case of a human making a pact with Shadow Beasts comes in. At this time, her dedication will come close to obsession and will affect her sleep and make her irritable. She tends to quip when irritated.
    er only secret is that she can see spirits when they are in concealment. She doesn't talk about this gift because it tends to frighten people as they aren't sure how to think about such a gift and where it came from.
    General History:
    orn into the West, she was a child of one of the founding families that created the Hunters Guild. Before the onslaught of the Shadow Beasts, her clan was a beacon of peace. They had risen from the ashes of centuries long civil war and united the West into a society that flourished. However, it was not to last. The creatures came and tore their world apart. The Caers became the last strongholds that were filled with the terrified that fled their homes to be holed up within stone walls. But the people of the West would rise again, those who were strong of body and will stepped into the shadows and hunted down the beasts that came for their villages. At first separate cells working for a common goal, it took a few centuries before their collected into a single unit and convinced the rest of the continent to follow suit. Thus the Hunters Guild was born.
    Being a child of the MacTire, she was trained early on how to track and hunt but also to be bonded with the clan's most precious weapons, a Cara Cú. A hound descended from the Dire Wolves of ancient times. The Cara Cú were domesticated by the West and to this day, the hounds will only bond with one person for its entire life which can be as long as a human. The hounds possess an uncanny intelligence and are able to communicate with their bonded hunter through their bond. A Cara Cú are loyal beasts and will even follow their partners into death.
    At the age of six, a tragedy had occurred in the village around her Caer that changed her life. On the night of their Harvest Celebration, a pack of Worg had infiltrated the village and wreaked havoc. The men were slaughtered but the women and children were taken deep into the forest to the Worg's Den. There it was revealed to the abducted that a member of their community had aligned themselves with the Shadow Beasts. For it was she who opened a way for the Worg to invade their village. Fulfilling her end of the bargain, the Worg Alpha would grant her the power she sought. Her end was to give the Worg, women to do what they please and children to feast upon.
    With her reality becoming that of a late night dinner, Áine and the other children were saved as their captors were slaughtered by an unseen assailant. Although confused at first, a familiar voice came out of thin air and instructed them on how to escape. Áine recognized the voice as her grandmother's and convinced the children that the voice was their ally. Convinced they followed the instructions to the letter and fled through the cave tunnels to a marsh where the Hunters Guild had members waiting to rescue the children. Realizing that one of the boys wasn't with them, Áine turned back to find him only to discover his severed leg still kicking in a pool of blood. To late to escape, she was captured by the Traitorous Women prepared to use the child as a hostage for her to flee.
    With the children and women in safety, the Guild members invaded the Den and proceeded to slaughter the Worg. In the fray, her father had struck the Alpha down and her Grandmother had ventured off to rescue Áine when heard her screams. Cornering the Traitor on a cliff, the two women met in combat with Áine thrown into a corner and suffering from a concussion. Her Grandmother being a seasoned Shadowhunter alas wasn't as agile as the younger woman and was dealt a mortal wound from a dagger. With her last breath, she crawled to her grandchild and draped her red cloak over her to conceal her with its enchantment. The Traitor, looking for her hostage only found one thing, an angry child in the throes of magical awakening. From below the Guild and her father bared witness to the Traitor electrocuted in blinding light until she was nothing more than a charred corpse.
    After that day, her father had made the decision that his child could not be trained in the safety of the Caer, that she would need to be sent to the Magi College in the western lake of Callahad. For twelve years, Áine was trained to control her elemental gifts but also sought to learn the healing arts of Necromancy. In those thirteen years, she spent half the year at the college and the rest with the Clan. In her last five years of college education, she began to research the history of her continent in some hope of finding an origin to the Shadow Beasts.
    When she turned eighteen, she was delivered the sadden news that her father had fallen in combat. The news fueled her desire to the join the Guild and she spent another six months convincing the Guild Leader of her father that she had what it took to join. In need of a dedicated Scholar, she was finally accepted into its ranks.
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  19. If it ever comes out that Eirioch cut a deal with a Shadow Beast, I'm sure Malik would be super interested in that... Could make for a cool character development!
    Hope that my character is okay! I sort of fudged around with the Shadow Beasts, and Piper and I basically invented an island where our characters came from. If its too much, we can try to fix it.
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