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  1. Welcome to [​IMG]

    Have you ever wonder what it is like in the average day of a Freak Show performer?
    Well the only way to find out is join the ride!
    Well I was wondering if anyone would be interested in my idea...

    well to put into a nutshell, it's basically an rp through the eyes of freak show performers
    And when I mean freak show, I mean for example the bearded lady, the strong man etc.
    But those a are kind of boring and unoriginal, I want original ideas for performers.
    And see the world and what an average day is like through their eyes.
    So step right up, and welcome to the freak show!
  2. I like the idea :3 I'd sign up
  3. Ok. I'm just hoping others will join in too.
  4. I'll also sign up lol
  5. I like this! I don't know what craziness I want to be yet but this sounds lots of fun o:
  6. Ok lol that's ok, I'm still playing around with ideas for characters myself xD
  7. ok, so since it seems that no one else is gonna join, do you guys want the oc sheet and stuffs?
  8. Sorry, but I'm signing up too! *runs join the signup*
  9. Imma reserve a character, if you please *bows with elaborate hand gesture*

    Also, I'm sorry I haven't made our addamesqe thread yet. I'm slowly trying to drag myself out of the pit my mind hurled me into
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.