Welcome To The Family

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  1. "As usual I am about to announce that the party is about to commence...everyone here? Except you Russia...no one likes you." Rico sat up stretching his legs as he moved his dreadlocks back "Jeffery go get me a knife, so I can kill...this watermelon!" Rico said super excitedly.
  2. The infamous killer yawns and rolls onto his side on the couch "dont want too..."

    Jeff curls into a ball as he continues to relax.
  3. Rico turns and glares "Get up stupid or I'll stab you with it...I'll wipe that stupid smile off your dumb pale face!" Rico then plopped back in his chair and chuckled.
  4. Jeff sat up and sighed "You want my knife? Here!" He said hurling the weapon, as the knife soars through the sky it hits none other than Dusty.
  5. "Mother Plucker Fitching! Thats my hamster...Dusty speak to me!" Rico turns and grabs a tub of bleach "Oh yeah baby, you like bleach don't ya!" Rico throws the bleach at Jeff and hits him with bleach pouring out.
  6. Jeff lets out a horrific scream as the bleach covers him.

    Dusty laughs as she puffs up happily.
  7. Rekki walks down the stairs, looking groggy from just waking up.
    "What in the heck is with all the noise?" He walk into the kitchen to grab a bowl of Rice Krispies.
  8. Kunto yawns and walks up to Rekki. His gold eyes flash with hunger at crackling, snapping, and popping cereal.

    "Gimmie that! Oh and rico just dumped bleach on Jeff."